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So with the apexes, we wanted to do something a bit different. Since there aren't too many of them and there are too many tiers for those few apexes, we decided that it would be a better idea to let the community rank them. So, without further ado, let's jump into the official Gamepress Apex Ranking!



Coming in at dead last, we have Hadros Lux. It struggles to do much to the bulky resilients running around these days. Like against Geminideus, it stands no chance. And when it comes to taking on fierce creatures like Imperatosuchus or Tyrannometrodon, it’s as dead as a doornail. Even the cunnings used at the top pose trouble for this apex. Refrenantem can do a number on it, Indolycan can destroy it, and Diloracheirus can out-heal it. It’s just an apex that was good in its time, then toned down to better match other creatures, and then forgotten about.



This is a scorpion done wrong. Pulmonoscorpius and Dsungascorpios are just way better than Alacranix. Even though it’s not a flock, it still could be good, but with a moveset like that, it just falls flat. Rend isn’t a reliable tool. It has two good moves with its decelerating rampage and necrotic impact, but it just lacks the stats to really take advantage of it. And the on escape just isn’t as good either. A disappointment of an apex.



While I think it’s a bit better than people give it credit for, Haast Maximus still isn’t that amazing when you look at all the apexes. The trapping move and ravenous rampage are both really good, but it lacks any multipliers outside of that and also relies on its dodge, making it more inconsistent.

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Gorgotrebax may have one of the hardest raids out there, but it sure is easy to beat. It has a good moveset, but it lacks any sort of tools like an on escape or a swap. The revenge move is nice, but that’s all it has. After that, it’s just some food for a resilient. In fact, most of the better unique and apexes resilients can swap in and kill this apex with relative ease. Quite unfortunate to see this apex get powercrept into oblivion.



Mortem Rex was the first apex in the game, and it’s also one of the worst. It used to be pretty decent with its moveset, but I mean it cannot compete with either Rexy or Tyrannometrodon or other fierce creatures like Indonemys and Imperatosuchus. It lacks a swap and on escape like Gorgotrebax while also having a kit that is all fierce. The only reason why it’s possibly better is because of an apex that Gorgotrebax has no shot against.



Ceramagnus was arguably the worst apex in the game, but then it got a nice buff that included stunning obstruction. Now it can swap in and trap things. Is it still a good creature? No. But now it can do quite a bit more. Its priority impact isn’t bad either, however I would say group acceleration is a bit better than stampede.



The first fusible apex on our list is also the first fusible apex introduced into the game, and at the time, it was the top creature to beat. However, Ludia has given the cold shoulder to Arctovasilas as it is, without a doubt, the worst fusible apex in the game. It still has pretty solid tools. It has decent resistances and a good kit. The problem is that you have so many fierce out there that can easily take advantage of its slow startup and take it down with ease. Heck in an unboosted format, Rexy can swap in and has a 45% chance to guaranteed kill it after an impact. And even with the buffs it got, it still wasn’t enough to save the bear.



Hydra Boa was once a top 3 creature when it got some love a while back. These days, it’s more of a gimmick as there are so many other creatures that trap and just do more in terms of damage. Fabled fangs is a great move, but when you’re staring down a beast with 6600 hp and a ton of armor that can cleanse your bleed, odds are you’re running first. Just another apex powercrept into the dust.



Ankylos Lux follows a similar theme of “It was once the best creature in the game before being powercrept to death”. It has great stats and great resistances with an amazing kit to back it up. Only a few select fierce could break through it, and even then it could always just run away. But with the wolves, Geminideus, Indonemys, Dsungascorpios, and so many other creatures that can abuse its reliance on shields and weakness to stuns, it has just fallen to the wayside.



The last of the original 7, Refrenantem can still pack a bit of a punch thanks to one of the best moves in the game: super distraction. This priority impact also bleeds out resilients and distracts you to 100%. And on top of that, you have a strong kit to back yourself up and good resistances too. But like so many other apexes lower on this list, it has just suffered from classic powercreep.



Woah, what’s that?! Another creature that was the best in the game that has now fallen off? Imperatosuchus can still do some work compared to other apexes on this list. The problem is that now there are just fierce that can better handle the top tier resilients better like Aenocyonyx and Pyrorixis. However, Imperatosuchus can still put in some work.



