JWA Tournament: Epic - Unique All Skills Tournament

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The Troodaboa alliance championship is still going strong with an Epic-Unique (All, No restrictions) Skills Tournament for boosts! This will be a good chance to play with a lot of the new creatures that were introduced in the last patch. Shout out to Igor for his help again on this article. 

Tournament Format and Rewards

Before we jump into the creatures, first let's go over the tournament itself. This tournament will allow all Epic thorough Unique creatures without restriction. You are going to see a lot of Unique creatures but there are still some very viable options in the legendary rarity. 

boost rewards

Creature Breakdowns


Compsoraptor- this newcomer immediately broke the meta with its high speed, solid resistances, a terrifying moveset, and swap in and on escape abilities that absolutely make you want to ragequit. Oh, and it also has solid damage with 2 rampages too.


Rexy - Rexy has a priority group attack available turn 1. Not to mention you have solid resistances, insane amounts of devour, solid bulk, crazy damage, and an annoying 45% critical hit chance. She is one of your go-to revenge killers.

Dilorachierus-Dilorachierus is a terrifying unique with insane output, the ability to rarely lose speed control, 2 heals, a counter, solid immunities, and good base stats. It is a very potent creature in a 1v1, but it is susceptible to swaps.


Skoonasaurus - This beast is known for its bulks and one of the best 1v1 creatures out there. However, it does get worn down and has little use after the fact. Beware of her at the beginning and at the end of the battle.

Lystrosavis is a newcomer in this tournament. This is another swapper on our list. Watch out if you're below the swap threshold, because once on the field, finding something faster will be tough. It has an annoying kit with evasion, resilience, and high amounts of distraction. Also, one can run away into a swapper and bring this thing back in for more. 

Albertocevia - Despite losing 50 attack, Albertocevia is a beast and one of the best revenge killers out there with a turn 1 ferocious impact on revenge. And make sure you watch your creature's hp because once below 1600, Albertocevia can come in and take them out.  

Parasaurotops - healing, healing, rampage is about how a Para acts. Having decent HP and phenomenal abilities for healing. He can survive in many situations. Beware of her insidious strike with a replacement if you have less than 1550 hp left. Even Troodoboa and Adrontognathus should be aware because Para is one of the few who can get to them.

Troodaboa is a scary creature to go up against, especially as a flock thanks to its instant shields, damage, and immunities. It also has a deadly on escape that allows it to deal more damage, making it a good revenke killer with its priority and the ability of ferocious strike.


Ardontognathus - These guys are mean and fast. They have big damage in frenzy as well as good resistances, a rampage, and an invincible on escape. Their issue is the turn 1, but they have sideflap to help with that.

Andrewtops - got the highest damage in 1 turn in the game at a whopping potential 6400 damage if hit before a rampage. You also have other good abilities as well as a nice set of resistances and critical hit chance. This is one of the best Dilorach counters around.

Ankydodactylus is a cunning and maneuverable flock combining elements of resilient and cunning. Able to perform great against many of the top creatures in a 1v1


Thylos Intrepidus is a newcomer, and obviously not everyone will have it. Yet, he wasn't able to climb very high. You have the ability to rend 100% of a creature's max hp from full. However, with so much distraction and rend resistance, it isn't very useful outside of the swap.

Giganyx - Thanks to flocks, it isn't so high, and Rexy and Dilorach don't help either, That being said, it is pretty lethal with its devour and healing abilities.

Stigydaryx - this maneuverable bird can swap on a lot of things in battle and already run on the next move with bleed (DoT) on the enemy. It can be very annoying, but still not as good as it was right after the stats were strengthened.

Phorurex still has an instant rampage which is always useful as well as the on escape, but with all the flocks and other things running amuck, it just isn't able to keep up anymore.

Allodriges - Thanks to creatures like Compsoraptor and Rexy, Allodrigues isn't as strong as it once was, but it is something that you shouldn't take lightly thanks to its output and stats.

Indotaurus - This is another 1v1 creature and can 1v1 dilorach and Rexy, but it is just a one and done creature.



Parting Words

Good luck to everyone in the tournament this weekend! If you have any questions or strategies of your own, join our Discord and get in the discussion today!

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