JWA Weekly Event November 16-November 22: Taunt

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Explorers! This Weekly Event features all around Taunt. Let's go over what we recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know!

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 27 Attempts

  • Ankylosaurus Gen 2 (Tuesday)
  • Brontotherium (Battle Exclusive)
  • Lythronax (Local 3 Anytime)

For commons this week, we'd place a general order of priority as Bronto, Ankyl2, Lythro, solely due to availability. It's a known concept that we tend to prioritize based on exclusivity. However, there is not really a completely clear cut winner, so you may prefer to base your choice(s) on your personal goals. 

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Friday: 18 Attempts

  • Arambourgiana (Global Day/Dawn/Dusk)
  • Carnotaurus (Friday)
  • Doedicurus (Park Anytime)

The Rare options this week are pretty fun, so you certainly want to spend your time on them. Using an exclusivity scale, then your order of priority would go Carno, Doedi ("Dilly"), then Arambo. However, solid cases can be made for any of the three based on your personal goals.

Dilly proved quite a force in a rare skills tourney, and not everyone has easy access to parks. It does not yet have a hybrid but can't hurt to stock up for the future. Carno is only available on Fridays and has become a "two turn" raid darling in Sino & Trex raids. You only need it at level 10 for that to be successful. It also feeds the might Purutusaurus hybrid which goes on as part of Carnotarkus. Neither might be considered "end game" but can provide some off meta fun and/or high quality tournament representation when leveled and/or boosted.

Lastly, Arambo is a crucial component of the beautiful Geminititan. You will need a ton if you have Gem (she's excitement!) in your future/end game plans

Featured Creatures: Epics

Saturday - Sunday: 9 Attempts

  • Brachiosaurus (Event Exclusive)
  • Concavenator (Local 1 Anytime)
  • Woolly Rhino (Event Exclusive)

Boy howdy, what a week of Epic decisions!!! TWO event exclusive options makes for a major conundrum. I buried the lead a little, but clearly our recommendation will not be Concave (though Kelo *hearts* you on my tourney team very much). 

So how do you choose between Brachi and Rhino? Personally, we'd give Rhino a slight edge due to the ultimate hybrid. Ludia opted to gut Maxima recently which makes Monolorhino a better goal as the game currently stands. Take a look at the top of the leaderboard, you'll see some running both Monolo AND Woolly. Imagine how much DNA that takes to get there, but look at the success that can be achieved! 

Ain't no blame in your game if you'd prefer Brachi, though. Both make great tournament creatures, but it seems Brachi needs some extra levels to really shine. A level 20 Rhino does just fine at hybrid level. 

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events and Trials

Strike Events and Trials feature the same nanny nanny boo boo Taunters you'll find at the event drops this week.

On Friday, we have a Sinoceratops Epic strike, and on Sunday we have an Epic Counter Attack Strike as well. During the Weekend, we'll also get an Epic Trial. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed).


The Themed Scent of this week looks to be Hadrosauridae Scent. This scent features some good stuff. Here is the full list:

  • Ouranasaurus
  • Maiasaura
  • Edmontosaurus
  • Tenontosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Iguanadon

Treasure Chase

The treasure chase continues on Saturday & (hopefully) Sunday. You get once chance each for between 500 and 2,500 coins with distance not mattering. It has been confirmed that their intent is only for one pop per day. We can only hope they have plans to eventually change this to the original treasure chase where they refreshed throughout the day and offered much more opportunity at free coins.

Hybrid Pursuit

This Week concludes the Entelechops pursuit, so keep your eyes out for the rare, Moschops!

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Parting Words

Taunt brings on another week with some solid options and very tough choices. When all else fails, consider what members in your alliance need - dart to donate. Join our Discord Server and let us know how you pronounce "Moschops"! We hope to see you on there!

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