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So the tier list of finally here, and by golly it has been a while. Unfortunately our original method of making these lists has been running into some errors, so we'll have to break it up a bit. So, without further ado, here is the tier list for the COMMON rarity! We have broken it into 9 different tiers, with tyrant being the cream of the crop all the way to carcass which is less useful to the gum you find under park benches. 


First kicking things off in the tyrant tier, we have very few surprises here.

Brontotherium: Brontotherium leads the charge with its solid base stats, it's swap in, and deceleration immunity. Resilient impact gives it good output and deceleration immunity works well vs Glyptodon. You can swap this guy in more than once and it's a must have for any common format.

Coelurosaurvus: Next up we have Coelurosaurvus, which is probably the best common in the game. You have great stats, resistances, an on escape, a swap, and absorb. You come in, do some damage or kill something, then just run away into the next creature. Saying this isn't the best common is hard to argue.

Glyptodon: Next up is the mighty Glyptodon. It's the slowest of the tyrants, but it sure does pack a punch. With great stats and a kit that is designed for massive damage, Glyptodon can even put the hurt on the fierce that give it trouble. Heck, in a boosted 1v1, you can easily kill a T. Rex. Don't mess with this ball of rage

Triceratops gen 2: Finally we have the best common swapper. Triceratops gen 2 has a deadly swap in to rampage combo that can even put creatures like Glyptodon and Brontotherium on the back foot. It has just enough bulk and damage to put creatures like Glyptodon into range for a powerful attacker like Ophiacodon. And with resilient strike and rampage, you can take a whopping x4 damage while this thing is on the field.

High Elite

Up next we have the high elite tier.

Amphicyon: It may be frail, but with great output, no escape, and just enough hp, this common is a great closer or revenge killer.

Allosaurus: Great bulk, great damage, and great turn 1. This common can rip through the bulkiest creatures and easily take you to #1

Sarcosuchus: If it wasn't such a one-and-done creature, it would be tyrant. But it's easily the best creature in this tier. Just being able to remove something you don't like is really good

Apatosaurus: Decent output, great bulk, and a solid kit land it here.

Inostrancevia: Probably the second best common cunning, this guy is up here thanks to its bulk, speed, and decent output.

Eremotherium: It's not the best common cunning anymore, and a quick swap to Brontotherium or other resilients shut it down. But if you are very fierce-heavy, prepared to be swept.

Tanycolagreus: It's fast, distraction immune, and hits like a truck. Thankfully it has low hp because with that moveset, nothing is safe. Especially in a meta where deceleration isn't commonplace.

Low Elite

For low elite:

Ophiacodon: It really needs that setup. Without it it's hard to get going. But with it, it'll hit like a freight train

Miragaia: Solid opener, but it's a bit frail and can be one shot by some fierce.

Irritator gen 2: Good swapper, but would be higher if it had a bit more attack.

Velociraptor: It's really just a turn 1 with this common. After that it's swap bait or just one shot outright. The ultimate glass cannon in the game.

Sinosauropteryx: It's not bad for a flock, but it struggles with a lack of resistances really and lack of a swap and on escape. It has decent damage though and the speed is pretty good too.

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Gallimimus: Great speed, good kit, probably the best set of immunities in the rarity, but it is just a bit too frail.

Dracorex gen 2: The swap isn't that great in a common meta. It has decent fielded presence, but with better swappers and just a mediocre fielding kit, it falls here.

Einiosaurus: Great at the swap spam, but on the field it does struggle a bit.

Suchomimus and Tarbosaurus: Both of these have really nothing to offer that Sarcosuchus and Allosaurus respectfully provide already. But they aren't bad.

Lythronax: An absolute beast in the 1v1 matchups, but with only one real attribute in its kit being shields and low speed and resistances, it doesn't really excel either.

Puursaurus gen 2: It isn't that bad with many swappers running around. However Coelurosaurvus does give it major trouble and Amphicyon just really does the job better.

Hatzegopteryx: The swap in is really good and the damage isn't that bad either. However the awkward speed tier and no resistances do hold it back.



Deinocheirus: Revenge rampage is really good on a creature this fast. The problem is that it, again, has no resistances. With more damage, this thing could easily jump a few tiers.

Deinonychus: A worse Velociraptor. Trying to be a defensive glass cannon doesn't work.

Diplocaulus: Has great stats and a good kit. The issue is that there are just far better cunnings out there

Euoplocephalus: Again, like Diplocaulus, there are better resilients out there like Glyptodon. However a turn 1 rampage is nice.

Nundasuchus: Fast and offensive, but it does drop pretty easily and it even struggles against some resilients like Brontotherium

Scolosaurus: Same boat as Euoplocephalus. It does trade the turn 1 rampage for deceleration immunity, but that doesn't really help it that much.



Dilophosaurus gen 2: This common may have the highest damage stat, but its other stats and abilities don't let it take full advantage of it.

Dimetrodon gen 2: It has less offensive pressure than Ophiacodon. It just doesn't do much against creatures like Allosaurus or Amphicyon.

Monolophosaurus gen 2: Pretty defensive kit, but it lacks the offensive stats to really take advantage of said kit.



Majungasaurus: Decent swap in, but low speed, damage, and hp make the swap just not that great of a tool.

Stygimoloch gen 2: It provides decent swap synergy, but it doesn't really do any real damage and there are so many runners with better things to offer.



Ankylosaurus gen 2: No output even with superior vulnerability. It has decent bulk, but there are so many creatures that can rip through it that it just does nothing.

Dimorphodon: The pitiful attack stat. If it had a way to really rack up the bleeds or good damage it could be really good in a meta where bleed resistance is rare.

Phorusrhacos: The fact that it has no turn 1 is really bad, and you can easily distract it. Worst kit design in the game probably.

Stegosaurus: Not total garbage now that you can spam group decelerating strike, but a real lack of output puts it this far down because it just doesn't threaten those flocks.



Iguanodon: Probably the worst of the worst creature in the game. Can't do squat with cleansing strike and that one heal. Distraction resistance is useless.

Archaeotherium: No longer the worst, but still can't really do anything special. The resistances are great and the bulk is too, but it lacks the tools to do damage.

Parasaurolophous: Just a bulkier Iguanodon. Not much better. However the damage stat and the bulk do make a difference with some matchups.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other rarity lists as well as the apex ranking. Before I end this, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible. The people who helped make the list, then the images, and then the people who proof-read all 13.5 thousand words. Without their help, I couldn't have done this. And head on over to the GP server for a tier list discussion! Happy playing!

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