JWA Weekly Event April 5-April 11: Spring Week Part 2

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Explorers! This week continues Spring Week with the map decked out for the season. Featured will be the foes of last week, the egg hunters!  This will again be a great week with some exclusive opportunity including *3* Legendary attempts on Sunday! Let's go over what our Discord community is thinking and what we'll recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know!

Weekly Calendar Explained

Before we dive in to the week, we'll break down how the weekly event calendar works. First, each day is considered started at 10am Eastern on that day. It is possible that wherever you live, it might actually be the previous or next day, so we wanted to help clarify how they determine what day it is. At this time, event creatures & strike towers will be updated as applicable. This information is also noted on the calendar.

Ever wonder why some weeks we’re given 45 attempts on commons and others only 18 or 27? The reason for this is that the volume of attempts is a simple math calculation based on the rarity and number of options. Take the rarity base number and multiply by the number of options and voila, you have your total allowed attempts! Having more variety in the options yields that many more attempts. The flip side is it may be more difficult to find the creature(s) you favor. Below details the number of attempts assigned to each rarity which is used to determine how many attempts you receive (though occasionally, they stray from this math). This is the total you are allotted across all options, so it is important to select your choices wisely.

  • Common = 9 per
  • Rate = 6 per
  • Epic = 3 per
  • Legendary/Unique = 1 total

They recently started putting the number of attempts on the calendar again and sometimes stray from the above. Refer to the calendar for the confirmed counts. Each rarity has a different length of time the spawn lasts followed by a different length of time until respawn after despawn. Commons will last 1 hour with about 5 minutes between, Rares last 3 hours with about 15 minutes in between, and Epics last 6 hours with upward of 30 minutes in between.

All strikes and trials are represented on the calendar with the level of difficulty along with how long they last (1 day or 2 days). The trials are shown along the very bottom in gray boxes.

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 27 Attempts

  • Gallimimus (Local 1 Anytime) (Monomimus>Pterovexus, Aquilamimus)
  • Phorusrhacos (Local 3 Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Velosrhacos, Phorusaura)
  • Velociraptor (Global Anytime) (Indominus Rex>Erlidominus/Indoraptor, Indoraptor)

New for 2021, we are reaching out to our Discord community to find out what they're planning to dart. We can't presume to understand what it's like to be at any given level of the game and hope this added input will be beneficial. If you aren't joined to our Discord, there is a link a few sections below, come on in!

Rather than ramble about what hybrid(s) these featured creatures are responsible for, we will now include that information alongside the spawn mechanics of each. 

The commons this week all represent fairly equally with Phorus and Velo leading our community poll. Galli was once exclusive, and it's very possible you were never able to accumulate very much of this DNA. While the hybrids currently aren't top tier, there's no saying that one day they won't be again. There's also the future possibility of an Aquil super hybrid. 

The Original Terror Bird, Phorus was also once exclusive. Velosrhacos ("Burnt Chicken", "Velos Tacos") is another with the possibility of a future hybrid, and there are still some Phorusaura's haunting the arena. You're going to need beaucoup Terror Bird if you want to work on both of those. 

Finally, there's the one that might have been your first darting experience in the game, Velo. Though available everywhere, all the time, it takes multiple villages of Velo to work through the hybrid line. None of the hybrids are currently ruling, but that isn't to say they don't have any presence or can't be great again some day. 

When nothing clear cut stands out, we like to recommend just darting what crosses your path. Save your time and energy for what's coming later in the week.

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Thursday: 18 Attempts

  • Kelenken (Event Exclusive) (Grylenken)
  • Ornithomimus (Battle Exclusive) (Procerathomimus)
  • Oviraptor (Global Short Range) (Ovilophosaurus)

First, it is important to note there are only TWO DAYS for Rares this week due to Legendary Sunday. Be sure to complete your attempts before 10am Eastern on Sunday, so you don't miss out. The options here are quite great, and our community poll has them ordered Kel, Ornith, which would also be the order on basis of exclusivity

Kelenken once visited in the dawn and dusk hours but has been locked away as Event Exclusive for months now. Grylenken isn't a formidable foe at this time but yet another that could one day receive a super hybrid. A highly leveled Kelenken can be amazing in qualifying tournaments. The most exclusive option would be our choice when weighing all possible current creatures and hybrids.

