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So the tier list of finally here, and by golly it has been a while. Unfortunately our original method of making these lists has been running into some errors, so we'll have to break it up a bit. So, without further ado, here is the tier list for the EPIC rarity! We have broken it into 9 different tiers, with tyrant being the cream of the crop all the way to carcass which is less useful to the gum you find under park benches. 


Let's look at the epic rulers in Jurassic World Alive:

Dimodactylus: Dimodactylus is now the ultimate pivot tool. You have the counter, you have the bleed, you have the bulk, you have the pin immunity, you have the turn 1 swap out option, and you have no escape. The creatures that used to KO Dimodactylus when it swapped it now struggle like Megalotops. And Diplodocus's rampage is now shrugged off. This is an easy tyrant.

Giganotosaurus: This fierce is the creature that always can come back. Even if all hope seems lost, Giganotosaurus can always find a way to allow a player to regain their footing. You have insane bulk, critical obstruction, great damage, a group attack, a cleansing move, and alert showdown. This means that a Giganotosaurus on 1 hp is just as dangerous as a Giganotosaurus on max hp. If you don't come prepared for it, you'll suffer big time. And with pin resistance, this makes swapping Giganotosaurus out and back in so much easier.

Panthera: Panthera is the Atrociraptor who really won the lottery. Pin immunity in this meta is great, especially combined with no escape. I mean look at Dimodactylus. But then you have the revenge moves, and this is what allows Panthera to excel, You can KO or nearly KO so much with just these revenge moves without taking much in return. The best way to stop Panthera is to stun it with something like Megalotops or Giganotosaurus. However, Panthera can just run away. And with deceleration immunity and distraction resistance, it's a clear tyrant.

Pulmonoscorpius: These creepy crawlies are another tyrant just due to how many different creatures they shut down. Even by swapping them in, they can invalidate so many creatures. With Giganotosaurus, Megalotops was still holding out strong. While Giganotosaurus made Titanoboa more viable, Megalotops also liked Giganotosaurus's introduction with its kit. But then these guys came along and just immediately dropped Megalotops. This happened with creatures all over. Enfeebling impact is busted, and again with no escape, it's hard to kill. Once again, a clear cut above the rest.

High Elite

High Elite:

Allosaurus gen 2: Originally this epic was just another chomper. Rending takedown on a creature with this much attack was bad as a rampage is usually doing the same amount, if not more. But with instant rend, things quickly changed. Now Allosaurus gen 2 can even take down creatures like Erlikogamma, Ghost, Alloraptor, and even Geminideus. It has the stats, the kit, and the immunities to deserve high elite.

Ankylodicurus: This epic has taken a hit with the rise of Giganotosaurus and Dimodactylus, but with the immunities, stats, and kit it has, Ankylodicurus still manages to be a solid addition to any team.

Argenteryx: Probably the best creature in this tier, this cunning is a pain to deal with. Even when you have the right counters, it is never out of a fight thanks to dodge, absorb, and that on escape that just ruins your day. I personally hate this creature more than anything and this is definitely worthy of high elite, if not tyrant.

Beelzebufo: This thing was DESIGNED to hard-counter Pulmonoscorpius with bleed and stun immunity, which are really good abilities to have. Afflicting strike is a tool that can really pair nicely with swappers or pinners and can easily turn the tide if that one stun immune creature gets stunned. No swap in or on escape does hurt these frogs though. It may be tyrant in our hearts, but making it into the high elite tier is also pretty good.

Diplodocus: This epic is fat, has great output, and a good set of resistances. If Dimodactylus didn't exist, this guy would probably be tyrant. However, without Dimodactylus and Giganotosaurus, this epic can steamroll a team.

Megalotops: Pulmonoscorpius really hurts Megalotops, as does Dimodactylus and Panthera. Despite all that, it still can hold its own and can really pack a punch. That swap and a very good moveset allow it to still remain up here.

Sonorasaurus: Sonorasaurus finally got some love with the addition of group resilient strike as a basic attack and brace as a second move. Now it can live to use devastation. It is a decent closer, but there are quite a few creatures who can still take advantage of it like Giganotosaurus and Pulmonoscorpius.

Titanoboa: With on escape rampage and a great set of resistances and a good kit, this creature can really put a damper on Panthera and Giganotosaurus running amuck.

