JWA Weekly Event May 24-May 30: 3rd Anniversary

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Explorers! Jurassic World Alive is celebrating the 3rd Anniversary, and they are really bringing quite the party! Let's go over what our Discord community is thinking and what we'll recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know.

Weekly Calendar Explained

Before we dive in to the week, we'll break down how the weekly event calendar works. First, each day is considered started at 10am Eastern on that day. It is possible that wherever you live, it might actually be the previous or next day, so we wanted to help clarify how they determine what day it is. At this time, event creatures & strike towers will be updated as applicable. This information is also noted on the calendar.

Ever wonder why some weeks we’re given 45 attempts on commons and others only 18 or 27? The reason for this is that the volume of attempts is a simple math calculation based on the rarity and number of options. Take the rarity base number and multiply by the number of options and voila, you have your total allowed attempts! Having more variety in the options yields that many more attempts. The flip side is it may be more difficult to find the creature(s) you favor. Below details the number of attempts assigned to each rarity which is used to determine how many attempts you receive (though occasionally, they stray from this math). This is the total you are allotted across all options, so it is important to select your choices wisely.

  • Common = 9 per
  • Rare = 6 per
  • Epic = 3 per
  • Legendary/Unique = 1 total

They recently started putting the number of attempts on the calendar again and sometimes stray from the above. Refer to the calendar for the confirmed counts. Each rarity has a different length of time the spawn lasts followed by a different length of time until respawn after despawn. Commons will last 1 hour with about 5 minutes between, Rares last 3 hours with about 15 minutes in between, and Epics last 6 hours with upward of 30 minutes in between.

All strikes and trials are represented on the calendar with the level of difficulty along with how long they last (1 day or 2 days). The trials are shown along the very bottom in gray boxes.

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 18 Attempts

  • Deinonychus (Global Anytime) (Poukaidei>Poukandactylus)
  • Eremotherium (Local 3 Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Eremocerus)

New for 2021, we are reaching out to our Discord community to find out what they're planning to dart. We can't presume to understand what it's like to be at any given level of the game and hope this added input will be beneficial. If you aren't joined to our Discord, there is a link a few sections below, come on in!

Our recommendation here will be Eremo for a couple of reasons. First, Deinonychus ("Nike") is much more accessible as a global, anytime spawn. We have also had this as part of a weekly event two other times in the past several weeks. Eremocerus isn't by any means a great hybrid though it does look like you want it on your bowling team. There's potential for a Super some day, so it may be wise to stockpile the Sloth DNA while you can. It only comes to your home local once every four months! There's no fault in preferring Nike despite these reasons. We do know that Nike does currently feed a Super, and that Super is used at its lowest level in raid strategies. Eighteen attempts over two days is by no means back breaking, but you also may want to save some time and energy for later in the week (spoiler alert, we have 12 Epic attempts to do in ONE DAY on Friday). In that case, just dart whichever crosses your path. You'll notice we recommend this often with our Common attempts. The Discord community agrees, most are just planning to dart what they cross. Anyone showing preference is on Eremo. Here are some reasons why:

"Sloth in case I ever want to level it or if Eremoceros ever gets a good superhybrid" - Dogosaurus

"Eremo as it’s only in one area, and who doesn’t like a good old sloth?" -Liam04h

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Thursday: 24 Attempts

  • Andrewsarchus (Local 2 Anytime) (Andrewtodon)
  • Compsognathus Gen 2 (Local 1 Anytime) (Compsocaulus)
  • Gorgonops (Global Short Range) (Dakotanops)
  • Oviraptor (Global Short Range) (Ovilophosaurus)

First, it is very important to note that we only have TWO DAYS to complete our Rare attempts. Be sure to finish by 10am Eastern Friday, so you don't miss out. Trust us, you do not want to!

These provide some of the toughest choices across a board we've seen in awhile. If you read last week's article, you'll know my feelings on Andrew. If you didn't, here it is again: "All hail Andrew! Drew is one of the best rare creatures around and was recently granted a hybrid that could one day receive a super. I personally can not wait to dart all these dolls later in the week!" I still stand by my feelings for this creature, but I can't help but turn my head toward the very new Compy2

Why is that? The Flock mechanics aver very interesting and add a whole new twist to this game. We had the chance to use Compy2 in this past weekend's tournament and got a taste of what it's about. If you are still wondering about the Flock mechanics, check out this article we recently published. Just the fact it has been around much less time, and I'm personally 3 months away from Local 1 (which means I'm currently in Local 2 with dear Andrew), I feel like this needs to be my target. 

None of this is to say your other options aren't fine. Both haven't been around the game very long, and perhaps you aren't as able to get around enough to cross short range spawns.

Twenty four attempts over two days is quite a lot, so we'll reiterate our fall back suggestion of just darting whatever crosses your path. Or only choosing a couple and sticking with them. That will likely be what I do since I feel so torn between a couple. But what do our Discord friends think? Compy2 is leading the way by far with Andrew a distance second. What are some reasons behind the choices?

"Maybe half on Andrew and Compy G2 as they are both good rare advantage and skill tourney dinos. Also Andrew has a good hybrid and so might Compy G2. - Sabr

"Compy Gen 2 for rares so I can use it in advantage tournaments." - Temerity

"Compy G2 - need to get that mission done." - Liam04h

"Andrew because it's good for tourneys" - Dogosaurus

"Compy G2 for hybrid purposes and maybe advantage in the future." - SonicNTGD

Featured Creatures: Epics

Friday: 12 Attempts

  • Acrocanthosaurus (Local 3 Day/Dawn/Dusk) (Acrocanthops)
  • Antarctopelta (Event Exclusive) (Antarctovenator)
  • Dakotaraptor (Local 2 Dawn/Dusk/Night) (Dakotanops)
  • Dodo (Park Anytime) (Dodocevia)

Friday is going to be interesting, no doubt. As mentioned earlier, we have ONE DAY to do TWELVE attempts. And these choices! We can settle in to some comfort that if our only choice is to dart what we see, we really can not go wrong. 

