JWA - Surviving The Shores: The Timer

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With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow and people everywhere dreaming about a romantic vacation on a beautiful sandy beach somewhere, Kelociraptor and Dr.Reeb decided to shed some light on the reality of the Nublar Shores in Jurassic World Alive. This two-part series will focus on the two biggest frustrations in Nublar Shores - Timers and Matchmaking. While we are blessed to be able to achieve trophy counts high enough to put our toes in the sand on this illustrious beach, the reality is that life isn't always a beach, and sometimes you get sand in your crack... Here is why:


TWO MINUTES. The time the ADA recommends you brush your teeth for. The period of time at the end of each half of American football where the rules change slightly. Half the amount of time Madonna & Justin Timberlake have to save the world. The matchmaking countdown in Beaches. These examples provided can ultimately feel like an eternity, particularly the last one...


The origin of the Beaches timer was to limit people farming incubators (specifically for boosts) in a situation where, at the time, there was much less opportunity to be matched. Anyone who has eclipsed the 6,000 trophy mark knows how irritating that long timer is. It almost never fails where you wait until within the final few seconds then "magically" it finds you a match.This is starting to have an effect on the arena where players are making a peak they are comfortable with, then intentionally hovering in Gyrosphere and below. Some of those players are there to farm boosts while others simply want to avoid the 2 minute timer in order to get a match. 


By the end of the December 2019 season, it took over 6,000 trophies to crack the top 500. Time is passing, and players’ teams are getting stronger, allowing more and more players to reach that range. You can only imagine how crowded and how unfair matchmaking is at that 5800-6000 range with all those players "camping" there in order to avoid that loonnngg 2 minute timer.

It is time Ludia reconsiders this lengthy timer, even if just cutting it in half to one minute. Or perhaps the solution is to push the 2 minute timer up to 6,500+ trophies? Perhaps even another solution is to simply put a cap on the amount of boosts you can receive through battle incubators. All of these things could work. People who want to exploit systems will find their way to as long as the possibility remains which can't be helped. But the focus should be to help the majority of the players get a good, fair, timely battle - no matter their trophy count. Sometimes, as in the case of the two minute timer and players camping at 5900 trophies, this is  to the detriment of others who are suddenly facing significantly stronger teams in trophy ranges they technically should not be in.

Do you have any better suggestions? Any sure-fire ways to fix the ultra long timer on the shores of Nublar? Join our discord today and let us know your suggestions! 

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