JWA Tournaments: Rare & Common Skilled 02.05.2021 - Sim Results and Team Building Tips

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Written By: DadJokes

It’s that time! Tournament time! All rares!  I got a feeling its going to be swapfest 2021 so prepare yourself. Let’s get to it but first, I want to thank MattE as always for providing us with the sims! His field guide app is amazing and it is highly recommended.

Tournament Rules

Before we give you the Sim Results and some Team Building Tips, here are the rules and rewards of the Tournament once again. 


  • Creatures
    • Common 
    • Rare
    • No Hybrid
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled


Coin Rewards

Sim Results

As this is a Skilled Tournament, we have decided to use our Battle Simulator to give you a good insight on how each creature performs. Our Battle Simulator is a tool that was developed by the creator of the Jurassic World Alive Field Guide and it runs matchups for every combination we want it to. It runs 1v1 matchups for all creatures against all creatures, selecting the best move possible for each turn. It then calculates a win/loss/tie percentage and that is then compiled into a data sheet. 

Our Sim Results, therefore, are excellent in 1v1 matchups like the very start of the match. However, you should always keep in mind that the battles in JWA are a 4v4, and that it is very rarely a true 1v1. So while these numbers are very useful for seeing who wins the most, you should always keep in mind your own playstyle and possibly other uses that won't be seen as much in our Battle Sim, like Swap in Abilities or On Escape Abilities. 

Because we want to give you the most accurate results, we took the top 20 in our original findings and put those against each other. That will give us a better understanding on how those do against each other. So in the image you are about to see you will see the results of the top 20 being pitted against each other, not these creatures versus all creatures.

But with that disclaimer out of the way, here are the results! To quickly explain the numbers: Green numbers are win percentages, red numbers are loss percentages and blue numbers are Swap out Percentages. If there is any situation where the added number isn't 100% there are probably some rounding issues involved

Sim results

Team Building Tips

As always, I don’t recommend just grabbing the 1st 8 creatures and running to the tournament lobby. You are going to want to have some team synergy. Nasutoceratops & Dracorex will be very popular this weekend as they both have swap-in attacks. Dracorex has Swap In Resilient Strike so it is a great way to deal with those cunning creatures. In fact, poor Oviraptor just straight dies to Dracorex. Nasutoceratops uses its Swap In Stunning Strike & 100% swap prevention to get in & get out. Not to mention a large amount of health and a pretty solid moveset.

Another thing that is very evident here is the lack of cunning creatures. They are almost completely nullified by all the resilients in this. Elasmotherium is one of the top creatures in these sims with its shields, armor & resilient impact & taunting rampage. Bboth only have cooldowns of 1 so you can spam them back to back. We also have a new resilient king here. Turtle like armor with 50% but solid attack & moveset. I’m talking about Doedicurus. Resilient strike & rampage help him slide into the top 5 head to head. Your best bet is going to be to bleed it or rend it.

There will be a lot of swapping as I mentioned earlier. Nasutoceratops, Triceratops, and Triceratops Gen 2 have Swap In Stunning Strike. Dracorex with its Swap In Resilient Strike. Giraffatitan, Moschops & Tuojiangosaurus have Swap In Slow. Kelenken can Swap In Dodge along with countless other swappers that I’m not mentioning because I personally don’t think they’re useful. Sure, maybe Swap In Bleed with Scaphognathus could help especially vs Marsupial Lion since the lion cannot 1 shot it due to only having rending moves. You may want to use Titanoboa Gen 2 so you can punish those who want to swap out vs you. On Escape Dust Cloud means when your opponent swaps you gain 50% damage for 2 turns and become invincible for 1 turn. So they won’t be able to Swap In Stunning Strike and do any damage or stun lock you as you have 100% stun resistance.

You don’t see a lot of commons in the top 20 but the ones you see all have something in common. ARMOR. Glyptodon comes in at #8 in the sims, but it's no common common…see what I did there? 40% armor, Superior Vulnerability & Resilient Rampage…This guy may have slipped under the radar some but beware. It is deadly. Oh, also its 100% resistant to deceleration so good luck staying faster.

Brontotherium & Scolosaurus are the other 2 commons who make the list. Both are resilient monsters. Brontotherium has shields & armor and Scolosaurus can team up vulnerability with its taunting rampage.

Additional Mentions

Carnotaurus – What better way to deal with all the armor that you’re going to face than someone that removes 33% of their health with each counter. It has vulnerability strike but beware a lot of creatures have 100% resistance to vulnerability. So using shields as much as possible will be key with this low health creature.

Moschops – 25% armor, 113 speed. Cannot be stunned or slowed so a great creature vs the swappers. Precise rampage is also clutch for the evasive creatures.

Megalosaurus – Another great way to deal with armor is an armor piercing counter like Megalosaurus has. Ferocious strike to up the attack & taunting shields to protect themselves. This is a solid creature.

Dimetrodon – This may end up being what I lead with. It can’t be slowed, it has defense shattering moves. Another great way to deal with the big armor resilients.

Anyone who battled in the tournament 2 weeks ago knows Marsupial Lion & Andrewsarchus are going to be on every team. So, you are going to want counters for them as well. The problem with their counters is that they are mostly cunning creatures which means the resilients will be problems for them. Kelenken & Ornithomimus are great options though to deal with these 2. But beware! Using evasive strike vs Marsupial lion isn’t that effective as the evasive only blocks the counter. You will take a full attack from the rending move the lion uses. Not to mention if prowl still is broken and 100% dodge, you will take counter after counter. That is why I like Kelenken’s raking claws attack and removing that dodge.

Honorable mention here is the adorable Eremotherium. No turn 1 attack isn’t the best, but being able to basically spam camouflage to dodge, gain speed, and distract is something useful. Cunning Rampage keeps them distracted. I’m certainly going to run the sloth for a while at least.

Parting Words

I am excited to be able to use commons as it has been a long time! If anyone is running an all common team I’d love to see and know how you’re doing! If you have any questions, want to ask me how a specific creature does in the tournament, or tell me how much you hated this article my DMs are open on the GamePress discord. DadJokes #1609

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