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So the tier list of finally here, and by golly it has been a while. Unfortunately our original method of making these lists has been running into some errors, so we'll have to break it up a bit. So, without further ado, here is the tier list for the LEGENDARY rarity! We have broken it into 9 different tiers, with tyrant being the cream of the crop all the way to carcass which is less useful to the gum you find under park benches. 


Let's look at the best legendaries in Jurassic World Alive:


Panthera Blytheae: Evasive hunt paired with its 2 rampages, a nullifying counter, and high damage is already insane enough, but to top it off, you also have stun and distraction immunity. Debilitating strike is also a very good tool despite being the least-used move in the kit. And, on top of all of that, you have a swap in that bleeds, slows, and bypasses evasion. The only thing stopping this from being flat-out broken is pin resistance. Without this tool, this cat can be tamed.

Rexy: This isn’t a surprise. Insane stats, a good kit, and devour to stick around for a long time. Rexy can be a pain in the butt because she just does so much damage while also having that on escape strike to hit back if you try to run on her. Again, thankfully she lacks pin resistance. But you all know this one already.

Spinoceratops: The first two up here lacked pin resistance thankfully, allowing trappers to come in and revenge kill them. Spinoceratops on the other hand HAS pin immunity, along with vulnerable, slow, and stun immunity topped with distraction resistance. And then the kit. Lethal wound and rending takedown is a scary combo, but instant rend makes it even better. And then you have brace to stall out bleed turns. And if you want to run, too bad. You have stunning obstruction along with swap in stunning strike to rub it in. Easily a tyrant.

Thylaconyx: Easily the weakest in the tier, Thylaconyx is still a monster. It is straight up far better than anything below it, and we felt that it should be with these guys. You have insane bulk, good attack, decent speed, devour, bleed, dodge, ferocity, a swap in, great resistances, a counter, and a group move. It can be a great lead due to doing well against almost everything minus Panthera Blytheae. Skirmish punishes flock, devouring wound punishes tanks, and the swap still makes a 1 hp Thylaconyx a deadly threat.

High Elite

High Elite:


Alloraptor: While it did get a nerf not too long ago, its swap in value is too much to pass up when paired with its high damage and the on escape. However, odds are you’re getting one hit off when on the field, but if you manage to set up, you can demolish almost anything.

Ankylodactylus: You have spammable moves that are very defensive on top of being a flock, good resistances, decent output, and a swap and on escape ability. Ankylodactylus is really only held back by a lack of pin resistance.

Dreadactylus: This guy has probably the best defensive swap in the game. Stuck landing allows it to retain a lot of that bulk while also dealing out big damage even to creatures that have vulnerability immunity like Rexy. However, a lack of an on escape is an issue.

Fukuimimus: The most infuriating legendary probably of all time. It slowly eats away at a team with all of its heals and rampage. However, these days the four tyrants make it so this guy struggles due to their high output.

Lystrosuchus: You have swap in stunning strike, a decent on escape, good bulk, a great kit, and overall solid utility. It does lack a good turn 1 however, which is an issue.

Tarbognathus: This legendary has fallen off a bit, but with that on escape impact as well as great output, it still manages to hang out around here.

Low Elite

Low Elite:


Ankylomoloch: This legendary was once the best in the game. The instant charge combined with a shield, the impact, superior vulnerability, and the rampage and run all made this a beast. And best of all, it got a free swap in move when above half hp. Now with 3 of the big 4 being fierce and Panthera B’s counter removing those shields, it just struggles. But take those 4 away and it probably becomes the second best legendary.

Coelhaast: It’s fast, has good output, dodge, and an on escape. It is a bit frail for these days, but it still can pack a punch. And with an impact and run, it can synergize well with any team.

Dsungaia: With distraction immunity, a heal, a counter, and decent resistances, Dsungaia can be a pain to remove if you don’t have burst damage options. But like Ankylomoloch, those 4 tyrants just ruin its fun.

Eremoceros: The slothdeer still clings on thanks to its solid stats and decent kit. But with a lack of immunities and a terrible matchup against Spinoceratops, you don’t see it much anymore. But with its kit, it still clings on to low elite.

Gigaspikasaurus: Great bulk and decent resistances paired with an offensive kit. The issue is again, there are 3 big fierce creatures running rampant.

Indominus Rex: Despite taking a bit hit with the introduction of flocks, now that they have been taking big hits, it has done a lot better. It matches up beautifully into Spinoceratops and can do decently well against Thylaconyx and Rexy. And pin immunity paired with stun immunity is a huge plus.

