JWA Weekly Event May 17-May 23: Fierce & Armor

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Explorers! We're moving along from Fast to Fierce, and we had a similar event in February. Let's go over what we said then, if anything has changed, what our Discord community is thinking and what we'll recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know.

Weekly Calendar Explained

Before we dive in to the week, we'll break down how the weekly event calendar works. First, each day is considered started at 10am Eastern on that day. It is possible that wherever you live, it might actually be the previous or next day, so we wanted to help clarify how they determine what day it is. At this time, event creatures & strike towers will be updated as applicable. This information is also noted on the calendar.

Ever wonder why some weeks we’re given 45 attempts on commons and others only 18 or 27? The reason for this is that the volume of attempts is a simple math calculation based on the rarity and number of options. Take the rarity base number and multiply by the number of options and voila, you have your total allowed attempts! Having more variety in the options yields that many more attempts. The flip side is it may be more difficult to find the creature(s) you favor. Below details the number of attempts assigned to each rarity which is used to determine how many attempts you receive (though occasionally, they stray from this math). This is the total you are allotted across all options, so it is important to select your choices wisely.

  • Common = 9 per
  • Rare = 6 per
  • Epic = 3 per
  • Legendary/Unique = 1 total

They recently started putting the number of attempts on the calendar again and sometimes stray from the above. Refer to the calendar for the confirmed counts. Each rarity has a different length of time the spawn lasts followed by a different length of time until respawn after despawn. Commons will last 1 hour with about 5 minutes between, Rares last 3 hours with about 15 minutes in between, and Epics last 6 hours with upward of 30 minutes in between.

All strikes and trials are represented on the calendar with the level of difficulty along with how long they last (1 day or 2 days). The trials are shown along the very bottom in gray boxes.

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 36 Attempts

  • Allosaurus (Global Dawn/Dusk/Night) (Allosinosurus>Thoradolosaur)
  • Irritator Gen 2 (Sunday) (Diplotator>Scaphotator, Suchotator>Thylacotator)
  • Purussaurus Gen 2 (Local 2 Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Purrolyth>Grypolyth)
  • Sarcosuchus (Battle Exclusive) (Sarcorixis)

New for 2021, we are reaching out to our Discord community to find out what they're planning to dart. We can't presume to understand what it's like to be at any given level of the game and hope this added input will be beneficial. If you aren't joined to our Discord, there is a link a few sections below, come on in!

We are going to give a slight nod to Sarco based on our rule of exclusivity. It only helps that Sarco will build you one of the gnarliest hybrids, Sarcorixis. Despite the recent nerf, you likely saw in this past weekend tournament how viable this creature still can be. 

We also really like the idea of Pur2 as an option. If you've encountered any highly leveled Purrolyths, you may want to build one of your own. A long time park spawn and now cordoned to a local you may only see every 4 months, it's very possible you're aching for more of this gator. It certainly wouldn't be a poor choice to go with Pur2 in that event. Purrolyth will be usable in all remaining May tournaments and is also required to assemble the mighty Grypolyth. However, we currently receive small doses of Grypo DNA via raids, so maybe the long route of fusing isn't your ideal.              

Lastly we have the other two, Allo (replacing Archae from last time we had this theme) & Irritator2. It's always tough to back a global option, but Allo does help build the mighty Thor. Irritator2 carries a small sense of exclusivity, as it is only available one day a week. We still would hang our hats on either of the gators over these two options. You might also consider just darting whatever crosses your path, as 36 attempts is quite a lot to manage over just two days. The vast majority of our Discord community plans to do just that. Removing that part of the poll, the preference order goes Pur2, Allo, Sarco, Irritator2

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Friday: 18 Attempts

  • Andrewsarchus (Local 2 Anytime) (Andrewtodon)
  • Dimetrodon (Global Anytime) (Postimetrodon, Magnapyritor)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 (Global Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Indominus Rex Gen 2>Indoraptor Gen 2, Tyrannolophosaur>Tenontorex)

All hail Andrew! It is so wonderful to see Ludia updating these themes to account for newer creatures finally. Back in February, Gorgo was the third option with Dime & Trex2. There are multiple reasons we suggest you get after Andrew. First, the other two are global and can be found anywhere. Run some gigas and you're bound to draw these on the daily. Drew has also been around less time and one of the best rare creatures around. Lastly, it was recently granted a hybrid that could one day receive a super. I personally can not wait to dart all these dolls later in the week!

There may have been a time we'd feel alright about Dime. Mags was once a lovely arena force, but her fragility has caused most players to bench her. One chomp and swap to a Rhino or Magnus, and this poor girl won't get past her first attack. She's still gorgeous and perhaps something you want to build. If that's your case, then go for it. Maybe one day Mags can be great again.

