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A new Alliance Championships featuring Allorodrigues is upon us, and we kick it off with a Common/Rare (All, No restrictions) Skills Tournament for Coins! This week, we have guest writer and Skills Tournament Slayer, IgorRu, to share his recommendations with you!

Tournament Format and Rewards

Before we jump into the creatures, first let's go over the tournament itself. This tournament will allow all Common and Rare creatures without restriction. There really aren't any Commons that should be used over the Rare options, so we aren't going to talk about those today. The prize this week will be Coins which there never seems to be enough of.

Coin Tournament Rewards

IgorRu's Tiers

IgorRu's method is to set up tiers of creatures with 1 being the best. Here is this week's Tiers 1 through 4, like a mini tier list solely for this tournament format. We won't go in to detail about all of Tier 4 but will break down a couple at the end.

Tier 1

 Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Creature Breakdowns

Tier 1

  • Suchotator is one of the best head to head dinosaurs in this format. Thanks to lethal wound, a decelerating move, and decent amount of HP, this one turns into a monster when starting or ending the match.
  • Dreadnoughtus is a newcomer but immediately broke into the top. This one has great health, armor and can inflict vulnerability. With swap in invincibility and a group decelerating impact, he can beat many things from this list. So he rightfully occupies this high place.

Tier 2

  • Albertosaurus is the only pure ferocious near the top. Thanks to the huge damage and extraordinary strike, he gnawed his place up here.
  • Dracorex is the best swapper  in this format.  It can come in at the end and ruin your match.  Beware prepared if you have less than 1100 hp left. Even if he does not come out of the swap, he will destroy your flocks.
  • Preonodactylus - This will be one of (or the most) annoying creatures in this tournament.  It can swap in and reduce any damage to 0 with a 100% chance to dodge the entire attack.  This is a fast and agile flock with a damage reducing strike and an evasive impact to help dodge attacks.
  • Purrolyth is a fiercely tough Dino that can destroy many tough ones head to head because of the counterattack, damage buffs, and ability to heal. No one can escape from it except those with swap prevention resistance (and many of those aren’t even a guarantee).

Tier 3

  • Compsognathus Gen 2 is an ultimate revenge killer. It has high speed, an priority strike and does not allow anyone to escape (except for those who have swap prevention). Add to that the ability to impact and run then swap back in and heal which allows you to return to the battlefield.
  • Doedicurus is a strong Dino who has 50% armor, shields, and decent damage. This one will not be easy to kill if you don't have a fierce or bleeding counter.
  • Rodrigues Solitaire is a strong pack that has good damage, decent speed and the ability to heal. He also receives a crit chance boost when you swap out on him.

Tier 4

These will not be as good as above but can be solid replacements if you find yourself stuck and needing a change.

  • Therezinosaurus is able to increase its speed with Minimal Speedup Strike and has Precise Rampage to bust through any evasive situation. Both of these attacks can be buffed through the Cunning Ferocious Strike as well. These things make this one worth of a mention and can be a wonderful revenge killer.
  • Titanoboa Gen 2 is another great counter to flocks with a basic attack that will slow them and put up a shield. The on escape dust cloud allows her to be very strong closer.
  • Einiasuchus has a swap in stunning strike ability, she can be used as a good swapper (beware of her if you have less than 1000 hp left).  The dig in ability allows him to heal, escape, and swap back in on you.

Parting Words

Thanks again to IgorRu for sharing his insight and wisdom for this tournament. Have any questions or strategy of your own? Join our Discord and get in the discussion today!

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