Velosracos: With high speed, , good output, and 3 of the best immunities around in this format, this terror bird easily terrifies big bads like Pulmonoscorpius and Giganotosaurus. Panthera however can wipe it off the face of the earth.

Woolly Rhino: You all know this one. Swap in and deal big damage. While it is falling off a bit, that swap in is just too big to ignore.

Low Elite

Low Elite:

Ailurarctos: The panda is really good, but also really stally, and stalling has not much place in this meta anymore. It can get you far, but the Panda isn't as good as it was.

Antarctopelta: Like so many others, this ankylosaur took a hit with Panthera, Pulmonoscorpius, Giganotosaurus, and Dimodactylus coming into the fray. It does really well against everything in the tier above it minus Allosaurus, but all the Tyrants kill it.

Anurognathus: A fast and frail flock, but alert frenzy does a ton of damage and pin immunity is nice to have.

Compsognathus: It is really good with rally healing and has a decent kit. However it just lacks the output to be any higher.

Erlikogamma: If only it had stun immunity. Distraction immunity is great and it's probably the second or third best creature in this tier, but the lack of stun immunity hurts. Also Panthera just again 1-shots it.

Majundaboa: Probably the best creature in the tier, when set up, Majundaboa is a terror to take on. Good resistances and a great way to punish swaps. It is just a bit frail though.

Procerathomimus: This guy has been on quite the hiatus. But with a good set of resistances, the null counter, and great output, it has definitely deserved the comeback. The turn 1 is the only real drawback.

Red: Red is the flock killer of this tier. With berserk resilient rampage, accelerated distracting shields, and a good set of resistances with decent stats, this epic will always pack a punch.

Sarcorixis: Ferocious impact and stun locking still allow this epic to fair well, however with more pinners and bulkier creatures with stun immunity, it can only hold out for so long.

Tiger: With swap in shields, a counter, and good stats across the board, Tiger can be a pain for any cunning or resilient to face. Its berserk move isn't the best, but can be deadly with a setup.

Thylacotator: Maiming wound to rending takedown is a great combo, but the meta has adapted to it and it struggles with Giganotosaurus and Pulmonoscorpius.

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Acrocanthosaurus: Acrocanthosaurus is now the speediest of the chompers at a blinding 110 base speed, which is pretty good. And now to handle Pulmonoscorpius, it gained group shattering impact. It still is nowhere near as good as Giganotosaurus because of the lack of an on escape move, but it's still not bad.

Andrewtherium: Andrewtherium is a weird one, but it can do big damage with ferocious strike and rending attack. The immunities are also pretty good with the base stats. However there are just far better options.

Andrewtodon: This is a more offensive epic than its sister hybrid, but the counter really makes Andrewtodon stand out and deal big damage with cleansing impact to hit those cunnings after an exposing counter or a rending takedown after said counter.

Brachiosaurus: Poor Brachiosaurus. The sauropod posterchild of the franchise is the epic nonhybrid sauropod left in the dust. It has good tools, but it takes to much to get going, and with those 4 tyrants, it struggles to do much at all.

Brontolasmus: This is an epic that hits hard. If it got something over taunting rampage, maybe it could rise in usage. But with Dimodactylus circling overhead, it seems Brontolasmus is staying down here.

Edaphposaurus: A bulky fierce with really good resistances. It does need PFS to really pack a punch, but it's pretty solid.

Entelochops: This revenge epic has fallen quite a bit. However with mutual fury and 2 good multipliers, it can still deal a lot of damage.

Ghost: The leader of the Atrociraptors is also the worst, but hey, Jamcity wants powercreep everywhere. But Ghost is still pretty decent with great stats, cautious strike, and the ability to deal enough damage with berserk decimation to one shot Velosracos.

Indominus Rex gen 2: This epic used to be the king of the epics back in the days of 1.14, bit those days are long gone. However, with those resistances and a decent kit, Indominus Rex gen 2 can still pack a punch. However flocks rip it to bits.

Lystrosaurus: This flock is a more defensive version of Compsognathus with a hit and run playstyle. It lacks the output, but can still lay on the hurt.

Microraptor: These guys are zooming and have great damage potential. However one group attack from Sonorasaurus, Ovilophosaurus, Panthera, or Diplodocus and they're doomed.