As far as TRex2, goes, the fact that it feeds so many hybrids gives it a lot of appeal. Of course, TenRex is one of those creatures that can be useful in both Arena and Raids. You're going to need a lot of TRex2 to build this gem.

Reviewing our voting poll on our Discord server, the community sees a much different light. They are all about the TRex2 which is understandable when considering TenRex as mentioned above. Dime actually comes in second while Andrew is the least cared about. Much of the discussion revolved around Andrew only being good for qualifying tournaments. As it stands, that is indeed fact, but there is also just so much more potential for this fierce creature. 

Featured Creatures: Epics

Saturday - Sunday: 9 Attempts

  • Acrocanthosaurus (Local 3 Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Acrocanthops)
  • Allosaurus Gen 2 (Event Exclusive) (Alloraptor)
  • Baryonyx (Battle Exclusive) (Tryostronix)

This will make for a tough decision as 2 out of 3 options are Exclusive, and the third choice makes what may be the best Legendry hybrid in the game. Back in February, our options included Concave & Secondo rather than Acro and Bary. So how do we choose here?

If you are wanting to work on something that appears in a plethora of raid strategies and can be useful on your Arena team, then Bary is the way you'll want to go. An over leveled Bary can also perform extremely well in qualifying tournaments. 

If you're looking for a reason to target Allo2, Alloraptor is a fine Legendary and could one day receive a Super. It can never hurt to stock up on Event Exclusive DNA with every opportunity granted.

Lastly, we have Acro, my personal choice which goes against my typical "target the exclusives" mentality. Many would agree that Acrocanthops is the best Legendary in the game right now. Take a look at the leaderboard, and you'll see several top teams running this beast. Acro hasn't been around as long as the others, and that local only comes around every 4 months. Our Discord community is in agreeance, as of writing Acro is leading our poll followed by Allo2 then Bary. It seems people are realizing how powerful Canthops is and ready to work on their very own.

One last thing to consider is you may at least do one attempt on the Exclusives in order to help toward the related Achievements.

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events & Trials

Strike Events and Trials will be Armor themed. Successful completion can rewardAnkylo (Common)

  • Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (Common)
  • Brontotherium (Common)
  • Euoplocephalus (Common)
  • Scolosaurus (Common)
  • Doedicurus (Rare)
  • Moschops (Rare)
  • Nodosaurus (Rare)
  • Ankylosaurus (Epic)
  • Antarctopelta (Epic)
  • Gryposuchus (Epic)

We have multiple dino specific strikes this week again. On Wednesday, we will have a Moschops strike. The strike on Friday will feature the brand new Compsognathus! Sunday will feature the usual Epic Trial. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed). 


There is a basic scent strike on Monday, and the themed scent on Thursday is Pterosaur. When activated, this scent can draw the following creatures:

  • Dimorphodon (Common)
  • Hatzegopterus (Common)
  • Arambourgiana (Rare)
  • Dsungaripterus (Rare)
  • Quetalcoatlus (Rare)
  • Scaphognathus (Rare)
  • Alanqa (Epic)
  • Darwinopterus (Epic)
  • Pteranodon (Epic)

Treasure Chase

On Sunday, we will have the treasure chase where the chests refresh hourly for you to collect up to 25,000 coins! The boxes reset at 8pm Eastern, so you actually have a chance for up to 50,000 cons if you are able to max both time frames.  

Hybrid Pursuit

This week concludes Antarctovenator pursuit, so keep your eyes out for the Event Exclusive, Epic Antarctopelta! 

Daily Dino & Tournament Info

May is upon us, and our new daily award will be the Event Exclusive, Diplodocus! Do everything you can not to miss out on collecting this super valuable DNA every day. The arena season reward will be Tuoj!

"Round two" of Tenontorex Alliance Championships continues this week with an Common & Rare (All) Skills tournament for BOOOOSTS! Check back later in the week for another DadJokes article breaking do the Sims and what he suggests may be the choice creatures of the weekend. In celebration of the upcoming 3rd anniversary, there are some bonus rewards depending on what tier your alliance finishes this 5 week Alliance Championships!

Tournament Bonus Rewards
Tournament Information
Tournament Rewards

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Parting Words

Fierce & Armor week is looking to be great with some more opportunity at exclusive DNA. It's also refreshing to see them reworking themes rather than never adding newer creatures to the choices. New for 2021, we are going to reach out for more community input on these weekly event roundups. Join our Discord Server and let us know what you're darting and why! We look forward to your input and hope to see you on there!

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