JWA Weekly Events March 02 - 08: Stun & Self-Increase ft. Leap Day Post-Mortem

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Quick Leap Year Review

Before we get into this week's events, a quick word from OrigamiRobot about last week's Leap Year Event. 

Leap Day was a great example of how a great idea can go wrong. The theme was cute: creatures that have leaping animations. Everyone was excited when the creature list was announced due to the inclusion of legendaries and a unique. The excitement became hesitant when it was revealed to only be occurring on leap day itself. Then it became a frustrating scramble when the event actually got here.

It was insanely difficult to find the legendary creatures. This is even after Ludia made the last minute decision to move some of the High HP strikes to Sunday to make room for more Leap Day spawners. How this event was planned raises so many questions for me:

  1. Why bother including the Common and Rare options? I don't care what anyone says, any player who darted a Common or Rare objectively made the wrong choice. In fact, every valuable non-hybrid of any rarity had a hybridized version available as well. Including them only diluted the spawns and made it difficult to find what you wanted.
  2. Why was this even structured differently than other events? We've had over a year of conditioning that darting attempts were separated by rarity. This one suddenly was not, and it was not made clear that it wasn't until someone actually asked the question. In a completely separate forum thread. That never made it back to the original thread the game linked to. Why couldn't this have simply been the theme for the entire week like every other holiday event?
  3. How exactly does Ludia expect us to play this game? How many hours do they expect out of us in one day? How many hours would it take to find 5 rares you wanted (much less legendaries or the unique) without a car?  Cause, y'know, don't play and drive... yea right.

But hey, better than nothing, right?  Yea, a day of frustration and wasted time sure was better than my normal Saturday. Thanks so much for seeing the bright side.


Explorers! The weekly schedule is out and it looks like we are getting Stun and Self-Increase. Stun isn't the most exciting week, but self-increase does have a chance at irritator! So let's break down what do focus on. 

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Wednesday: Commons (27 attempts)



Triceratops Gen 2

What to Dart

All of the commons this week can be found in the wild. Einosaurus is a global Dawn/Dusk/Night. Iguanodon is daily on Friday. Triceratops Gen 2 can be found in Local 3. None of these seem to be in super high demand so go for the one you need the most. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (24 attempts)





What to Dart

Tenontosaurus and Triceratops are the best rares this week. They have very strong hybrids and since Tenonto is park only and Trice is daily on Sunday, they are more difficult for people to get. If you need anything else, feel free to go for it, but those 2 are the best options. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (9 attempts)




What to Dart

We will refer to our common rule with the epics: Always dart the exclusive. Sinoceratops is a global anytime dino now and Stegoceratops can be fused. So go for Stygimoloch. While it's hybrids aren't the most popular in the arena, it can only be found in incubators and as we always say, you never know when something will get a big buff! 

Strike Events

The theme in the strike events is Self Increase and includes Irritatorand Baryonyx Gen 2! The creatures found in this pool are:

     Common: Irritator Gen 2, Nundasuchus, Majungasaurus

     Rare: Baryonyx Gen 2, Irritator, Kaprosuchus, Postosuchus

     Epic: Baryonyx, Gorgosuchus, Postimetrodon

We have 2 Epic Strike Events this week. There is a Secodontosaurus themed Strike on Friday and a Self Increase Strike over the weekend. 

Themed Scent, Boost Strike, and Treasure Chase

There is a Sauropod Scent Strike on Thursday, and a Health Boost Strike on Wednesday. We have a normal treasure chase again on Tuesday and Thursday as well as an Epic Scent Strike on Sunday! That is a guaranteed epic strike if you are able to defeat all of the creatures. 

In Conclusion

While the Stun theme isn't the most exciting one we've had, we are always happy with strike events that have the chance at getting Irritator! We also got our first 1.13 teaser last week hope to see more this week! Make sure to join our Discord as well for all the latest information in JWA! 

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