JWA Weekly Event March 15-March 21: St Patricks

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Top o' the day to you, explorers! We have another amazing week ahead of us to celebrate all that is green! Let's go over what we recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know. As so cleverly stated in this forum post, time to "shamrock and roll!"

Weekly Calendar Explained

Before we dive in to the week, we'll break down how the weekly event calendar works. First, each day is considered started at 10am Eastern on that day. It is possible that wherever you live, it might actually be the previous or next day, so we wanted to help clarify how they determine what day it is. At this time, event creatures & strike towers will be updated as applicable. This information is also noted on the calendar.

Ever wonder why some weeks we’re given 45 attempts on commons and others only 18 or 27? The reason for this is that the volume of attempts is a simple math calculation based on the rarity and number of options. Take the rarity base number and multiply by the number of options and voila, you have your total allowed attempts! Having more variety in the options yields that many more attempts. The flip side is it may be more difficult to find the creature(s) you favor. Below details the number of attempts assigned to each rarity which is used to determine how many attempts you receive (though occasionally, they stray from this math). This is the total you are allotted across all options, so it is important to select your choices wisely.

  • Common = 9 per
  • Rate = 6 per
  • Epic = 3 per
  • Legendary/Unique = 1 total

Each rarity has a different length of time the spawn lasts followed by a different length of time until respawn after despawn. Commons will last 1 hour with about 5 minutes between, Rares last 3 hours with about 15 minutes in between, and Epics last 6 hours with upward of 30 minutes in between.

All strikes and trials are represented on the calendar with the level of difficulty along with how long they last (1 day or 2 days). The trials are shown along the very bottom in gray boxes.

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 36 Attempts

  • Diplocaulus (Park Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Diplotator>Scaphotator)
  • Iguanodon (Friday (Edmontoguanodon>Bajatonodon)
  • Stegosaurus (Saturday ) (Stegoceratops>Monostegotops, Stegodeus)
  • Tarbosaurus (Global Anytime) (Thoradolosaur)

New for 2021, we are reaching out to our Discord community to find out what they're planning to dart. We can't presume to understand what it's like to be at any given level of the game and hope this added input will be beneficial. If you aren't joined to our Discord, there is a link a few sections below, come on in! Also, rather than ramble about what hybrid(s) these featured creatures are responsible for, we will now include that information alongside the spawn mechanics of each. 

So what does our Discord community have to say? Despite being the most accessible, Tarbo is holding a strong lead over the other options. Of course, if you are working on Thoradolosaur, you will need loads of Tarbo, as each fuse will cost you 2,000 DNA. When considering the others' hybrids, we concur Tarbo is your way to go if you are still working on Thor. 

Iguanodon & Stego would be the most "exclusive" as both are day locked and only available one day each week. Of the two, Stego holds a slight edge for (a) more hybrids and (b) better hybrids. Bajatonodon ("Baja Blast") had a glimmer of hope to be great but then was gutted once they introduced "families". Lastly, we have that little green annoyance, Diplo. If you don't have easy access to parks and want to stock up on some of this DNA, this will be your chance. While Diplotator (also available as a Local 3 Anytime spawn) and Scaphotator aren't currently top notch, there is a chance one day they could be. 

When we have a week like this, your ultimate plan might simply be to dart whatever crosses your path. 36 is a lot of attempts over two days, and you may be better off not investing extra time seeking out any in particular. 

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Thursday: 18 Attempts

  • Argentinosaurus (Monday) (Ardontosaurus>Ardentismaxima)
  • Charlie (Battle Exclusive) (Erlikogamma)
  • Dracorex (Event Exclusive) (Utarinex)

The Rare options this week are awesome, so you certainly want to spend your time on them. Unfortunately (well is it?), even though this forum post alluded to it, Tupdand will not be one of these options. You will, however, possibly score some in strike rewards and the "Smells Like Good Luck" scent (see what they did there?). It is also important to note we only have TWO DAYS for these due to the Unique attempt on Sunday. Make sure to finish by Friday at 10am Eastern, as you don't want to miss out on these!

Using an exclusivity scale, then your order of priority would go Draco, Charlie, Argentina. As expected, Draco is crushing the others as our Discord community's preference. 

What can't be said about the monsterest of green, Dracorex? It's responsible for a nice superhybrid in Utarinex and can absolutely CRUSH on its own in both arena and tournament. We 1,000% suggest you prioritize this one, these opportunities don't come around often.

However, you might have already collected all the Draco DNA, so why not Charlie? Charlie is cute. Charlie makes Erlikogamma. Erlikogamma could get a superhybrid some day. 

And finally, there's Argentina. We just had this featured last week, and maybe you are itching for more. Though not as mighty since 2.1, Maxima still has a strong presence in both Arena and Raids and is a better hybrid than you'll get out of the other two. 

When the choices are tough, you might allocate your attempts over multiple choices. And when in super doubt, dart to donate!

