JWA Tournaments: Common, Rare, & Epic Skilled - Sim Results and Team Building Tips

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Written By: DadJokes

It’s that time of the week! Tournament time! Epics and Rares and Commons OH MY! Let’s get to it but first, we want to thank MattE as always for providing us with the sims! His field guide app is amazing and it is highly recommended.

If you’ve ever looked for a recipe online, you notice that the first five paragraphs are about how the author spent a summer in Tuscany and was eating the freshest ingredients and how it inspired them. Well, that’s happening now. Don’t just scroll past this to see the fancy picture. Listen to my story about how playing JWA inspired me to write this recipe for success. My alliance (Kelliance) used to do a thing on weekends where, after we would reach 10/10 for our alliance missions, we would find alliances who were up and coming and growing to temporarily send members over for a day to help them finish missions. We called this Kelliance Gives, and it was a great way we were able to help the community. We were going to be battling and hunting anyways, our rewards were done, so why not help others?! We would help alliances who normally finished like 5/6 or 6/7 achieve an extra tier of rewards. It was intrinsically rewarding for us. It felt good because they were always grateful. Well, fast forward to Ludia setting up the Alliance Championship format and related tournament points. They really made it so that we couldn’t help the same way we once did. As a result, we’ve looked elsewhere for other ways to help the community because we are a community. Its not every man/woman for themselves. We are all in this together.

I’m not a writer by any means. I am not great at taking my thoughts and putting them onto paper. Half the time, spellcheck has no clue what I’m trying to say, and I have whole phrases that just have blue lines under them because Microsoft word is like “uhh are you ok??”. But I knew that writing these tournament articles is a way I could give back to the community. I’ve had positive feedback, too, and it's something I truly appreciate. I’ve had people thank me for the recommendations that help them achieve new, high tournament finishes. All I ask is please stop beating me in these tournaments because, man, it's been tough lately (even though I’m so glad I can help). As much as I get frustrated with the game, I do want it to succeed. I want everyone to succeed and enjoy the game and have a really great time. Remember, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Without further ado, feel free to scroll down and look at the pictures! And remember: If you’re reading this you may want to keep an eye on your creatures in sanctuaries, as the most popular sanctuary creatures are also ones you cannot live without this tournament.

Tournament Rules

Before we give you the Sim Results and some Team Building Tips, here are the rules and rewards of the Tournament once again. 


  • Creatures
    • Common 
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • No Hybrid
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled


Tournament Rewards

Sim Results

As this is a Skilled Tournament, we have decided to use our Battle Simulator to give you a good insight on how each creature performs. Our Battle Simulator is a tool that was developed by the creator of the Jurassic World Alive Field Guide and it runs matchups for every combination we want it to. It runs 1v1 matchups for all creatures against all creatures, selecting the best move possible for each turn. It then calculates a win/loss/tie percentage and that is then compiled into a data sheet. 

Our Sim Results, therefore, are excellent in 1v1 matchups like the very start of the match. However, you should always keep in mind that the battles in JWA are a 4v4, and that it is very rarely a true 1v1. So while these numbers are very useful for seeing who wins the most, you should always keep in mind your own playstyle and possibly other uses that won't be seen as much in our Battle Sim, like Swap in Abilities or On Escape Abilities. 

Because we want to give you the most accurate results, we took the top 20 in our original findings and put those against each other. That will give us a better understanding on how those do against each other. So in the image you are about to see you will see the results of the top 20 being pitted against each other, not these creatures versus all creatures.

But with that disclaimer out of the way, here are the results! To quickly explain the numbers: Green numbers are win percentages, red numbers are loss percentages and blue numbers are Swap out Percentages. If there is any situation where the added number isn't 100% there are probably some rounding issues involved

Sim Results

Team Building Tips

If you are familiar with these articles, you know that the sims are done as head to head matchups with their win percentages, loss percentages, and percentage of swapping out or tying or something. I don’t know what blue means. These sims were wilder than ever before. We ran everything vs everything then took the top 50 and ran those vs each other. That resulted in what you see above. We made one tweak on them and ran it top 30 vs top 30. The results were almost ALL FIERCE up top. Its wild y’all.

Diplodocus – Diplod is just a beast. Diplod dominates any tournament with epics in it the way I dominate a plate of lemon pepper chicken wings. Remember those old American Express commercials “don’t leave home without it”? Yeah, that’s Diplod here.

Scutosaurus – We haven’t discussed Scuto too much in previous articles, but this is a great creature. It can’t be slowed. It can’t be stunned (great because of the swap in stunners), and it can’t be made vulnerable (another thing we will touch on later). It has 2 revenge moves including revenge protection which gives it a shield for 4 turns. It will wear you down. Just be sure to watch out for the fierce.

