JWA Weekly Event October 12 -October 18: Debuff & Fast

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Explorers! This Weekly Event features are Debuff & Fast! Each set provides some great options, so let's go over what we recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know!

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 36 Attempts

  • Deinonychus (Global Anytime)
  • Diplocaulus (Park Day/Dawn/Dusk)
  • Inostrancevia (Local 1 Day/Dawn/Dusk)
  • Monolophosaurus Gen2 (Local 4 Anytime)

The Commons for this week are all useful for various reason, but I’m going to pitch Mono2 as the one to go for. Monolorhino is a major force, and you will need tons of Mono2 for that investment. Mono2 is currently an anytime Local 4 spawn and not as easily accessible as the anytime, global spawn that is Deinonychus.

Diplocaulus is currently a Day/Dawn/Dusk park spawn. One visit to your local park would likely net you plenty of this little green lizard, so we don’t advise you choose this for any of your attempts.

Lastly, we have Inostrancevia, currently a Day/Dawn/Dusk spawn in Local 1. This seems to be the second best of the choices, as it now feeds two hybrids (Legendary Edaphocevia and Rare Inostherium). All in all, we’d still highly suggest you prioritize Mono2 as your Common choice.

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Friday: 18 Attempts

  • Dilophosaurus (Event Exclusive)
  • Diplocaulus Gen 2 (Local 4 Anytime)
  • Koolasuchus Gen 2 (Global Day/Dawn/Dusk)

We’re going to side with the typical “target the exclusive” when it comes to your Rare choices this week. That would be the event exclusive Dilophosaurus. However, choosing either of the others would not be any kind of mistake.

Diplo2, a local 4 anytime spawn, fuses to create the Legendary Diplovenator which can be a major force if you’ve ever seen one. Koola2 is a component of Koolabourgiana which is needed for Queen Geminititan, and at 200 per fuse, you’ll burn through Koola2 in no time. However, Koola2 is a Day/Dawn/Dusk global spawn and probably a bit easier to hunt than Diplo2.

Featured Creatures: Epics

Saturday - Sunday: 9 Attempts

  • Koolasuchus (Global Dawn/Dusk/Night)
  • Monolophosaurus (Local 3 Anytime)
  • Pyroraptor (Local 2 Anytime)

The Epic choices this week are all solid, so you’ll want to evaluate your personal goals in order to choose. If you are working on Magnapyrator, Pyroraptor is your obvious choice here.

Koola1, being a global spawn, ideally will not be your target here. However, it might be your preference if you are wanting to build and level Skoolasaurus to 20 which is a component of a 4 turn Pyrritator raid strategy.

Monolophosaurus is key for two amazing hybrids, Legendary Monostegoceratops and Unique Pterovexus.This will be my personal choice, as Mono1 has always been a challenge for me to find.

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events and Trials

Strike Events and are Fast themed and have the possibilites of the following creatures:

  • Deinocheirus
  • Deinonychus
  • Tanycolagreus
  • Velociraptor
  • Haast Eagle 2
  • Delta
  • Ornithomimus
  • Darwinopterus
  • Blue
  • Haast Eagle

The Trials will be debuffed themed with a chance to get the same DNA available to dart. On Friday, we have a Eucladoceros Epic strike, and on Sunday we have an Epic Debuff & Fast Strike as well. During the Weekend, we'll also get an Epic Trial. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed).


The Themed Scent of this week is Pterosauria Scent. This scent features our favorite high and low flying friends. Here is the full list:

  • Alanqa
  • Arambourgiania
  • Darwinopterus
  • Dimorphodon
  • Dsungaripterus
  • Hatzegopteryx
  • Pteranodon
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Scaphognathus
  • Tupandactylus

Treasure Chase

The treasure chase continues on Saturday & (hopefully) Sunday. You get once chance each for between 500 and 2,500 coins with distance not mattering. With the Halloween theme, you also could draw some FIPs, so make sure you have space for those before opening a treasure chest. We can only hope they have plans to change this to the original treasure chase where they refreshed throughout the day and offered much more opportunity at free coins.

Hybrid Pursuit

This Week Grypolyth,already a global spawn, should appear more on the map for the final week of Grylenken Pursuit! Keep an eye out for this Epic creature!

Parting Words

There aren’t really any clear cut, easy choices this week, so you’ll want to evaluate your personal goals to make yours. When all else fails, consider what members in your alliance need - dart to donate. Join our Discord Server and let us know what you're darting and why! We hope to see you on there!

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