Level 30 Hybrids: What does it take to get there?

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I often see people posting in discord and the Facebook fan page about getting a creature to level 30. It's an amazing and satisfying accomplishment and there are usually several comments asking "how". While it's easy to tell people that it takes time and effort to get a creature to level 30, it's often difficult for people to understand how much time and effort can go into those achievements. We decided to break it down to show people how much DNA is really needed to level a creature to 30 and tips on what you can do to get there. 

The Road to Level 30

First, let's start with the basics and talk about how much DNA is needed to get a particular rarity to level 30. This information is especially useful when you are looking to level up a non-hybrid creature. The DNA needed is as follows (and includes DNA needed to create the creature):

  • Common - 346,750 DNA
  • Rare - 116,850 DNA
  • Epic - 34,400 DNA
  • Legendary - 11,450 DNA
  • Unique - 3,250 DNA 
  • Apex - 1,000 DNA

We can go even further when we are looking at hybrids and how much DNA you will need will depend on the rarity of the components and what your average fuses are. Previously, most "average" fuses were around 20, but it seems that has lowered significantly lately. We haven't found proof of this, but it seems that fusible Apex, in particular, have been especially low on average fuses.

Below is an in-depth chart that shows the DNA you will need to create and level a creature to 30. The DNA estimations are based on an average of 20 per fuse. It's usually best to hunt for more than the average just in case. The first column shows the hybrid rarity and then each column after that shows the possible hybrid components. So for example, if you are looking to take Dracoceratops to level 30, you would need about 286,250 DNA each of Dracorex Gen 2 and Triceratops Gen 2. If you are looking to get Indonemys to level 30, you'll need 2500 Smilonemys and 10,000 Indominus Rex DNA. You can use this chart as a guide to see how much DNA you will need to get a particular rarity hybrid to level 30. 

DNA needed for level 30

How do you get there?

Looking at the chart above can be a little daunting for some people. It takes time, effort, and dedication to get most creatures to level 30 and I applaud everyone that has been able to do so. We understand that exclusive DNA (especially the ones locked behind a paywall) is particularly difficult for the majority of the player base to obtain. But there are still plenty of very viable options for both arena and tournaments that are very huntable. So, how in the world do you get that much DNA?

  1. Hunt. Hunt. Hunt. Hunt. We can't stress enough how important it is to hunt everything you can. We understand many people don't have the time to hunt for 8 hours a day running scents, but even running a Giga scent while you are watching a show at night or hunting as a passenger in a car is better than nothing at all. As you can see above, you need a lot of DNA to get most creatures to 30 so every little bit counts. Make sure to check out the Spawn Guide article to find out how you can target hunt a particular creature you might need. 
  2. Dart everything. To quote PracticeKat "dart everything you can". DNA that you think is "bad" or "unimportant" right now could get an amazing hybrid later. There is no such thing as "bad DNA" and that is often how people are able to get new hybrids to level 30 on Day 1 of a new patch. They have that DNA stored up and ready to go. 
  3. Use Hybrid Pursuits. Hybrid pursuits are one of the best ways to hunt a specific type of creature. For an entire week, one particular creature will be featured and even if you have the hybrid completed, this is a fantastic way to stock up on more DNA for future hybrids. You should especially hunt as much as you can during weeks where an exclusive creature is featured as that might be the only time in a while you'll be able to get that DNA. While most people can't get ALL the DNA needed to level a creature to 30 in a week, it could help put a big dent in what you need. 
  4. Request DNA. Take advantage of the ability to request DNA from your alliance but be smart about it. Some alliances can handle many requests of exclusive DNA, but some are barely able to donate that DNA. Find out what DNA your alliance mates are willing to part with and try and request that or make trades if you can. 2,000 common DNA and 500 rare DNA can add up when you are able to request that 4 times a day. 
  5. Use Sanctuary Resources. I like to save my sanctuary resources (Food, Interaction, and Toys) for exclusive DNA. If you can, try and focus on one thing at a time and make sure you are returning to the sanctuary every 3 hours for maximum DNA each time. If you focus your sanctuary resources on exclusive creatures, you can hunt and request other ingredients for a particular creature you are working on.
  6. Dart creatures in events wisely. Think wisely about what creatures you decide to dart in events. GamePress puts out an article every week with suggestions on what to dart. Hybrids you can fuse easily are not usually the best of choices and neither are creatures that are easy to find in the wild. Think about your team, what you are currently working on, and if there are any exclusive creatures in the event. Remember that even a "bad" exclusive creature could get a new or buffed hybrid one day so that DNA is almost always worth it. 

On top of getting DNA, you will also need to think about coins. That seems to be a major block for many people when looking at what they can level. Make sure you are spinning all your supply drops, donating as much DNA as you can to your alliance, and completing all of the strike towers. Don't level creatures you aren't currently working on and focus on one hybrid at a time so you don't spread your resources too thin. We also have a tournament every month with coin rewards you can make sure to participate and try to do well in. 

Parting Words

Not everyone has a goal of or is interested in getting a creature to level 30 and that's okay. For those that do have that goal, we hope this guide helps you understand how many resources you need to reach that goal. It's very obtainable with time, effort, and dedication and when you do get your first level 30 creature it's an amazing feeling. What creature are you currently working on and how much more do you have to go on it? Let us know in our discord! 

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