JWA Value List Part 4

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Article by EDUARDO562


It's been a bit since the last part and that's on me for two reasons. First up, life is a thing that exists and I couldn't get these out, so I apologize for that. However do not fret for I haven't forgotten it like how Ludia has forgotten hybrids like Brontolasmus or Alankylosaurus. The other reason as to why it's been a bit is because this is a long list in the making. There are a lot of creatures here as things begin to get more fuzzy as we approach the middle. I have my clear top creatures as well as my bottom ones that I have covered, but these creatures are far less defined, so in order to make sure everything is perfect I have been tinkering here and there to try and keep everything as accurate as possible. So with those excuses of mine out of the way, let's hop in. 

'It's Alright' Tier

The 'It's Alright' tier is where things are really beginning to heat up. You can start to make better use of these creatures. You also want to collect more of this DNA as there are some creatures with many hybrids here with some being very strong. However there are still better creatures to go after.

Alanqa is kicking us off on this tier, and unfortunately Alanqa has seen better days. It still has amazing utility as well as some of the best base stats on an epic, but it just doesn't cut it as well with all these bigger and badder creatures being introduced. Alanqa is still something to never underestimate, especially in a nonhybrid format where it can case major issues for some creatures. Alankylosaurus however is a bit on the weaker side of things. It has some good stats and an incredibly defensive kit, but that's all it really has, and with something like Tarbognathus or Thylaconyx, it can't fly any higher.

Darwinopterus is up next, and it has 2 hybrid lines. Unfortunately, it's only the uniques that are desirable. I already ripped into Darwezopterus in the last part. But for those who don't remember, don't use it. It sucks. There are better legendaries to use and epics that do the job better. As for Darwinopterus itself, well it's one of the worst epics in the game. Avoid it if possible. However, first up we have Stygidaryx, which again I have already discussed last time. However this time, we have another unique in Pterovexus. Pterovexus has had a tough time in the past, but now is doing better thanks to its counter, a kit overhaul, and the best set of resistances around in terms of sheer numbers. You also have a good stat total as well, but the kit could use some love. However, these 2 uniques allow Darwin to fly much higher than it would without them.

Gryposuchus is next and this is a creature who's value has really dropped off in recent times. First up, this epic isn't that amazing. It can be a good fierce trapper, but use something like Andrewsarchus or Spinosaurus gen 2 at that point. And if hybrids are legal, there is no point in using Gryposuchus over Sarcorixis, Dimodactylus, or either of the Andrewsarchus hybrids. Next up is Grylenken, which is a mixed bag. It can be good, especially in a meta without flocks. However these flocks have just caused so many issues for creatures like this that it just struggles a lot. Finally we have Grypolyth, which is in the same boat as well. And on top of that, there are so many fierce and other creatures that resist rend that Grypolyth has just fallen on hard times.

Up next is Kentrosaurus. Kentrosaurus is a nonhybrid that has seen better days. Before 2.0 is was a solid nonhybrid with good speed, output, and bulk. Today, it is slow, frail, and does less damage now. Ankyntrosaurus is a decent legendary, but with the Tragodistis buff, it is now outclassed by it as well as Ankylomoloch. Trykosaurus is also in the same boat. It did get a buff which helps, but it has just fallen by quite a bit and needs a lot of help still. So, Kentrosaurus ends up here.

Megistotgerium is up next, and this epic is one that doesn't see that much play because it hides in the shadow of its rare counterpart. However, this epic still isn't that bad and can be a creature with a surprise factor thanks to that swap and no escape. However, with flocks, it's become worse and worse. It's hybrid, Megistocurus, is better off than Megistotherium, but not by much. While at one point it was a top tier and I did take first with it a while back, it's fallen off thanks to Rexy being introduced and Lystrosuchus filling its role better. That being said, it's still a good creature to use and has the highest guaranteed swap damage in the legendary format, so Megistotherium sits up here.

Pachycephalosaurus is an epic that has been forgotten by a lot of people as it's just average. It's a fine epic, but there are better hit and runners out there like Ornithomimus. Next up is probably the best use of Pachycephalosaurus. Smilocephalosaurus is probably the best use of this epic. It's got good damage and speed as well as good multipliers to make a deadly hit and runner. However, this legendary has also fallen on hard times as well thanks to the plethora of flocks as well as creatures like Rexy powercreeping it more and more. Finally, you have Smilonemyes. This unique has also fallen on hard times as for some reason, Ludia nerfed it hard despite it not being that big of a threat. If it had its old stats back Pachycephalosaurus could've risen higher, but because Ludia hates this line, this epic falls here.

Pteranodon is next. As you'll see with Quetzalcoatlus, it's hybrids are decent enough to warrant a spot here. However, this epic is slightly worse than the rare it shares a line with. However, it's not significant enough to justify a tier difference.