Ovilophosaurus: I love this little guy, but I cannot vouch any higher for it. It has great resistances for a cunning and can really deal a lot of damage with a group attack, but it's just so frail.

Oviraptor gen 2: Like Ovilophosaurus, this epic is just too frail, but with darting counter and good damage, you'll never outspeed this thing and it'll deal big damage to you in return. Shame it didn't get devious strike.

Purutaurus: Rending creatures have really fallen off. Purutaurus cannot deal with flocks and many fierce, but it can still go up against resilients. It does need some love though.

Scorpios Rex gen 2: This is a very interesting hit and run creature. It has one of the best kits in the format. The issue is that the stats don't back it up, however pin immunity on a runner is always really good to have.

Scutosaurus: Probably the best epic in this tier, Scutosaurus is a tank with that armor and hp. However all these fierce just eat it up. But all the resilients and cunnings better watch out for this terror.

Secondontosaurus: Big damage with great resistances. You pump this full of speed and attack and you got the potential to just bulldoze someone. Flocks again just kill it.

Sinoceratops: Probably the weakest creature here, this epic can be a decent swapper and can really do big damage with resilient strike and instant charge. I can vouch for this guy when I say you can get to the top ranks with it.

Spinosaurus gen 2: This is a classic 1v1 creature with lethal wound and no escape. You do struggle vs the tyrants, but it does decently well everywhere else.



Alanqa: Definitely one of the stronger creatures in the tier. No resistances hurt it, but long invincibility after a free swap and good speed is pretty good.

Amargocephalus: This epic hybrid struggles to deal big damage and it’s hp is low, but it can be troublesome for resilients and flocks.

Baryonyx: I’ve tried to make Baryonyx work, but it has such a bad turn 1 for little payout, and group takedown is just a waste of a move. That being said, it’s still not bad and packs a speedy punch.

Beta: Frail and fast, but does well as a hit and runner. But she can also just drop in a second.

Blue: Blue is a bit more offensive than her cloned daughter, but she isn’t as good. She packs a punch, but also just drops.

Bumpy: Ben’s best friend has the same swap as Megalotops, but can’t exert as much pressure and doesn’t do as much compared to resilients like Brontolasmus.

Carbonemys: If you’re a cunning, you’re screwed. However a fierce will rip you to bits. And with such a long startup, it falls here.

Concavenator: Probably one of, if not the best epic in the tier, ol’ Concavenator has seen better days before all these fierce. However it still packs a solid punch and can be a pain to any class if you can’t remove it fast enough.

Dakotaraptor: Originally the best raptor, this ninja can still pack a punch with its pounce and distracting rampage. However it just can’t hold up compared to the other epics running amuck.

Megalogaia: This deer’s description is pretty sad, as well as it’s fall from the pre 2.0 days. However, in a hybrid only format, it can be hard to remove without a solid fierce creature.

Megistotherium: Andrewsarchus but worse. The swap isn’t that amazing, but the added bulk is nice. And no escape is always a useful tool. However Panthera and Giganotosaurus do the job better.

Moros Intrepidus: This fierce flock tried to be the next big flock by being a swapper, and after the buff it still didn’t work. But it’s not that bad either.

Nodopatosaurus: Like Amargocephalus, it does struggle with damage, but it has decent bulk.

Pachycephalosaurus: Another epic that has fallen on hard times, no immunities and an outdated swap make it difficult to do well, especially with all the trappers.

Postimetrodon: This epic has been getting slightly better over time with pin immunity and bleed resistance, but it’s poor kit and output hold it back.

Pyroraptor: Just your generic raptor without any resistances. It really only stands out thanks to instant distraction. But just use something like Erlikogamma.

Rinchenia: This runner is faster and frailer with a good strike and distraction immunity. But again, something like Erlikogamma would just do the job so much better.

Smilodon: It may be frailer than Pyroraptor, but it does have the extra bonus of precision and a spammable priority move. But no resistances mean big trouble for something without a swap or on escape.

Stegoceratops: It has a decent group option and has a great swap in. However the low speed is a problem.

Stygimoloch: A faster and more offensive Pachycephalosaurus. But like its dome-headed friend, it lacks any pin resistance.