Nodopatotitan: With bulk second only to Geminideus and a healing move, this legendary can stick around for a long time. The issue is that, like all the other more stally resilients, the 3 fierce tyrants. But remove them and it’s pretty decent. Just don’t plan anything as you’ll be chipping opponents at best.

Rinchicyon: This legendary has been getting a little love every now and again. The issue is that it just lacks the base stats. The priority move is really good, but it lacks the damage to really take advantage of the move, and it lacks the bulk to stick around for a while. But overall not bad.

Scorpios Rex: This legendary is again clinging on. You have swap in critical ambush and camouflage to really put out those fierce creatures. Spinoceratops is still an issue, but Rexy and Thylaconyx are not that big of a fan of this legendary. But its reliance on dodge does hold it back as does the delay on its quill attack.

Segnoraptor: This is a real glass cannon. The highest base speed in the rarity, Segnoraptor can do major damage with ferocious cunning strike, triple distracting strike, and distraction immunity. Along with that immunity, it has really good resistances and a decent kit to add on with rampage and run and minimal speedup strike. The problem is that it lacks an on escape or a swap AND has low hp. But you get set up, and you can be a real problem.

Tragodistis: This legendary was once at the bottom of the barrel, until one day it became just as stally as Fukuimimus. However, with those 3 fierce ruling the format, Tragodistis suffers like the other stally resilients.

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Acrocathops: This is the type of creature that becomes really scary with revenge rampage. However, outside of that, Acrocanthops has nothing else really that allows it to stand out.

Allosinosaurus: Just a standard chomp chomp moveset with no resistances. It’s very good for a creature with a kit that severely lacks diversity.

Ardontosaurus: This guy has taken quite the tumble. It has decent stats and good resistances (10% bleed resistance am I right?!). However, it just doesn’t do anything really special. The other sauropods can stick around longer and thus, deal more damage.

Carnotarkus: Probably the best legendary in the game that lacks any resistances, which is one of its biggest flaws. The other is the fact that it really relies on rend. Back in the day with Coelhaast, this wasn’t a problem because it could abuse a flock’s lack of bulk with its rampage. But now it has to deal with Thylaconyx and Rexy, and it has no place in this meta anymore.

Diplovenator: This is a legendary that always flies under the radar. It has a pretty good kit and decent stats and resistances. The issue is that it just doesn’t shine as much compared to other creatures like Segnoraptor or other counter creatures like Dsungaia.

Dodocevia: It was good for a short while, but it didn’t take long to fall off. Now Dodocevia is easily the worst legendary flock. It lacks any sort of good resistances apart from some stun resistance and it takes too much damage for little reward.

Dracoceratops: Its whole gimmick relies on rend, and it doesn’t do that much when on the field unfortunately. But it can still pack a serious punch and has pin immunity.

Enteloceros: Its moveset WAS good, but with the high-octane fierce running around, the kit designed for a more slow-paced meta with flocks doesn’t cut it.

Grylenken: This guy matches well with some of the top dogs, and it has a great trapping ability with stunning obstruction. The problem is the turn 1. Sidestep would be far more beneficial.

Indoraptor gen 2: Like Enteloceros, Indoraptor gen 2 likes to take its time to deal damage while soaking up hits. This isn’t going to cut it these days with the power levels around now.

Mammotherium: This resilient can really pack a punch. The issue is that it is a bit on the frail side, and a good hit from some of the fierce can drop it instantly.

Megistocurus: The better swap in damage creature in the tier, this legendary has seen better days. No escape and the swap is good, but it just doesn’t excel as well as something like Alloraptor while also struggling with many flocks.

Phorusaura: Instant rampage is all it has left with pin immunity, and that isn’t too special with all the priority moves these days.

Pyrosuchus: A bit of a sleeper pick, this legendary is able to stick around with its null counter keeping some of the positive effects in check while also using distraction and shields to soak up hits. Problem is that its output isn’t the best.

Scutophicyon: It has great output and a good kit, but the bulk isn’t there and it is a bit limited turn 1, especially against cunnings. No escape is also pretty good too however.

Sinokotaraptor: This flock can be a real pain for fierce and can do big damage, but it just doesn’t punish swaps as well as some of the other flocks. And the lack of a fielded rally heal isn’t the best either.

Tryostronix: This legendary has definitely seen better days, and it just takes a bit too long to get going.




Alankylosaurus: It has great survivability, but this is a fierce meta and it lacks resistances, which is a big problem.