We just had Acro last week, so I'm going to repeat what i said then: "Many would agree that Acrocanthops is the best Legendary in the game right now. Take a look at the leaderboard, and you'll see several top teams running this beast." And this thing could still get a Super! Can you even imagine what that might be like?! 

We also just had a Pelta pursuit last week. I certainly saw more of these than I typically do during an Epic pursuit. The fact remains, though, that this one is Event Exclusive. It is always a great idea to stock up on these every chance you get because the only other way to acquire this DNA is through FIPs and hoping your alliance will share precious DNA.

Next up is Dakota. Not exclusive but quite elusive, your best chances of finding one are at night. I've personally only darted two or three due to the limitation of a local and the fact I don't get out when it's night very often. it's hard to say this should be chosen over the previous two, but if this is your preference, there's no harm in that.

Last, we have the newest of the bunch, the Dodo. You may not have easy access to a park, and maybe this is the only way you can dart this cutie. Like Dakota, it's hard to give a thumbs up over the first two, but we could certainly understand if you went with this one. And that's what the majority of our community plans to do as Dodo is leading the way. More reasons from our people:

"Dodo because I probably won't dart 200 on Dodocevia and I don't have many parks nearby" - Dogosaurus

"Dodo for stacking Dodocevia dna and as a possible advantage option" - SonicNTGD

"Dodo for epics because its sanctuary exclusive to me and I want it for advantage as well" - Temerity

"Dodo to stockpile but also that strong good hybrid legendary Dodocevia" - Sabr

"Dodo - also great for the achievement, and also to go towards hybrid Legendary" - Liam04h

One last thing to consider is you may at least do one attempt on the Exclusives in order to help toward the related Achievements.

Featured Creatures: Legendaries

Saturday: 1 Attempt

  • Dodocevia (Event Exclusive)
  • Eremoceros (Event Exclusive)
  • Poukaidei (Event Exclusive) (Poukandactylus)

I personally do not have experience with two out of three of these choices. And mostly what I know about Eremocerus is what I mentioned earlier about wanting it on your bowling team. I reached out to our friend, IDGT902, for his advice. Here is what he had to say: "Definitely Dodocevia. Pouka would be second just because of its exclusive ingredients and because its hybrid can counter the flock. Plus with 12 attempts for Dodo in Friday you could potentially get some decent/usable levels." Regardless of what you choose and why that's your choice, you definitely want to get out and do your one attempt!

Our Discord community is very much about the newest of the bunch, Dodocevia. Most comments in our conversation were due to the newness as well as the challenge in acquiring the required Dodo DNA from parks.

Featured Creatures: Uniques

Sunday: 1 Attempt

  • Compsocaulus (Event Exclusive)
  • Entelolania (Event Exclusive)

It's rarely easy to choose among Uniques unless you have any at level 30. Both of these are great creatures, but we lean toward Compsocaulus. There is already buzz on the forums about how OP Compso is. It's never easy to know if it truly is or if people just haven't adapted/adjusted/figured it out yet. I had the "pleasure" of facing IDGT's fully grown Compso recently. They are fairly terrifying, though I was lucky to draw Gem who easily took them down. You will want access to Compso for the final skills tourney of May, and this may be your best shot to unlock by then. Like with the Legendary attempt, regardless of what you choose, just be sure to get out and do your one!

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events & Trials

Strike Events and Trials will also be Anniversary themed, and you can win the same Common, Rare, and Epic creatures featured at the event drops for successful completion.

We have multiple dino specific strikes this week again. On Wednesday, we will have a Compy2 strike. The strike on Friday will feature the first ever available Event Exclusive, BUMPY! Sunday will feature the usual Epic Trial. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed). 


There is a basic scent strike on Monday, and the themed scent on Thursday will be Anniversary. This can draw any Common, Rare, or Epic introduced over the past year and may be worth the 200 hard cash investment to purchase additional offered in the store during the week.

Treasure Chase

On Sunday, we will have the treasure chase where the chests refresh hourly for you to collect up to 25,000 coins! The boxes reset at 8pm Eastern, so you actually have a chance for up to 50,000 cons if you are able to max both time frames.  

Hybrid Pursuit

This week starts the do over of the Skoonasaurus pursuit, so keep your eyes out for the Epic Koolasuchus! 

Daily Dino & Tournament Info

May is upon us, and our new daily award will be the Event Exclusive, Diplodocus! Do everything you can not to miss out on collecting this super valuable DNA every day. The arena season reward will be Tuoj!

"Round two" of Tenontorex Alliance Championships continues this week with a Common & Rare (All) Advantage tournament for Tenontosaurus DNA! In celebration of the upcoming 3rd anniversary, there are some bonus rewards depending on what tier your alliance finishes this 5 week Alliance Championships!

Tournament Bonus Rewards
Tournament Information
Tournament Rewards

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Parting Words

Happy 3rd Anniversary to JWA! We're extremely stoked for this celebration. What a way to say "I'm sorry" for implementing this terrible trophy distribution system in tournaments! It's always great when we receive more opportunity at exclusive DNA as well as Legendary AND Unique attempts. New for 2021, we are going to reach out for more community input on these weekly event roundups. Join our Discord Server and let us know what you're darting and why! We look forward to your input and hope to see you on there!

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