Elasmotherium – Elasmo is a familiar name from the past few weeks. It has bulk, a rampage, and a resilient move. Plus it cannot be slowed. Its issues are it's slow, it bleeds, and gets lit up by the rending creatures. But it's useful (just not for my team).

Antarctopelta – Remember that really neat quote I googled and posted about “sharing knowledge is power”? Well I almost didn’t want to share this about Pelta. Pelta is GOOD. It beats every single cunning & resilient in this tournament except Diplod. Superior vulnerability & a decel counter. Don’t be fooled by its revenge move, though. Revenge instant ferocity just has a cool name.

Edaphosaurus – The first fierce option we discuss. It's here because of the resistances. Possibly the best in this format. Can’t be stunned, can’t be slowed, can’t be bled. 75% swap prevention. 50% against rending which comes in handy…especially considering what has dominated the last few weeks…

Marsupial Lion –Oh no! Marsupial Lion finally has something to resist its attacks. It still can prowl non stop but that isn’t going to finish off an Edaph.

Brachiosaurus – Brachi is to defense as Diplod is to offense when it comes to these longnecks. It shields & uses its resistances to slowly wear you down.

Woolly Rhino – WRhino is here to make you cry. The swap in stun doing 1,500 (2,250 if paired with a creature that makes you vulnerable first like Pelta…). Prepare for it. Know it's coming because it is. The only way WRhino isn’t on your team is if you didn’t listen and dropped it in a sanctuary.

Concavenator – Defense shattering counterattack. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Carbonemys – Cowabunga dude! It’s a turtle here to do some damage. The OG turtle is available here and I’m sure some people are going to use it. It’ll only show up when you have like 3 resilients and you’re going to yell at your phone things like “omg who is uses a turtle with these other options!” Its going to happen, so prepare for it.

Baryonyx – Fierce with immune to decel? Nice. 126 base speed?? WHOA. Don’t use group takedown. There’s no reason. Ok, I’m sure there is a reason. But still.

Doedicurus – This little roly poly is back. Have you heard the stories of people who try to shoot an armadillo and the bullet ricochets and hits them? Yea, that will happen here if you use anything except fierce vs this little guy.

Secodontosaurus – Want protection vs stuns, decel, and rending but you don’t want to use Edaph? Boom. Seco is here for you! Better turn 1 damage output but less health & less speed.

Acrocanthosaurus – Big chomper. Big rampage. Cleansing strike. Best chomper? Debatable.

Andrewsarchus – A face only a mother can love but a moveset that anyone can. Edaph is a death sentence for Andrew, though. so avoid that. 

Titanoboa – Snake is one of, if not the, best closers in the game. Reminds me of a young me. On escape rampage is a beautiful thing. When your opponent has less than 2,600 health and snake slithers out, that pause you see before they choose a move is just them sulking.

Allosaurus Gen 2- Debatable the best chomper. Faster than Acro, higher crit %, higher attack. But its name isn’t as cool. Also the rending attack has a few resistances.

Megalosaurus – Megalo doesn’t have a ton of a health for a resilient creature, but it has shields and ferocity to go along with its counter. A solid way to deal with high health creatures. But you’re probably not sweeping anyone with this guy.

Rajasaurus – Raja is a great defensive creature. Good health, armor, shields & counterattack. May find some use if you have a bunch of things in sanctuaries.

Giraffatitan – A worse option than Brachi but great for speed control. Swap in slow is great. Bellow is nice. Mostly will be used to set up a revenge kill.

I know that I didn’t discuss really any cunning creatures. They just perform so poorly in the sims in this format. Acro & AlloG2, the only 2 real chompers on the list, have cleansing moves. Woolly Rhino can swap in on most and win. I didn’t even discuss Dracorex, but it's still around and will be on teams. Cunning is just going to be so tough to use. That said, here are the options I would run if necessary:

Blue – Low on health but immune to stuns. Evasive impact to try to dodge at least

Dakotaraptor –  This new raptor may be the one people gravitate to just because it's new…also it looks the coolest. Like 10/10 on design. Beautiful creature. Two rampage moves & sidestep. With luck you could stay alive, maybe.

Pyroraptor – Solid attack stat. Cunning is nice because it can nullify some of those crits from fierce creatures. Instant distraction to stall & get pounce back.

Ornithomimus – If you dodge, you could probably stay alive long enough to rampage and run to something else.

Smilodon- Just puts an absolute beatdown to Marsupial Lion & Andrewsarchus.

But again, all those creatures die so hard to literally everything resilient, we do not highly recommend them

Parting Words

These are creatures I enjoy using, so I’m very excited. I hope everyone else is as well, and remember, if we meet in the arena, please don’t beat me too badly. If you have any questions, want to ask me how a specific creature does in the tournament, or tell me how much you hated this article, my DMs are open on the GamePress discord. DadJokes #1609

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