Procerathomimus Strike Guide!

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Introduction and Infographic

Explorers! Welcome to this Strike Guide! After the Epic Kentrosaurus Strike being quite difficult last week, Ludia has decided to continue the difficult Themed Strike Events with the Epic Procerathomimus Strike! Procerathomimus and its components are very powerful dinosaurs, and they aren’t to be messed with! So, let’s get into the Guide!

-Disclaimer: Like the previous Themed Strike Event, the Kentrosaurus Strike, this Strike Event is really challenging. Lower level players may struggle to complete it. DON’T use Hard Cash to retry this Strike Event unless you’re sure you can beat it the second time.-

Yoshi Strike Image

Huge thank you to our artist Orange Rex for making this awesome infographic! As you can see, all of these dinosaurs have incredible Attack stats and high damage moves. And you can’t even distract two of them due to them having Immunity! They’re also on the faster end of the spectrum, even unboosted they outspeed some boosted chompers! But now, let’s go over them all individually to see their Strengths and Weaknesses!

Ornithomimus Strengths and Weaknesses

Ornithomimus is a fast and hard hitting dodgestrich. As in Dodging ostrich. With its Evasive Strike, it’s got the possibility to dodge some pretty hefty hits and still come out alive. Its 131 Speed stat also makes it blazing fast, as you either need a Velociraptor or a speed boosted dinosaur to outspeed it! And its Attack stat, while not as high as other dinosaurs, can still put a good dent in your dinosaur. Impact and Run also allows it to run away to another dino waiting and come back in later to haunt you again.

However, Ornithomimus struggles a bit with its lower Health Stat. While it isn’t really that low, 3646 isn’t low, against a Speed Boosted chomper it will struggle a lot. It also struggles against things with Nullifying that can remove the Evasive effect it puts up with Evasive Strike. The moves it has also don’t pierce Armor or break Shields, so using those would be useful as well. Priority hits like Instant Charge or Instant Rampage also give it issues, due to it not being able to act first. So at best bring Nullifying, Priority Strikes, Shields and/or Armor to deal with Ornithomimus!

Proceratosaurus Strengths and Weaknesses

Proceratosaurus got a bit of a buff (again) in update 1.8. It has received another Attack buff, and with that Attack stat and two Impacts it can hit really, really hard. It was one of the stars in my Common/Rare Tournament team and it proved it can do some work. Distracting and Slowing Impact allow for Survivability and Speed Control, while Nullifying Strike can disable any opponent from setting up a Ferocious effect or putting up Shields to reduce damage. Its 125 Speed might not be the fastest, but it can at least outspeed some chompers without a lot of speed investment. 

However, just like Ornithomimus, Proceratosaurus has two major weaknesses: Low Health and no Armor Piercing moves. So bringing tanks to this battle allows you to take reduced damage for each move it has. Proceratosaurus also doesn’t have Immunity, so it can be slowed down! Superiority Strike is especially useful, as it also cleanses the Distraction effect by Distracting Impact! So try and bring some heavy Armor or high Health Superiority Strike users to this fight!

Procerathomimus Strengths and Weaknesses

Procerathomimus, the Star of this Strike Event, is not to be messed with. Being in High Apex in our Tier List, it hits incredibly hard with its chomper rivaling high Attack stat and Distracting Rampage. Nullifying Strike also allows it to take down any Shields or Ferocity effects, so don’t try those against it. 131 Speed allows it to act first almost every time unless you’re either a Velociraptor or have enough Speed Boost investment in your creatures. 

However, there is one glaring weakness with Procerathomimus: low Health combined with Swap-in Nullification! Swap-in Nullification only removes positive effects and doesn’t do any damage. So basically Procerathomimus will swap in on you to give you a free hit! And with its lower Health (for a level 30 dinosaur) landing a big hit on it will help you tremendously! Try and make the first move either an Impact, a Rampage or something like a Speedup Strike so you can outspeed it the turn after! It also can’t use Distracting Rampage on T1, so it’ll only hit you with a Nullifying Strike! Use that free swap in turn to maximize the damage on it!

What do I bring?

First off: I’m breaking my rules again. This Strike Event is quite hard for just Common/Rare/Epic creatures. So in this case I will be listing Legendary and Unique creatures as well. Maybe the Unique creatures aren’t needed, but I will be listing them anyways to help you with your dinosaur choices. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum. Also, I promise that I won’t always break my own rules. Ludia has just given us two back-to-back hard Themed Strikes. So don’t get used to the Legendary/Unique creatures being listed!

This Strike Event has some hard hitters and it isn’t forgiving if you go in unprepared. So first of all: try to think of a strategy to beat this Strike Event before you go in. