Mutual Fury Unravelled: How to use Mutual Fury!

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Explorers! Time for a battle-related Guide! Today we will be breaking down Mutual Fury! This unique move was added in update 1.9 with the introduction of Indoraptor G2 and Indominus Rex G2, and has been the source of many satisfying (and less satisfying) moments for JWA players who use it! In this article, we will be covering how to use Mutual Fury at its best, to make sure that you can make the most out of this risk/reward move!

What is Mutual Fury?

In order to learn how to best use Mutual Fury, we first need to get to know what kind of move it is. 

Mutual Fury Description

Mutual Fury is a non-damage move with four effects. 1: It gives you a 2-turn long 50% Ferocity effect. 2: It Cleanses you. 3: It gives you a 10%  Speedup effect for 2 turns. 4: It gives the opponent a 1-turn long 50% Ferocity Effect. As you can see, this move benefits both you AND your opponent, so some strategic thinking is required when using this move. One wrong prediction/miscalculation, and this move can backfire, even if it only gives the opponent a 1-turn long Ferocity effect. That effect might just be enough for them to kill you, robbing you of your powerful boosted creature.

So, in order to let that last thing not happen, let's dive into the main part of the article: When to (NOT) use Mutual Fury!

When to use Mutual Fury

Mutual Fury is best used in a couple scenarios. One of them is when your opponent is just a bit faster than you and you can kill them with a Ferocity boosted attack. Take for an example Diloracheirus versus Indoraptor G2. Indoraptor G2 takes a hit, uses Mutual Fury, speeds up to outspeed Diloracheirus, and the boosted Defense Shattering Rampage kills Diloracheirus.

This also works very well against tanks that have just used their Slowing move on you, like Stegodeus’ Thagomizer. Seeing as Mutual Fury cleanses you of negative effects, Mutual Fury will cleanse that Deceleration effect off of you and you will once again be faster, being able to hit them with a big damage move in return!

These two I mentioned are the most commonplace uses you will find, but I asked the Moderation Team on our Discord to give some specific times when they use Mutual Fury. Piere87 and GhastPixel16 usually use a combination of Evasive Stance and Mutual Fury (in that order) against opposing Tenontorex with their Indoraptor G2. DadJokes will almost always use Mutual Fury against a faster Magnapyritor with his Indoraptor G2, and I have seen some screenshots in our Discord of several Indominus Rex G2, Entelomoth and Entelodon using Mutual Fury to great success.

When NOT to use Mutual Fury

Seeing as Mutual Fury can also benefit your opponent, you need to be very careful when to use it. A couple scenarios come to mind. The first and most important one: DO NOT use it when you are faster than the opponent! This would be plain stupid, as it would allow the opponent to get a boosted attack off on you, most likely resulting in your death. The ONLY situation I can see it being useful using Mutual Fury when faster is when you predict the opponent to go for a Priority move like Instant Distraction or Instant Invincibility.

Another important thing you need to check is if you actually become faster than the opponent after using Mutual Fury. I have had some cases where I miscalculated Speeds using Mutual Fury, and it resulted in me losing the match because the opponent became unstoppable. Same applies for Attack: Make sure you can take out the opponent with your next attack when using Mutual Fury, otherwise they will still get that big hit off! Unless you are playing to get the opponent down to revenge-kill range, it is very important that you calculate if you can take the opponent down!

One thing that often doesn’t spring to mind is Swap in Abilities. Most of the times, your Mutual Fury creature will take a hit when using this move. If you know that the opponent has a creature with Swap in Damage in the back, you might want to reconsider using Mutual Fury, as chances are that the opponent will get you down enough for their Swap in Damage creature to take you out, basically giving the opponent a free creature without taking any damage from the Mutual Fury boosted creature.

Some bad experiences on our Discord included: DadJokes Mutual Furying against a faster Magnapyritor but getting hit with a Swap in Savagery to kill his Indoraptor G2 and me not calculating my Speed and Attack stats correctly and losing because of it. A good case for ChrispyChris27 and bad for his opponent: The opponents Indoraptor G2 predicted Chris’ Trykosaurus would use an Instant move, but he used Defense Shattering Rampage, so the Indoraptor G2 was hit with a boosted Defense Shattering Rampage, utterly destroying it. This shows that you need to be very cautious when using Mutual Fury!

More Risk/Reward Moves?

Writing about this move got me thinking on other risk/reward moves that might be able to be implemented in the game. We have tons of positive and negative effects in the game, so let’s see which ones make some sense to be added into the game as a new move.

The first one that comes to mind for me is a move that gives you two turns of invincibility at the cost of the opponent getting a turn of Ferocity. This move will have to be used carefully, because if the opponent has any form of Shield removing, you’re toast!

The second one that comes to mind is a very different passive move. This move is a NEGATIVE priority move, meaning that it will move last, but it will have an animation at the start of the turn. This move will activate a massive buff to you if you survive an attack dealt to you. It’s almost like Pokémons Shell Trap move, where if you get hit you’ll get a big attack off. But in here, surviving hit will give you three turns of 50% Ferocity, 30% Critical Chance raise AND a 10% Speedup! If this isn’t a risk/reward move, I don’t know what is!

Parting Words

And that basically concludes it! Mutual Fury is an amazing move, and I am somewhat hoping that Ludia will implement more of these risk/reward moves, as I think they will be amazing to play/strategize with! What do you think of Mutual Fury? Let us know in the comments down below, or join our Discord to discuss this amazing move with us! We hope to see you on there!

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