JWA Value List Part 3

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So in the last list, we covered the 2 most bottom tiers. However, before we get into the creatures for today, there is something I should mention before we go on. I saw some people didn't fully understand the logic behind the list, and that's on me. This isn't a list telling you to ignore Haast gen 2 or Bajadasaurus. No. Bajatonodon could get a Trago-level buff. This is a list that is more focused on what to prioritize when you play. It's more worth your while to go after something like Deinotherium compared to Iguanodon. There is no such thing as bad DNA. The DNA right now may be useless, but things change. Edmontoguanadon could be the next Fukuimimus or Scaphognathus could become a mid elite rare. While you shouldn't ignore anything really, time is a limited resource, and this is a tool to help you focus on what is good right now. You shouldn't turn your nose up at anything if possible, but when you have limited time and resources, this list is designed to allow you to make the most of what you can and explain why. So, with that out of the way, we have the next tier to cover.

'Not Too Much Going on Here' Tier

Ghost was just let loose, and she looks pretty decent. She's got good stats, a good kit, and good resistances. There are 2 main reasons why she isn't higher. First up is that she's really only going to see play in an epic format, and in that she does well, but doesn't excel. The other reason why she isn't higher is because, well, she's got no hybrids. It's right now just Ghost. Ghost, along with another creature that we'll see later will easily jump up when they get hybrids, but for now they remain lower despite their strength.

Next up is Koolasuchus. I remember this large amphibian killing a leaellynasaura in Walking with Dinosaurs from the 90s. However, despite ruling the Antarctic, Koolasuchus doesn't rule anything in JWA. It's another creature that fell victim to 2.0 where they tried to make raid creatures that ended up being useless. It's hybrid, Skoolasaurus is now the worst PVP legendary in the game with poor output and poor utility. However in raids, Skoolasaurus is quite good. But Koolasuchus is best used towards Skoonasaurus. Despite it getting hit hard with all these new fierce and stronger resilients, Skoonasaurus is still doing well and still is able to find use against some newer top tiers. Skoonasaurus is able to carry Koolasuchus quite far. Without it, Koolasuchus would probably be in the 'Garbage' tier.

The last epic in this tier is also our first continental. Stegoceras is arguably the worst continental nonhybrid. It's got a good swap in, but it's got nothing really special going for it. There are many other creatures that do the job better, like Stygimoloch. Then you have its hybrid Glyptoceras, which is also the worst of the continental hybrids. The swap is again good and it can dish some big damage, but it can't really take more than one creature. It's a one-time use and you'll be better off using something else. So if you are looking to move somewhere to hunt in JWA, the Americas are not the place.

Amaragosaurus is a useful rare. By itself, it's not that strong. It's OK, but easily outshined by Dreadnoughtus and Doedicurus. However, it's not as bad as something like Bajadasaurus. As for its hybrids, we'll start on Gigaspikeasaur. Again, it's nothing to write home about. It's fine and there is far worse out there, but you won't see it on any top legendary teams. Now only the other line. Amargocephalus is a bit of an underrated epic with its solid output and bulk as well as group moves. However, before 2.17 that would be it. Tragodistis wouldn't even be considered as Tragodistis was horrible back then and only had use in the Indominus Rex raid, which isn't around anymore anyways. However now, Tragodistis is a force to fear. It can kill every flock from legendary and under as well as a few unique flocks like Ardontognathus. This makes Amargosaurus more valuable. However, seeing as it only has one good hybrid to its name, Amargosaurus lands in here.

