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So a while back, I did a bit of a poll to see what was the most valuable nonhybrid in the game. This takes the creature itself and all of its hybrids into account for the arena and advantage tournaments. I was hoping for something like 200 votes, but you all blew me away with over 700 votes, and I thank everyone who took those few minutes out of their day to help with this article. Now, let's get into this and break it down.

Results Breakdown

Because of how many creatures there are and how many people votes, the pie chart is basically impossible to read. So, I'll break it down by votes.

The following creatures received 1 vote:

Utahraptor, Euoplocephalus, Dsungaripterus, Diplocaulus gen 2, Sonorasaurus, Dilophosaurus, Woolly Mammoth, Cervalces, Acrocanthosaurus, Concavenator, Titanoboa gen 2, Gorgosaur, Tuojiangosaurus, Arctodus, Lystrosaur, Glyptodon, Blue, Secondontosaurus, Oviraptor gen 2, Ornithomimus, Amaragasaurus, Dracorex gen 2, Nasutoceratops, Therizinosaurus, Triceratops gen 2, Majungasaurus, Delta, Rajasaurus, Microraptor, Eremotherium, Compsognathus, Einiosaurus, and Archaeopteryx,

The following creatures received 2 votes:

Antarctopelta, Alanqa, Tyrannosaurus Rex gen 2, Scaphognathus, Allosaurus gen 2, Megalonyx, Postosuchus, Dilophosaurus gen 2, Deinocheirus, Triceratops, Baryonyx, and Bumpy

The following creatures received 3 votes:

Fukuisaurus, Tarbosaurus, Titanoboa, Dracorex, Dimorphodon, Preondactylus, Marsupial Lion, Dreadnoughtus, and Diplocaulus 

The following creatures received 4 votes:

Ankylosaurus and Irritator

The following creatures received 5 votes:

Sinoceratops and Anurognathus

The following creatures received 6 votes:

Apatosaurus, Ailurarctos, and Argentavis

The following creatures received 7 votes:


The following creatures received 8 votes:

Parasaur Lux

The following creatures received 10 votes:

Nundasuchus and Woolly Rhino

The following creatures received 11 votes:

Stygimoloch, Doedicurus, and Compsognathus gen 2 

The following creatures received 12 votes:

Carnotaurus, Velociraptor, and Carbonemyes

The following creatures received 13 votes:

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The following creatures received 19 votes:


The following creatures received 30 votes:


For our bronze medalist at 81 votes, we have Pulmonoscorpius

For our silver medalist at 82 votes, we have Albertosaurus

And finally, at 315 votes, Rexy is the community's top pick!

Once again, I thank all who participated in this survey. There are some outside variables to address however. There's a reason why I delayed this article until now, but the update did help a lot of creatures out. I feel Diplodocus would've had more votes if the survey was released Thursday or Proceratosaurus would've maybe been in the one vote category. Another issue is that some people may just be goofing around as I don't see Scaphognathus ever winning more votes than something like Dilophosaurus. However, there is still one more vote to be cast: mine. And while the creature I'm voting for is one of the creatures with 10 or more votes, it's not any of the top 3, so sorry Rexy. 

My Vote

Now, for my vote, I looked at every creature and thought about what advantage creatures I see in the tournaments as well as the creatures that I normally see on the teams in Nublar Shores. And I had actually settled on this creature before the update. However, with the update benefitting this creature in 2 more ways, I have to say it's now an obvious choice for me. And if you want to know what creature I'm voting for, just look at the thumbnail.

The Most Valuable Nonhybrid

Now why is Nundasuchus so valuable? Well, for starters, you can use its DNA in 10 different ways. Meanwhile, the top 3 of the community vote combined has a total of 7 different uses. First up, you can spend it on Nundasuchus itself, or 2 can focus on the rares, but if you like epics, well there are 2 more to pick from. If you are insane and like legendaries, well there are 2 more to go for. And for those who like uniques and the arena well you're in luck as there are 3 different uniques to pick from. The nonhybrids with the second most amount of uses for their DNA are Einiosaurus and Carnotaurus, and because Einiosaurus gets 6 of its 7 uses when combined with Nundasuchus, it again doesn't beat it out. Now Carnotaurus is close, but Scorpios Rex gen 3 and Indotaurus are behind Pyrorixis and Lystrosavis, Scorpios Rex and Carnotarkus are lower down than Lystrosuchus and Pyrosuchus, Scorpios Rex gen 2 and Purutaurus are below Majundaboa and Sarcorixis, and then it's Carnotaurus against Troodaboa, Einiasuchus, Majundasuchus, and Nundasuchus itself. However, having more hybrids doesn't make you more valuable. Take Pulmonoscorpius vs Gorgosaurus. Gorgosaurus has 4 uses for its DNA while Pulmonoscorpius has only 2, but those 2 uses are the absolute best of the best in their respected format while Gorgosaurus's uses are in Scorpios Rex gen 3 and Gorgosaurus itself which are decent, but Gorgosuchus and Megalosuchus are pretty lousy. Strength of the uses of that DNA matter a great deal. So, let's break down all of Nundasuchus's uses and see how much each hybrid brings to the table.

