JWA Weekly Event September 28-October 4 Cute

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Explorers! This Weekly Event features are s’Cute! The community voted recently, and we think the community did great! Each set provides some great options, so let's go over what we recommend to dart as well as everything else you need to know!

Featured Creatures: Commons

Monday - Tuesday: 27 Attempts

  • Dracorex Gen 2
  • Sarcosuchus
  • Velociraptor

The Commons for this week are again all useful for various reasons. Draco2 feeds the Legendary Dracoreratops hybrid which is still proving formidable but also goes on to feed the Unique Dracoceratosaurus hybrid. Even Draco2 alone can be a force in common advantage tournaments. However, Draco2 is a global/anytime spawn, so using your attempts during this event may not be ideal.

Velociraptor is enticing in that it also feeds multiple hybrids (Legendary Indominus Rex & Unique Indoraptor directly, Unique Erlidominus indirectly). Velo is also a global/anytime spawn, so speeding by Velo would make sense

Sarcosuchus would be my personal preference of the options. I find it ideal to go with the exclusive DNA when the opportunity presents itself (Sarco is currently Arena Exclusive). Sarco feeds the mighty Sarcorixis which you will see on many arena and tournament teams.

Featured Creatures: Rares

Wednesday - Thursday: 18 Attempts

  • Marsupial Lion
  • Nasutoceratops
  • Titanoboa Gen 2

It is first important to note here that this week, we only get TWO DAYS for our Rare attempts. Make sure you finish before reset on Friday, you don’t want to miss out on these opportunities!

The Rares once again present tough choices of this week. Marsupial Lion, a long time Thursday spawn, is now Arena Exclusive. On its own, ML can bring down the mightiest of foes. Its Epic Hybrid, Thylacotator, has had a resurgence in 2.0 for the ability to bleed & rend high HP foes like Tryk and Maxima to death.

Nasutoceratops is probably your ideal choice here, as it remains Event Exclusive and the most challenging DNA of the three to acquire. Nasu DNA is used to create Legendary Carbotoceratops which goes on to create Unique hybid, Testacornibus. Testa isn’t currently one of the greater Uniques out there, but there is certain appeal to the anti-meta as well as future potential.

Titanoboa Gen 2, feeder to Epic Majundaboa, is alright but honestly not your best choice. The rare snake has been a Dawn/Dusk spawn since appearing in the game. Even if you find you struggle to hunt during these times, you are probably more likely to have DNA requests in your alliance filled for Titanoboa 2 than your other options here.

Featured Creatures: Epics

Friday - Saturday: 6 Attempts

  • Eucladoceros
  • Maiasaura

The choice here again isn't so difficult to make. Stealing this directly from last week: Maiasaura clearly is the best option to go for here, as it is Arena Exclusive and it makes one of the best creatures in the game (Phorusaura). Eucladoceros is currently a global/anytime spawn and not really worth sacrificing precious Maia DNA for.

Featured Creatures: Legendary

Sunday: 1 Attempt

  • Pyrritator

A rare opportunity at some dartable Legendary DNA - just do it and feed that Magnapyritor!

Strike Events, Trials, Scents, Treasure Chase, and Hybrid Pursuit!

Strike Events and Trials

Strike Events and Trials are also Cute Themed, so you can expect to get the same DNA as the Featured Creatures from them. On Friday, we have the introduction of Sonorasaurus(!) via Epic Strike, and on Sunday we have an Epic Cute Strike as well. During the Weekend, we'll also get an Epic Trial. Finally, we've got the regularly scheduled Boost Strikes on Tuesday (Attack), Thursday (HP), and Saturday (Speed).


The Themed Scent of this week is Amphibian Scent. This scent features all kinds of slippery goodness and fins. Here is the full list:

  • Dimetrodon
  • Dimetrodon G2
  • Diplocaulus
  • Diplocaulus G2
  • Koolasuchus
  • Koolasuchus G2
  • Ophiacodon
  • Secondontosaurus

Treasure Chase

The treasure chase continues on Saturday & Sunday. You get once chance each for between 500 and 2,500 coins with distance not mattering. We can only hope they have plans to change this to the original treasure chase where they refreshed throughout the day and offered much more opportunity at free coins.

Hybrid Pursuit

This Week the super cute little Meiolania is on the map for the final week of Mammolania Pursuit! Keep an eye out for this Rare creature!

GP Cash Link

GamePress is excited to be able to provide weekly cash links worth 50 cash in game. The code can only be claimed once a week and you must click on it using the device you play JWA with. It will be active from Monday, 12 PM EDT - Sunday, 12 PM EDT every week. This is a promotional code provided courtesy of Ludia, Inc and is exclusive to GamePress. 

Below is our code for this week. It will be active until Sunday, October 4th at 12 PM EDT

Claim your Weekly 50 HC!

Parting Words

It's hard to feel anything but warm fuzzies when the theme of the week is Cute. With a good lineup of Rares and an amazing Epic creature, we give kudos to the community on voting. Join our Discord Server and let us know what you're darting and why! We hope to see you on there!

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