JWA Tournaments: All Epics - Sim Results and Team Building Tips

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Déjà vu? Glitch in the matrix? Or Ludia just doing a repeat of another AC because they think its easier to re-use an AC rather than design a new one? Who really knows! But here we are, with a new alliance championship. Tournament week 1. This one involves all epics including hybrids. Coin time!!  

I want to thank MattE as always for providing us with the sims! His field guide app is amazing and its highly recommended. He has put in a ton of time & effort into his app and its very nice to know that there are people out there willing to put time & energy into things to make sure that they run correct.

Tournament Rules

Before we give you the Sim Results and some Team Building Tips, here are the rules and rewards of the Tournament once again. 


  • Creatures

    • Epic

      • ALL
  • Level

    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (26)
  • Stat Boosts

    • Disabled



Sim Results

As this is a Skilled Tournament, we have decided to use our Battle Simulator to give you a good insight on how each creature performs. Our Battle Simulator is a tool that was developed by the creator of the Jurassic World Alive Field Guide and it runs matchups for every combination we want it to. It runs 1v1 matchups for all creatures against all creatures, selecting the best move possible for each turn. It then calculates a win/loss/tie percentage and that is then compiled into a data sheet. 

Our Sim Results, therefore, are excellent in 1v1 matchups like the very start of the match. However, you should always keep in mind that the battles in JWA are a 4v4, and that it is very rarely a true 1v1. So while these numbers are very useful for seeing who wins the most, you should always keep in mind your own playstyle and possibly other uses that won't be seen as much in our Battle Sim, like Swap in Abilities or On Escape Abilities. 

Because we want to give you the most accurate results, we took the top 50 in our original findings and put those against each other. That will give us a better understanding on how those do against each other. So in the image you are about to see you will see the results of the top 20 being pitted against each other, not these creatures versus all creatures.

But with that disclaimer out of the way, here are the results! To quickly explain the numbers: Green numbers are win percentages, red numbers are loss percentages and blue numbers are Swap out Percentages. If there is any situation where the added number isn't 100% there are probably some rounding issues involved


Team Building Tips

You know what, maybe this time lets try just running the top 8 who knows! Maybe it would work out magically? Maybe it would fail. Who knows but you know what we do know! THIS IS THE LAST HOORAH FOR RIXIS. Goodbye tournament staple. We won’t miss you. Maybe we will, maybe we actually won’t? I don’t know.

Starting out this is what a lot of teams will end up using:

-Sarcorixis – DUH

-Velosrhacos- Stun resistance. This is important since people still be swapping all the time.

-Thylacotator – My favorite fierce option, bleeds, rends & swap in distract.

-Entelochops – Another creature that beats Rixis. Mutual Fury & rampage put in work.

-Indominus Rex G2- For this weekend this is a great lead for Rixis, as long as they don’t have a Whino hiding behind it.

-Titanoboa- Punish the swappers. Snake is still the  best closer the game has

-Woolly Rhino – Swap in stun. Tons of damage. Doesn’t get 2 shot by too many creatures.

-Brachiosaurus – I prefer Brachi over diplod due the shields & stun resistance. Its much better vs Rixis.

As you can see I think a lot of people will go heavy in the Rixis counters as its one of the best creatures in this format. I think you may also see a lot of people running counters to these counters:

Fierce creatures such as:


-Baryonyx – Has a better chance at 2 shotting Whino than Edaph


-Andrewtodon – This guy is newer for this format so expect it just for that reason

-Gorgosuchus - It actually has a really good chance to 2 shot the rhino also. But I don't like it. It looks like an alien. 

Other resilient creatures you will definitely see:





Personally I think these 3 creatures are simulation queens. They do really well in the sims but in real life tournament situations they don’t do as well as you’d hope.

Other cunning you will see:

-Erlikogamma – I do often use Gamma as well. I love the resistance to distraction reduced damage and its precise pounce.

Parting Words

We have patch notes coming out tomorrow when the tournament starts. Ludia did this on purpose. They want to overshadow my tournament articles and silence my voice! Also I love you all. I appreciate you all taking time of your day to scroll through my article to look at the pictures. Thank you for that. 

If you have any questions, want to ask me how a specific creature does in the tournament, or tell me how much you hated this article my DMs are open on the GamePress discord. DadJokes #1609

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