Rinchenia is an interesting epic. It's a bit of a glass cannon hit and runner. It's got a solid kit with decent stats. The issue is that Ornithomimus fills the role better. Yes it's strike is much worse, but that's where things stop. It's got a far better set of immunities as well as better stats across the board. However this isn't a bad epic and easily the strongest of the continental trio. It's hybrid however is second best. Rinchicyon is a solid legendary. It's got good offenses and speed control as well as solid resistances. The issue is all the flocks making short work of it as well as having to try and survive Fukuimimus. Despite this, Rinchicyon is still a creature to not take lightly and it can pack a punch.

Smilodon basically goes hand in hand with Pachycephalosaurus as they share the one line. Smilodon has decent stats with a decent kit. However, it's overshadowed by creatures like Dakotaraptor and now Beta. Diplodocus and Woolly Rhino are two big reasons why it isn't popular, along with creatures like Compsognathus. It has won some skill tournaments in the past, those days are over. So while Smilodon is slightly worse overall than Pachycephalosaurus, it still isn't worse enough to separate these two.

Sonorasaurus is up next, and this is a creature that had potential, but it just flops. It, like Bajadasaurus, doesn't have the bulk to pull off this insanely good kit. However, it still isn't bad and can be used in some niche scenarios. Its hybrid is a different story. Skoonasaurus has been near the top of the meta for almost a year or so now and while it has begun to fall off, it still is hanging in there with some very solid qualities. first up, unlike its epic parent, Skoonasaurus is very bulky with high hp and 30% armor. It also has decent attack, a full counter, a group rampage and a group impact, and a beastly set of resistances to back it up. It has fallen on harder times, but it can still put up a fight for sure. So, Sonorasaurus falls here.

Struthiomimus is next on the list. Struthiomimus isn't good at all. It's frail, slow for a speedster at only 126 speed, has a bad moveset with one of the worst distraction moves in group distraction, and poor output. Struthiomimus may be arguably the worst of the continental epics, but it makes the best hybrid of the three by far. Fukuimimus is an absolute monster and has ridiculous stats, resistances, and abilities. While more countermeasures have been introduced to combat this powerful legendary, it still sits at the top of the legendary format.

Troodon is our last epic for the day. Troodon is an OK epic with some good qualities. It has 2 rampages, a distraction immunity, and high speed. However, there is no point in using Troodon when Beta, Ghost, or Compsognathus do the job better. However Troodaboa is another story. With a good set of resistances, a priority shielded decelerating strike, a group rampage, a precise distracting impact, and a ferocious strike that cleanses, this snake has it all. And on top of that, it has a deadly on escape move that can hard punish anything that comes in as well as a counter that counteracts 2 different classes. So thanks to Troodaboa, Troodon can leap up this high.

Kicking off the rares we have Arctodus. This bear was introduced about half a year ago and has had a sharp decline in terms of its value. First up, Arctodus isn't a strong rare at all. It's got good attack and bulk, but it's speed and poor kit don't provide it with much. It's just too easy for something like Albertosaur or a flock like Preondactylus to play around and thus it's never seen any success in skill formats. It's hybrid, Arctalces is an OK legendary, but with the legendary meta being as lopsided as it is, it's got no place. Arctovasilis is the main reason to use Arctodus, and nowadays it's not that great. It's unable to deal with all these new creatures and buffed creatures like Rexy, Imperatosuchus, Giganyx, and others. But it's still not bad and can pose a threat to many creatures like Ankylos Lux. However, with the fall of the apex bear, Arctodus rests here.

Kaprosuchus is a very cool creature in real life. A crocodile that possibly hunted more like a big cat than a modern crocodile. However in JWA, Kaprosuchus is a major disappointment. It's got decent stats and resistances, but the kit is horrendous. It's got the worst ferocity move and 2 other strikes, making it one of the worst rares. Kaprosuchus then has 2 hybrid lines. First up is Gorgosuchus, which is mediocre at best. It's got mediocre stats and a mediocre kit. It's hybrid Megalosuchus is slower and is probably worse overall. This line is very disappointing. Then you have the Spinosaurus line in Spinotasuchus, which is ANOTHER bad legendary that cannot compete with a fierce like Thylaconyx or Rexy. And then the best use of Kaprosuchus is Albertospinos, and this unique is good. It's not a top tier or on par with something like Troodaboa, but it's not bad and something to not take lightly. So despite how cool it is, Kaprosuchus is not that valuable.

Kelenken is next, and it's never been that high in terms of value. First up, Kelenken has always been in the shadow of Ornithomimus. It's kit is very similar, but it's got less synergy, less resistances, and instant distraction sees better use than sidestep. Despite me just ripping into Kelenken, it's still good. It has good moves and good stats. It's just outshined in a meta with flocks and Suchotator and Purrolyth. Next up though is it's hybrid Grylenken, which I just covered a bit ago. Again it's done better in the past, but it's not amazing.