Dilophoboa: It has a great ability with the counter and decent moves, but it just lacks the stats and the on escape is not as threatening as its parent’s move.

Glyptoceras: Sloppy kit, but it has good resistances and a good swap. But if it wanted to be a good cunning, it needs more speed and a more offensive damage reduction move.

Monomimus: Great speed, but it does lack a few things like good output. It also relies a bit much on dodge.

Monostegotops: It’s not bad, but it is nowhere near as good as it was at the end of 1.14. However, it needs a lot more than a group impact to see any sort of use. I’ve tried, and while it can do well into some flocks, most creatures above it can easily get the upper hand.

Poukidei: It takes its time to deal big damage. It’s great at soaking up hits, but it lacks some serious output.

Pteraquetzal: It lacks resistances and it just doesn’t do enough damage really. It has a good kit, but that isn’t enough these days.

Smilocephalosaurus: Great output and decent resistances. However it lacks priority and it is a bit on the frail side.

Spinonyx: It is a good trapper, but it relies a bit too much on bleed while other bleeders like Thylaconyx or Scorpios Rex have better options.

Stegodeus: A tank with mediocre output, no resistances, and no swap or on escape in a fierce meta is going to have a bad time.

Tsintamoth: It just sits there and chips away while healing. Not enough in the fast-paced meta.

Tyrannolophosaur: Good kit, but it lacks the resistances and stats to back it up. Not to mention there are creatures who do similar things but better.




Ankyntrosaurus: It has the potential for decent output with the counter, but again, a fierce-heavy meta ruins it.

Arctalces: It doesn’t do much in terms of output and lacks any sort of gimmick to really save it, so it falls here.

Edaphocevia: It has a good kit, but lacks the stats to really set it apart.

Keratoporcus: It has just a sloppy kit compared with the mediocre stats. It lacks something to really help it.

Monolometrodon: Magnapyritor isn’t that good of a unique, and this is worse Magnapyritor. It does better in its rarity, but it just again falls a bit flat.

Ovilophomoloch: It lacks any good resistances and decent output. It has one good quality with sly rampage and run.

Rajakylosaurus: The classic resilient in a fierce heavy meta. I sound like a broken record.

Spinotasuchus: It relies a bit too much on bleed and is a bit frail. The speed is good as is no escape, but that’s it.

Utasinoraptor: It lacks good stats and resistances, but it has a decent kit. But it just doesn’t excel.




Carbotoceratops: A resilient that takes EVEN LONGER to get going than normal in a fierce meta. Distraction isn’t bad, but it needs so much more.

Dakotanops: This thing is worse than Dakotaraptor. It has poor output, a mediocre revenge move, a lousy kit, and poor bulk. The only good quality is the speed.

Darwezopterus: This kit is a mess. No point in using this over all the other bleeders above it. Even the ones that lack a swap.

Diloranosaurus: It’s a classic scenario of a raid creature suffering in pvp.

Koolabourgiana: It lacks any sort of offense and its defenses and speed are also lacking.

Parasaurolophus Lux: It has some good qualities, but like Diloranosaurus, a raid creature is going to suffer in a pvp meta, especially if it’s a resilient creature.




Entelomoth: If you told me back in 1.14 that Entelomoth would be this bad, I wouldn’t believe it. Even with adjustments, you couldn’t take that beast and make it this bad. But that happened and now it’s at the bottom of the barrel.

Megalosuchus: Another old dog, this creature suffers due to its poorly designed kit combined with mediocre stats. Heck, even in the 1.1 tournament a while back, it still was barely used. With more speed and a better ferocity move, we could maybe see this guy make a comeback.

Paramoloch: Another raid creature. It does nothing really and it just sits there.

Pyrritator: It’s really dumb that a creature like Pyrritator and Alloraptor exist in the same rarity. One is really good, and that one is NOT Pyrritator. It has no bulk, and its output can’t even compensate for that. And with many popular picks being flocks, it doesn’t stand a chance.




Bajatonodon: It only has one attacking move, and the rest are just heals and invincibility. If it had a counter to take advantage of this, it could be good, but it does nothing and falls here:

Skoolasaurus: Skoolasaurus has great stats. The kit just does nothing though. It was another classic raid creature, and with this kit, it just sits on the field and does nothing.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other rarity lists as well as the apex ranking. Before I end this, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible. The people who helped make the list, then the images, and then the people who proof-read all 13.5 thousand words. Without their help, I couldn't have done this. And head on over to the GP server for a tier list discussion! Happy playing!

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