Troodon: Another generic raptor build. Double rampages are good, but unlike Dakotaraptor, it lacks a priority move. But again, why use this when there are so many creatures that do the job better.



Dodos: The Dodo line has always been the stain on the track record of flocks. It has always just been the worst in its rarity throughout the history of JWA. Dodocevia and Compsocaulus at least had some time to shine for a while, but the Dodos have always been bad. A poor kit dooms them to survivor.

Erlikosaurus: Just a worse raptor build. Precise rampage is good, but there are better distractors like Smilodon that also have precision. And Erlikogamma is a strict upgrade.

Eucladoceros: I'm surprised it made it up here. It has decent tools and stats, but it is a bit too frail.

Gorgosuchus: It needs a better ferocity move and damage to really be scary. And even then, flocks just ruin it.

Haast Eagle: Haast Eagle isn't that bad to be honest. It lacks serious output and bulk, but its kit allows it to stick around longer than most cunnings.

Maiasaura: Instant rampage is one of the best moves in the game, but Maiasaura lacks the stats to back it up. And a heal as a third move doesn't work on something so frail.

Quetzalcoatlus gen 2: Probably the best creature in this tier, if it had more offensive stats, it could easily rise in the list.

Rajasaurus: Decent stats and kit, but it just doesn't do all that much.

Stegoceras: This creature is a bit of a mess. It's slow, but it's a cunning, and it really lacks anything good.

Struthiomimus: If Megistotherium is bad Andrewsarchus, then Struthiomimus is horrible Ornithomimus. Cunning rampage for rampage and run isn't a bad trade, but group distraction is worse than instant distraction, and the terrible speed (on a frail creature like this) and lack of pin immunity really put it down here.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: It may have the highest attack stat in the rarity, but this guy just does nothing. Even at 142 speed, it can just be walked all over. No resistances and everything in the kit is fierce, thus denying it opportunities to deal with other status conditions and abilities.



Ankylosaurus: Superior vulnerability is a good strike, but that's all it has. And with something like Giganotosaurus, a maximum output of 2 strikes is not enough. Even cunnings like Erlikogamma can get away against it.

Aquilamimus: Even worse than Struthiomimus, it may have the speed, but it severely lacks the resistances and output to really be any higher.

Edmontoguanodon: You can easily beef up this guy's hp and attack and do alright vs some of the cunnings like Argenteryx, but it isn't doing all that much in the end.

Gryposuchus: This fierce isn't that great. The kit design isn't bad with a ferocious strike and immobilize to burn the cooldown to use it again, but it lacks the output and has no resistances to live long enough to do that.

Kentrosaurus: It's frail, slow, and lacks the multipliers to do something.

Monolophosaurus: Those 25% resistances do squat to help it. Pteranodon: Usually creatures with counters are bulky or have some way to reduce opponent output. Pteranodon has neither of these and crash lands here.

Scaphotator: Another messy kit and it was the first epic in this tier to inherit an important tool from its rare parent.

Spinotahraptor: Again, it lost no escape from Spinosaurus which really hurts it. And, it also lost lethal wound. And for a bleeder, that hp is not enough at all.

Woolly Mammoth: PFS is one of the best strikes in the game, but it cannot really capitalize on it with the low damage stat and the lack of a really big multiplier. The glory days for this beast are long gone.



Darwinopterus: It's pretty bad. It lacks an on escape and the swoop is a worse cleansing swoop. No resistances either really screw it over. It's funny how 2 similar epics are on both ends of the epic tier list with Darwinopterus and Dimodactylus.

Ouranosaurus. It can actually kill Pulmonoscorpios, but that is under certain circumstances and it also just then sucks against almost everything else, although the counter actually helps it out a bit. Yet, it's still too frail and slow to do much



Koolasuchus: It literally has pitiful output and a terrible matchup spread. Don't even use this as a last resort.

Tsintaosaurus: Originally Ouranosaurus was the worst epic in the game, but the recent buff saved it. Tsintaosaurus carries that title with a pitiful kit and terrible stats.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other rarity lists as well as the apex ranking. Before I end this, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible. The people who helped make the list, then the images, and then the people who proof-read all 13.5 thousand words. Without their help, I couldn't have done this. And head on over to the GP server for a tier list discussion! Happy playing!

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