Before Testacornibus came to power and before 2.0, Megaloceros was the deer to beat. It was incredibly annoying and could chip away at everything with help from Triceratops, becoming an absolute top tier in a rare format. Then 2.0 came along and gutted this majestic beast into a frail little deer. It's a rare that's pretty bad in any format and outshined by its rare counterpart Cervalces. It's then got 2 hybrid lines. First up is Megalogaia. Again, this deer has seen better days, but now it's not as good anymore. However, it's a bit of a sleeper pick and can be annoying to deal with if you lack any fierce or swappers. But again, that's a big 'IF' you're banking on. Then the other hybrid is Enteloceros, which is the stronger of the 2 lines, but again it's seen better days. It was a great creature to use back in the day, but after the fierce creatures like Tarbognathus, Thylaconyx, and Rexy along with Fukuimimus came along, it just fell out of favor. It's still not bad, but again it's seen better days. And seeing as that's the theme with these creatures, Megaloceros finds itself here.

Moschops is next. This rare has seen some occasional use back in the day, but why use it when Doedicurus can do the job better. However, it was still pretty decent. It's hybrid, Entelochops, was once a staple in epic formats. I know many people including myself have taken home the gold with it in both skill and advantage tournaments. But once flocks came along, it was reduced to mediocrity. It's still deadly at times, but it's got too much on its plate with new creatures like Argenteryx and Compsognathus as well as old threats like Thylacotator. Then finally, we have Enteloceros. It's just seen better days. So, Moschops finds a spot here.

Nodosaurus is part of the first hybrid line to receive three branches, but more on that in a second. First up, Nodosaurus is just a worse Doedicurus. It's got a bit more speed and better turn 1, but worse resistances, bulk, and output. Next up is Nodopatosaurus. Like Nodosaurus, this hybrid sauropod is outclassed by other resilients like Diplodocus, Ankylodicurus, Antarctopelta, and even Dreadnoughtus. Then finally, you have the three hybrids. Worst of the bunch is Gigaspikeasaur, which I already kind of ripped into in the last list. After that, is Nodopatotitan. This legendary again can't keep up with all the other legendary resilients as well as the fierce. And finally, you have Stegodeus, which is the best of the bunch, but not by much. It's fine and has some good moves, but it still isn't able to keep up with all these new resilients as well as all these fierce like Thylaconyx or Rexy. No resistances also really hold it back. So, Nodosaurus falls here.

Ornithomimus is up next. This rare is one of the better rares you can find. Ornithomimus has high damage, speed, and a good set of resistances. It's also got a good kit to back it up. You have synergy and a good get-off-me tool. The worst qualities Ornithomimus has is evasive strike and its lower hp. It's hybrid, Procerathomimus, isn't as good. It's still a decent epic, but it has been nerfed pretty hard since 2.0 and now resides a tier below its rare parent. Seeing as leveling Ornithomimus is the best use of the DNA, Ornithomimus can't run any higher.

Oviraptor is next. This rare is fine with a solid kit and decent stats. It's unable to see much use thanks to flocks and other creatures like Ornithomimus doing the job better. Despite this, devious strike and cunning rampage make a deadly combo. Next up you have the best use of the DNA. Ovilophasaur is a solid epic with great resistances and a diverse cunning kit. All these things allow this epic to tackle all 3 classes. You also have a group move to hit those flocks. I started using it, and it did quite well in the epic format as well as in the arena against creatures like Scorpios Rex gen 3 and Mortem Rex. Finally, you end on probably the weakest of the bunch. Ovilophamoloch got no big break unlike it's epic parent. It's got some really good moves like sly rampage and run along with alert distracting impact. It's just the stats and resistances fall flat as well as a lousy on escape. This holds Oviraptor a bit back, but this rare still isn't that bad and finds a spot here.

Soaring in next is Quetzalcoatlus. This rare is fine at best. It's outclassed by its other rare counterpart Arambourgiania. However, it's still not terrible and has some good qualities. The largest animal to take to the skies has some decent hybrids. First up is a hybrid with another pterosaur. Pteraquetzal is a legendary that does fly under the radar, but it's still a powerful creature to go up against. It's got decent stats, a solid kit, and good synergy. It's just struggling now thanks to all the fierce like Rexy and Thylaconyx. However it's still got solid matchups and a solid niche. Finally you have Quetzorion. This is probably the best use of this creature's DNA. You have good output, high speed, and it's a pain in the rear with that counter. It's still able to find many uses and niches, but with creatures like Andrewtops and Skoonasaurus, it's seen better days. But that still allows this giant of the skies to land right here.