If you're not feeling Kel, Ornith is a fine alternative. Though "Yoshi" isn't the monster it once was, it can still hold its own in qualifying tournaments. And of course this is another one the community has been anticipating super hybrid treatment for quite some time. 

Lastly, there is Ovi. Despite being global, this one may not be totally exclusive but is a bit harder to come by due to the short range nature. It is also the newest of the lot and perhaps you just want to stockpile the DNA. We couldn't blame you for making any of these options your choice(s). With a short time to dart, it could again be in your best interest to choose whatever crosses your path.

Featured Creatures: Epics

Friday - Saturday: 9 Attempts

  • Ovilophosaurus (Event Exclusive)
  • Troodon (Local 4 Day/Dawn/Dusk)
  • Velosrhacos (Event Exclusive)

The Epic choices this week are all solid, and our community is digging Troodon. We certainly lean toward the two hybrids but plenty of case can be made for Troodon. None of these currently stand out over the others, so again you might go with what crosses your path to save some time and energy. 

Featured Creatures: Legendary

Sunday: 3 Attempts

  • Monomimus (Event Exclusive) (Monostegotops, Pterovexus)
  • Pyrritator (Event Exclusive) (Magnapyritor)
  • Utasinoraptor (Event Exclusive) (Utarinex)

How wonderful we receive not just one but THREE attempts at these Legendary options! Of the three, Pyrri will lead you toward the best hybrid of the bunch. Despite the opportunity to raid Pyrri once a week, our community votes most for this one. From front to back, the Mimus line have each had their day in the sun but not so much the case over time. There's always the hope that any can be great again. Rinex makes the occasional appearance in the arena making Utasinoraptor its own fine choice. As with the other rarities, nothing stands out clear above the others, so you may also just choose whatever crosses your path. 

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events & Trials

Strike Events and Trials for most of the week will be Egg Hunter Themed, and with successful completion you can receive the same Common, Rare, and Epic creatures that are available at Event Drops. 

The themed strike on Friday will feature the newly released Tsintosaurus. On Tuesday, we have an Epic Strike and on Sunday, an Epic Trial. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed). 


Both types of drops continue to give one Nest Protector scent per day. Like last week, you'll want to use these as you receive them in order to make room for the next day's haul. These scents can draw the same Common/Rare/Epic creatures we are able to dart at event drops last week. The Themed Scent tower of this week is again Nest Protectors.

Treasure Chase

On Sunday, we will have a special Spring Week treasure "chase". With this setup, we receive one pop at a time with the chests refreshing throughout the day. Each opening is a chance to receive DNA of any of the creatures featured this week. 

Hybrid Pursuit

This week coninues the Skoonasaurus pursuit, so keep your eyes out for the Common Scolosaurus! 

Tournament & Daily Dino Info

We bid adieu to WRhino as our personal daily mission reward and say hello to the Tsintaosaurus! The arena season reward will be the Event Exclussssssive Titanoboa!

Congratulations to the 11 alliances who made Tier 10 last month and to everyone for kicking major tournament A for all that MRhino!

Coming up will be week one of round two of Testacornibus Alliance Championships We will have an Rare (Any) Skills tournament for COINS! Check back later this week for another fantastic DadJokes tournament strategy article. As with COINS weeks, this also indicates we will have FIP bundles coming at us on Sunday.

Tournament information
Tournament Rewards

Parting Words

What a wonderful conclusion to the Spring Weeks with incredible options that include exclusives & legendaries! When all else fails, consider what members in your alliance need - dart to donate. New for 2021, we are going to reach out for more community input on these weekly event roundups. Join our Discord Server and let us know what you're darting and why! We look forward to your input and hope to see you on there!

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