Aramborgiania is a decent rare that has good swap in and swap out utility. This creature has swap in invincibility, rampage and run, and short defense to allow it to try and come in multiple times. The problem is that it usually doesn't even cunnings can really eat away at it while the fierce destroy it with ease. And on top of that, the resilients step on it too. Dreadnoughtus in fact also got swap in invincibility, allowing it to do the job better. But luckily this rare has a legendary hybrid and a super hybrid. The legendary is a contender for the just forgettable hybrid in the game. It has good bulk, but there are other good creatures that rival its bulk like Rexy, Fukuimimus, and Thylaconyx. However those 3 have good resistances and output while Koolabourgiania doesn't. It's just a bad hybrid. Geminititan is the saving grace here, but this sauropod that once ruled in 1.14 is now a mid tier high elite. Arambourgiania isn't bad, but there are much better rares you can go after.

Dsungaripterus was an event exclusive recently released into the wild not that long ago. Originally it would've been near the bottom of the list as Dsungaia wasn't anything to write home about and neither was Dsungaripterus itself. However Dsungaia did get a good buff and while it has fallen off, it's still a solid hybrid while Dsungaripterus is a decent rare to pick.

Giraffatitan is next and brought with it a first in JWA. It was part of Nodopatotitan, the third hybrid of Nodopatosaurus, a first for JWA. However, this superhybrid isn't that amazing. It's better than Gigaspikeasaur, but just below Stegodeus and unable to compete in the legendary format. However Giraffatitan is a solid rare. It's very daunting to see a tower with 10000 hp staring you down. While it has gone down over time, Giraffatitan is still able to make it up here.

Koolasuchus gen 2 is another rare that has fallen in terms of value. While it does share its line with Aramborgiania, it's not as valuable as a rare alone. However this doesn't warrant it dropping another tier, so it sits here.

Wuerhosaurus is another rare that has seen better days. It used to be a beast in a rare format back when Postosuchus and Megaloceros were good rares. But while it didn't fall as hard as those 2, Wuerhosaurus still lost a lot of ground. It's not horrible and it's good against flocks, but again why use it when something like Dreadnoughtus does the job better. But Wuerhosaurus is best used for Carnotarkus. This legendary has also fallen a bit, but it's still very strong with all the flocks running amuck thanks to its shields and group moves. And that counter can really do a number on creatures like Ankylomoloch. If this list was made before 2.0, Wuerhosaurus would be much higher. However, it falls here today.

Onto our first common. Deinonychus was released back at the start of 2.0, and many thought it might be the replacement to Velociraptor with its 132 speed and better kit. However that's not the case. Deinonychus can speedtie Velociraptor and kill it with a pounce, but it lacks any resistances and has far less output, which easily outweighs its higher hp stat. It's legendary, Poukaidei is also mediocre like its common counterpart. It's got good damage, hp, speed, and resistances, but that's really it. No multipliers really hurts it. And now with Segnoraptor sitting at 134 speed, 131 is just meh nowadays. Now where Deinonychus really shines is Poukandactylus. This hybrid had a really rocky start, but now it's a really force to be reckoned with. It has good stats, resistances, an amazingly defensive kit, and actually one of the best matchup spreads in the game. However, despite its good matchup spread, there are more and more uniques powercreeping it out and so Deinonychus can only make it this far.

Dimorphodon has always been made fun of due to its insanely low attack stat. At 500 attack, it's nearly half of the second lowest stat of 900. However, Dimorphodon can accomplish some great feats like being able to take down Geminititan in some scenarios thanks to its swap in and gashing wound, Dimorphodon can do enough to finish the job. However, in the common rarity, Sarcosuchus is THE bleeder. Dimorphodon is an afterthought. However, it's still not horrible. But Dimorphodon does go into one of the best epics in the game. Dimodactylus is a monstrous epic that can bleed out anything that can be bled. You can swap in and bleed, then swoop away and bleed out more, leaving the opponent for dead. And to make sure it sticks, Dimodactylus has no escape. And with its counter, short defense, and pin immunity, it's a top tier epic for sure. So, Dimorphodon finds a comfortable spot here.