Our final rare is a classic dinosaur. Triceratops seems to follow the theme of these rares as it's seen better days. It's frail, has lower output, but it's got decent synergy. The issue is that it's outclassed by Nasutoceratops and strictly worse than it's rare hybrid counterpart Eniasuchus. It's hybrid Stegoceratops has a similar story. It's not bad, but it still struggles when Woolly Rhino steals the show. However, being a swapper with a group impact has major perks and allows Stegoceratops to have some success. The same holds true for Monostegotops, who has once again seen better days. It's got a solid kit and good offenses, but again can't compete with the likes of Thylaconyx or Megistocurius. However these 3 swappers are still useful as they have one of the best swaps in the game with 2 of them having solid kits. So, Triceratops manages to cling onto this tier.

Allosaurus is kicking off the commons of this tier. This common is one of the better commons in the rarity with high health and high attack. It's able to take down all the powerful resilients as well as many of the fierce allowed. Even the cunnings apart from sloth can take a big hit. Surprisingly, this is probably your best use for Allosaurus DNA. Next up is Allosinosaurus, which has seen better days. The flocks just beat it down. And with no resistances and a kit that is super diverse, it's falling behind. Thoradolosaur also got a big buff. With some new resistances and cleansing group destroyer, it's doing much better now. But compared to Rexy or Imperatosuchus, it's just not as good. However, it's good enough to help Allosaurus fall here.

Apatosaurus stomps into this tier. It shares everything with Nodosaurus when it comes to hybrids. However, this common is slightly more valuable as in a common format, Apatosaurus is a threat. It's a good flock killer that can also be annoying to some fierce and resilients too. However, it isn't good enough to justify being a tier above Nodosaurus.

Dimetrodon gen 2 is next. This nonhybrid has some good things about it, but when it's matched up against Opiacodon, there is no contest. It's got speed and that's really it. They share the same resistances and kit, but this common got the shorter end of the stick. It's hybrid is also outshined. Monolometrodon isn't a bad legendary, but there are better creatures out there. Creatures like Thylaconyx or Tarbognathus do the job better. And after its nerf, it can't even beat some resilients like Tragodistis. Finally, this is where Dimetrodon gen 2 is best used. Monolorhino is a decent unique with some very good tools. But again, it's just outclassed by so much now. You have Lystrosuchus, Parasauthops, Albertocevia, and Thylaconyx for a swapper role. But it still does well enough to put Dimetrodon gen 2 here.

Gallimimus is able to keep up with its rare counterpart in terms of value. This movie creature hasn't gotten to much play. However, that doesn't make it bad. It's actually decent in a common format thanks to its synergy and ability to take on the best creature in the format while being immune to stuns. It also is one of the fastest creatures in the format with arguably the best set of resistances. Gallimimus has 2 hybrid lines. We don't talk about Aquillamimus because boy is that a waste of this DNA. It's better to look at Monomimus, which has very high speed, really good resistances, and a decent kit. It has fallen off to other creatures like Coelhaast or Sinokotaraptor, but it's still decent. Then it's hybrid Pterovexus has gotten love. So, with these decent hybrids (minus one we don't talk about) and a good performance in a common format, it's able to run with its big brother Ornithomimus.

Up next is Scolosaurus. I already covered Skoolasaurus and Skoonasaurus enough, but the question of why Scolosaurus is above Koolasuchus is easily answered. It's better in a common format. It's got a nice little place. Yes it's outclassed by Glyptodon, but the difference between these 2 and something like Opiacodon and Dimetrodon gen 2 is that the speed tier actually matters. It can outspeed creatures like Allosaurus that Glyptodon cannot. So, Scolosaurus's strength along with its unique a well as its legendary's raid viability carries it up to here.

Stegosaurus is next on the docket. This is a very bad common. Poor stats, a poor kit, and being outclassed by almost other resilient in the format makes Stegosaurus a poor investment. It then shares a hybrid like with Triceratops which I already discussed. However, it has another hybrid in Stegodeus, which has been outclassed by better resilients like Tragodistis. So, this is why Stegosaurus only gets this far.

Finally, we'll end on Tanycolagreus. This common saw some decent success in the common format thanks to its high attack and ability to deal with all 3 classes. While it can't reduce damage, it can be a pain to deal with thanks to its ability to bypass all forms of damage reduction. It's hybrid Quetzorion I have discussed inherits it's output and can also deal with all classes. It has seen better days, but it's enough to place Tanycolagreus up this high.


Thank you all for reading. Worry not as there will be more of these on the way. Thankfully for my sanity, the next tier is a bit shorter. However we still have 2 really big tiers that are about this size left to cover. But I thank you all for sticking through this and reading everything in full, and I hope to see you next time.

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