Now we’re really cooking with gas. Indonemys has been sticking around thanks to its really good kit and its great stats. It has some key immunities like pin and stun immunity, while also having bait while paired with distraction resistance. However, these two attributes come together with its revenge prowling cloak and fierce devouring impact, allowing Indonemys to regain almost all of its hp every time it heals up from the devour.And when you’ve done your job on the field, you have the best running move in the game with debilitating rampage and run, which actually reduced damage by 100% instead of 75%. It is a very good apex, but it just isn’t good enough to make it into the insanity that is the top 3. However, you can’t find a better runner up to said top 3.



Instead of an Indominus Rex hybrid breaking the top 3, it’s actually an Indoraptor hybrid that makes it in. Indolycan is one of the best anti-fierce creatures in the game as it uses both distraction and dodge to deadly effect. It retains a cautious strike from Indoraptor gen 2 that also reduces an opponent’s armor. You also have distracting devour impact to regain some hp, and then ferocious evasive rampage to soak up hits and increase your devour abilities. The most interesting move on this creature is cloak of rage, which reduces armor by 100% and acts as a mutual fury with dodge. This high-risk high-reward move can allow Indolycan to stick around for a really long time. You also have a minor precise counter to deal some chip, a good swap move with critical ambush, allowing you to devour heal more with your impact, and challenging howl on escape, which is problematic for anything that wants to swap out. If you want to take this thing down, you must bring only the hardiest of resilients.



Taking the silver medal is Pteranokyrie. This apex is a menace due to many attributes within its kit. Its biggest claim to fame is being the only creature that can force you to swap out thanks to alert squall. This is probably the best non-damaging move in the game as you increase your critical hit chance, your speed spikes rapidly, you cleanse yourself, and when threatened, you can heal up. That’s all with one move. It was fine as is with this move, but then Ludia gave it a bit much with a buff. You also have a fierce move with merciless alert and a group attack that also cleanses and removes dodge. Definite strike is another solid ability to tack onto this thing because why not? And finally, you have the counter, on escape, and swap in. Your swap in is a strike that then grants ferocity, which is useful when paired with moves like alert squall or merciless alert. You also have robbing wing, which can discourage priority moves of all types. And to get around swappers, your on escape allows you to reduce opposing swap in damage to do as little as 1/12 of its initial amount, and that’s without the armor. That’s right, it also got an armor and hp boost when Ludia decided to buff it. And to top it all off, the resistances give it everything it could ever want. In order to beat out this apex, you have to be beyond stupid. And yet, Pteranokyrie only has the silver medal.



Geminideus is the best apex and the best creature in the game. The only JWA players that didn’t see that coming are the ones that quit months ago, and I’m sure even they know how broken this thing is. Let’s just look at the stats. You have 6600 hp, which is already insane to start with, but on top of that, you have 30% armor. But no, it’s bulk does not stop there. It also has access to one of the best counter moves in the game with its precise group counter. When you pair that with the move harden, you have the ability to break 100% armor, which essentially makes Geminideus a fierce-resilient as it is far too bulky for other resilients to take down. In the end, there is only 1 somewhat resilient creature that can stand up to it, and that is Spinoceratops, and that’s only if it plays its cards right with the proper boost spread. If it guesses wrong with lethal wound, it’ll lose because of harden, which can cleanse bleed. And even if it does guess wrong, it still resists bleed (for some reason) so it isn’t the end of the world. Heck even many of the fierce creatures out there like Indonemys and Imperatosuchus can also drop to this thing thanks to the combination of moves like harden and group disarming rampage, which reduces their armor while also distracting them. You also tack on another insane move with shielding alert rampage, which is basically definite shield advantage, but it’s also a group attack that also has priority and provided invincibility when threatened. And to top it off, it feels like they couldn’t decide if it should get superiority strike or resilient strike, so they went with both because why not? And if you notice, almost everything it has is a group attack. This allows it to basically drop almost all flocks in one turn. Your best bet of doing damage to this thing with a flock is to go Allodrigues, and that thing is only going to manage a hit before going down. The only saving grace that allows us to kill this monster is its lack of pin resistance which thankfully did NOT roll over from Geminititan. If that were to happen, this thing would be unkillable. So, while it does have a slight flaw, Geminideus is, without a doubt, the best apex and the best creature in Jurassic World Alive.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other rarity lists. Before I end this, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible. The people who helped make the list, then the images, and then the people who proof-read all 13.5 thousand words. Without their help, I couldn't have done this. And head on over to the GP server for a tier list discussion! Happy playing!

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