Fun fact about myself: Euoplocephalus is my favorite dinosaur. So while I'm a bit biased towards it, I cannot put it any higher than this. Euoplocephalus is a decent common in its rarity. While it is outshined by creatures like Brontotherium, it does have some good speed control on top of solid turn 1 unlike Glyptodon or Brontotherium. However, it still does lose out to them. Now I already covered Amargocephalus and Tragodistis, but I will say Amaragosaurus itself ranks higher overall due to more hybrids. But due to the fact that Euoplocephalus is better in its rarity, I cannot justify a tier difference.

Hatzegopteryx is another common that's decent in its rarity. It's got decent stats, a swap in, and a swap out. Not as strong as something like Triceratops gen 2 or Brontotherium, but still decent enough to consider. However it's hybrid Darwezopterus isn't something to consider as it's very bad. It's completely outshined by Dimodactylus and any other legendary for the most part. However Stygidaryx is another story. With good stats, solid tools, and good immunities, Stygidaryx can easily shut down some teams. Now, like Poukandactylus it has seen better days, but for now, it's solid enough to allow Hatzegopteryx to remain here.

Lythronax is next and it's claim to fame is our first April fools event. However, Lythronax is quite a solid common with an incredible matchup spread as it can keep shielding over and over again and eating away at opponents with its counter. Then comes Purrolyth, which is a top tier rare with decent stats, a great kit, and no escape. It's something that also makes a decent impact on rarities above. Finally you have Grypolyth. Grypolyth has fallen off in recent times, but it's still a decent unique. The issue is that in a fierce and cunning meta, it just doesn't do too well. The best use is Purrolyth, but this rare keeps getting slightly worse as time goes by. So, Lythronax goes down here.

Next up is Purrusaurus gen 2. This common is also a solid pick in a common format. It is able to restrict the ceratopsians while also dealing big damage. It's got solid stats and output paired with no escape, giving it a nice spot in the meta. After this, it's just as useful as Lythronax as it also goes into Purrolyth and Grypolyth.

Parasaurolophus is one of the worst creatures in the game. However, it does go into 2 different hybrid lines. First up is Tragodistis. I've already covered Tragodistis multiple times. It has great stats and a good role in the meta that makes it a valuable asset to the legendary tournament meta. As for the other line, Paramoloch isn't that great of a PVP creature. However it has seen success in many different raid strategies. However Tuoramoloch is the real hero in this line. It may not allow for faster raid strategies, but it allows a higher player to help carry lower players in their alliance. So while it has been overshadowed, Tuoramoloch is still a valuable asset.

Sinosauropteryx was the first flock introduced with no rally healing abilities as well as no immunities or resistances outside of the standard rend resistance. In the common rarity, it is a decent creature to use, but it finds itself heavily outclassed by the slower yet bulkier and more annoying Coelurosauravus which can come in and rally heal while also having 2 great immunities and team synergy. And on top of this, many popular Coelurosauravus counters like Inostancevia rip up these little guys too. But luckily for Sinosauropteryx, it has a solid hybrid in Sinokotaraptor. With no alert state or threatened state, it can come in and rally heal even at full hp. It has good moves with distraction, precision, and a nice priority move in sidestep along with distraction immunity. And with cautious on escape, it can annoy creatures that want to avoid its precise attacks. This allows Sinosauropteryx to sneak up here.

Stygimoloch gen 2 rounds out this tier. While not as good as Hatzegopteryx, it does also help create the powerful Stygidaryx as well as another superhybrid in Ovilophomoloch, which while not as good as some other cunnings like Rinchicyon, it still has some interesting moves like sly rampage and run as well as alert distracting impact which are completely unique to this legendary. However, with Rexy as well as creatures like Fukuimimus, it isn't able to hold up too well. But, this legendary as well as Stygidaryx help carry Stygimoloch gen 2 up to here.


Thank you all for reading. This is a long one and the next tier is almost as long, if not longer. And as we go on, it will reach a point where there are many creatures in one tier, but however like an ellipse, it will eventually narrow once again. Happy Playing and don't forget to dart those rares today!

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