Oh Boy That's a Lot

First up is Nundasuchus itself, and it's probably the weakest use of the DNA. Nundasuchus is outclassed in the common meta, but it's still nothing to sneeze at. High attack and speed make it a decent threat, but there are better commons out there and better ways to spend your Nundasuchus DNA.

Next up we'll start with Einiasuchus, which has been a solid rare pick. It's got a solid kit and is a good swapper. The resilient moves are great for flocks or can allow you to set up for the next creature. It's not a top tier anymore, but it's still a solid rare.

Now Majundasuchus was originally the WORST use of Nundasuchus DNA. But with the new patch, now it's a reasonable threat. With the ability to possibly buff it's armor up to 100%, top tiers like Dreadnoughtus and Doedicurus can't touch it. And the stat buffs are also a nice touch. So unless you have a fierce, you won't break through this creature.

Now onto the epic meta, we have Sarcorixis. This epic has some great burst damage along with the ability to stunlock opponents like Megalotops. And with ferocious impact, you have great turn 1 options. And no escape is always a good tool to have.

Majundaboa is the other epic that's also a very popular threat. With on escape dust cloud, it heavily punishes swapping. And with ferocious strike and raking counter, it's doing a lot of damage. And while it's a bit more frail it has shields and a good set of immunities to make up for it. So once again, another solid epic.

Now we move onto the legendaries, and Lystrosuchus is up first. With its swap in ability and the fact that it's a flock, it's already off to a great start. And with its insane set of abilities and solid stats and resistances, there's a reason why it's one of the best legendaries in the format. You have a swap in, and on escape, and a running move that stuns. So when you want a legendary team, you'll need to account for this legendary.

Next up is probably the second weakest use of Nundasuchus DNA. Pyrosuchus is a decent legendary, but with its stats and abilities, it isn't the best thing in the format. Odds are it's better to go after Lystrosuchus.

The first of the 3 uniques is probably the weakest of the 3. Troodaboa has a really solid set of resistances and abilities. However it's stats do hold it back. But when you look at the grand scheme of uniques, Troodaboa is one of the better uniques around, and when it's the bottom of the 3, you know the other 2 are really good.

Next up is Lystrosavis. This is a unique I always kind of forget about because I rarely see it. However, it's a dangerous flock and one of, if not the second best flock in the game. Like Lystrosuchus, it's a swapper with a better swap in and also has better turn 1 options and resistances and stats. The new creatures may be a problem, but if there's a flock that'll make it through, Lystrosavis is a flock that may survive.

Finally we probably have the strongest Nundasuchus unique. Pyrorixis is very dangerous unique with its berserk decimating wound. And with its counter and no escape, it's a dangerous creature to come up against. And apart from the Dsungascorpios matchup, it might outclass poor Tyrannometrodon in almost every way, thus hurting out #1 voted creature's value. We need to wait and see how it really does, but it's looking like the new big bad fierce in town.


So with all that, there's a reason as to why this creature is the most valuable in my opinion. And I thought this before the update. But now I think it's basically fact. Now comes the issue with this. While you can hunt Nundasuchus, it's impossible to scent for and is also only available one day of the week. And you need a lot of DNA for all these hybrids. How much, well with the introduction of Pyrorixis, you'll need something in the ballpark of 2 million DNA. So while this may be a lowly common, it's the most valuable thing in the game by far.

Parting Words

Well I won't keep you any longer and let you get back to playing the update. Everything looks really good, especially the 2 Nundasuchus hybrids involved. I thank you all for reading and remember to go out on Thursday and get those Nundasuchus.

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