Featured Creatures: Epics

Friday - Saturday: 9 Attempts

  • Baryonyx (Event Exclusive) (Tryostronix)
  • Concavenator (Local 1 Anytime) (Diplovenator>Antarctovenator)
  • Edaphosaurus (Park Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Edaphocevia)

Another week of fairly tough decisions! Much to the chagrin for our community, despite being featured on this forum post, Sino will not be a choice. As with Tupand, you will still have an opportunity for Sino DNA from successful strike event completions & the themed scent.

The easy answer here is Bary Bary Bary! It's the most exclusive and you can knock out an achievement plus make a small dent in the next one (launch a drone over 5 Bary, launch a drone over 25 Bary). Tryos is found in many a raid strategy, and Bary on its own is a super force in eligible tournaments. 

If you've been all about the Bary and find yourself with maxed Tryos & Bary, then the other two choices feel fairly equal. Concave is one I personally like having over leveled for tourneys, and I still have a long way to go on Antarctovenator. Edaphocevia is another which could be gifted a superhybrid one day. If you struggle to choose, weigh your accessibility. For me, living off a park, I will likely personally choose Concave (though I won't miss the opportunity to drop 5 drones over Bary first) since Local 1 only comes around every few months. 

No matter what your choice, make sure you knock your 9 attempts out over these two days!

Featured Creatures: Uniques

Sunday: 1 Attempt

  • Diloracheirus (Event Exclusive)
  • Diorajasaur (Event Exclusive)
  • Grypolyth (Event Exclusive / Raids)

How lucky are we to have a unique attempt again? All three of these have their merits and not surprisingly, Dio is running away in our community poll. It certainly serves more purpose than the others, as it appears in many raid strategies and is very present in the arena. Better watch out for those Grypos, though, as they will tear right through your Dio. That being said, we recommend Grypo second to Dio with Dilora last. As mentioned, Grypo is your strongest ally vs Dio, and I've also found can hold its own against those pesky Hadros Lux & Ceramagnus. Until something is done to improve the strength of cunning creatures, Dilora is really just a forgotten raid darling since most have abandoned the Indo2 strat for Mortem

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events & Trials

Strike Events and Trials for the week will be St. Patrick themed. As specially noted on this forum post, "Try your luck and take on tough foes in a special Trial with a team of 3 creatures equipped with Critical Hit Chance over 30%." This sounds like it is just one special trial this week, and we wonder if the reward won't be spectacular. This week also features quite a few advanced towers which should be very helpful with related achievements. You will be rewarded the following creatures as rewards for successful completion (and perhaps like other holidays, a special emote?):

  • Diplocaulus (Common)
  • Iguanadon (Common)
  • Stegosaurus (Common)
  • Tarbosaurus (Common)
  • Argentinosaurus (Rare)
  • Charlie (Rare)
  • Dracorex (Rare)
  • Tupandactylus (Rare, not found at event drops this week)
  • Baryonyx (Epic)
  • Concavenator (Epic)
  • Edaphosaurus (Epic)
  • Sinoceratops (Epic, not found at event drops this week)

The themed Epic strike on Friday features the Epic Troodon. We will also have the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed). 


The Themed Scent of this week will be "Smells Like Good Luck". This scent features the same creatures listed above for the strike event & trial rewards. These will also be dispensed daily from both regular and event drops. As the possible spawns are pretty awesome, be sure to get out and use them as you receive them, so you can collect them all! 

Treasure Chase

In lieu of the Sunday chase, we will have daily chases for up to 25,000 coins per day! Proximity seems to matter, so try to be within short range before you open the chests.

Hybrid Pursuit

This week begins the Eremoceros pursuit, so keep your eyes out for the sweet little Eremotherium!

Tournament & Daily Dino Info

March marches on with the daily WOOLLY RHINOOOOOO. Be sure to complete your missions daily to collect your DNA! Finish early and make whatever reminders you need, you do not want to miss even one day of this event exclusive DNA.

This brings week 3 of the Monolorhino Allance Championships! We will have a Rare/Epic (All) Skills tournament for BOOOOOSTS. Check back later in the week for another DadJokes article about this tournament. As this is a tournament which allows Epic Non-Hybrids, people will likely be trying to complete the Ankyl mission. If you see someone march one out, please be kind and try to give them that win. Good karma would really appreciate you doing so. 

Tournament Information
Tournament Rewards

Free Cash Link

GamePress is excited to be able to provide weekly cash links worth $50 cash in game! The code can only be claimed once a week and you must click on it using the device you play JWA with. It will be active from Monday 12pm Eastern through Sunday 12pm Eastern every week. This is a promotional code provided courtesy of Ludia, Inc, and is exclusive to GamePress. We will post this link in an article we publish each week. All of our articles are posted to our Twitter, so follow us at NewsJWA on Twitter if you don't miss out! 

The link below is available from Monday, March 15th at noon EST -  Sunday, March 22nd at noon EST.

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Parting Words

What a super fun week loaded with strike events, awesome featured creatures, and a daily coin chase! New for 2021, we are going to reach out for more community input on these weekly event roundups. Join our Discord Server and let us know what what you plan to dart and why! We look forward to your input and hope to see you on there!

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