JWA Weekly Event January 25-January 31: Carnivores Jailbreak

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Explorers! This week is all aboutt a Carnivores Jailbreak. It will be another fun week to collect DNA and culminates with a Unique attempt. Each set provides some great options, so let's go over what our Discord community is thinking and what we'll recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know!

Weekly Calendar Explained

Before we dive in to the week, we'll break down how the weekly event calendar works. First, each day is considered started at 10am Eastern on that day. It is possible that wherever you live, it might actually be the previous or next day, so we wanted to help clarify how they determine what day it is. At this time, event creatures & strike towers will be updated as applicable. This information is also noted on the calendar.

Ever wonder why some weeks we’re given 45 attempts on commons and others only 18 or 27? The reason for this is that the volume of attempts is a simple math calculation based on the rarity and number of options. Take the rarity base number and multiply by the number of options and voila, you have your total allowed attempts! Having more variety in the options yields that many more attempts. The flip side is it may be more difficult to find the creature(s) you favor. Below details the number of attempts assigned to each rarity which is used to determine how many attempts you receive (though occasionally, they stray from this math). This is the total you are allotted across all options, so it is important to select your choices wisely.

  • Common = 9 per
  • Rate = 6 per
  • Epic = 3 per
  • Legendary/Unique = 1 total

Each rarity has a different length of time the spawn lasts followed by a different length of time until respawn after despawn. Commons will last 1 hour with about 5 minutes between, Rares last 3 hours with about 15 minutes in between, and Epics last 6 hours with upward of 30 minutes in between.

All strikes are represented on the calendar with the level of difficulty along with how long they last (1 day or 2 days). The calendar does not show trials, but those do not tend to vary week by week. 

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 36 Attempts

  • Allosaurus (Global Dawn/Dusk/Night)
  • Dimetrodon Gen 2 (Global Anytime)
  • Tarbosaurus (Global Anytime)
  • Velociraptor (Global Anytime)

New for 2021, we are reaching out to our Discord community to find out what they're planning to dart. We can't presume to understand what it's like to be at any given level of the game and hope this added input will be beneficial. If you aren't joined to our Discord, there is a link a few sections below, come on in!

So what are the people saying? The people are saying just go with your heart, these are all global and widely available. It's almost perfectly even with Velo a little behind the others. Perhaps that is due to the fact we just had Velo in the Camp event.

We aren't going to tell you that any of these choices is better than the rest. When choices come with a fairly even playing field, we encourage you to dart based on your goals. Are you furiously FIPping Woolly Rhino, as you are dreaming of a big, fat Monolorhino? Then Dimetrodon Gen 2 would likely be your choice. Needing some peanut butter with your jelly when you see these mighty Thoradoloosaurs chomping away? You're going to need to load up on Tarbo if you're wanting your very own. Another approach when things are quite even is to just dart what falls in your path. Don't devote the time it takes to cross 36 of one when all are just fine. You could also take inventory of your stockpile of each and put your focus on whatever you have the least of.

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Thursday: 18 Attempts

  • Dilophosaurus (Event Exclusive)
  • Spinosaurus (Global Anytime)
  • Utahraptor (Global Anytime)

First, it is important to note that due to our Unique attempt on Sunday, we will only have TWO DAYS to complete our Rare attempts. Make sure you get out there before reset Friday (10am Eastern) so you don't miss out!

It will come as no surprise that Dilo is blowing away the others by our community votes. Event exclusive. Now feeds multiple hybrids, one of those which is crucial to the Indo2 strategy of defeating Mortem Rex raids. It's quite difficult to find any reason to suggest you target Spino or ("Johnny") Utah over Dilo.  However, if one of them fits better in to your goals, there is nothing wrong with making that choice. If you put a lot of stock in to what we think you should do, then Dilo away. 

Featured Creatures: Epics

Friday - Saturday: 6 Attempts

  • Acrocanthosaurus (Local 3 Day/Dawn/Dusk)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Global Anytime)

Our community is all over Acro, and that's likely because we've only had this creature in the game for a short period of time. TRex has been around since the dawn of the game and has always had global availability. That isn't to say you should absolutely not even consider TRex. Standalone, a leveled and boosted TRex can one of the most formidable creatures in qualifying advantage tournaments. Got your eye on Tryk? Well you're going to need thousands of TRex for that build. Or what's that? You can't live without Erlidom or Indoraptor? TRex is a base for Indominus Rex which feeds both of those super hybrids. This is a lot of words to say if you want to max the entire TRex line, you are going to need a plethora of this DNA (it's just over 34k just to get the epic from 11 to 30).

As mentioned, Acro is still very new to the game. Its hybrid, Acrocanthops, is pretty gnarly to face when leveled and boosted. It's also possible this Legendary hybrid can get a super hybrid of its own one day. We personally lean toward focusing on Acro, but we've also outlined a few reasons why you might prefer TRex.

Featured Creatures: Unique

Sunday: 1 Attempt

  • Thoradolosaur (Event Exclusive)
  • Trykosaurus (Event Exclusive)

These opportunities at Legendaries and higher are becoming less and less rare, and we like it! But how do you choose between these two nasty chompers? Our community by far and away is planning on Tryk over Thor. This isn't surprising knowing that Tryk has been one of the best in the game since its introduction. Thor has had its ups and downs, though most recently has definitely been up. You obviously can't go wrong with either, so take time to evaluate your access to each's ingredients and go with the one you will have a tougher time at.

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events & Trials

Strike Events and Trials are also Carnivores Jailbreak themed and will reward the same DNA you will find at the event drops. Please note sometimes they throw a curveball with a different theme for Trials. This article will be revisited and updated should that be the case.

On Friday, we have another Epic Strike featuring the newly introduced Dakotaraptor. Over the Weekend, we'll also get an Epic Trial. On Sunday we have an Epic Carnivores Jailbreak Strike. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed). 


The Themed Scent of this week is Crocodylidae Scent. This scent can draw any of the following creatures:

  • Nundasuchus
  • Purssaurus Gen 2
  • Sarcosuchus
  • Kaprosuchus
  • Postosuchus
  • Purussaurus
  • Gryposuchus

Treasure Chase

The treasure chase continues on Saturday & Sunday. According to the calendar, on Saturday we get one pop. On Sunday, we are able to chase the treasures through the day! With this set up, the chests are refreshed throughout the day and offer up to 25,000 free coins.

Hybrid Pursuit

This week begins the Entelolania pursuit, so keep your eyes out for the Rare Entelodon 

Free Cash Link

GamePress is excited to be able to provide weekly cash links worth $50 cash in game! The code can only be claimed once a week and you must click on it using the device you play JWA with. It will be active from Monday, 12 PM EST - Sunday, 12 PM EST every week. This is a promotional code provided courtesy of Ludia, Inc and is exclusive to GamePress. We will post this link in an article we publish each week. We will post all articles on our Twitter so follow us at NewsJWA on Twitter so you don't miss out! 

The link below is available from Monday, January 25th at noon EST -  Sunday, January 31st at noon EST.

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Parting Words

Be careful out there, as the Carnivores are wild after jailbreak. What a fun week of meat eating creatures capped off with a Unique attempt. New for 2021, we are going to reach out for more community input on these weekly event roundups. Join our Discord Server and let us know what you're darting and why! We look forward to your input and hope to see you on there!

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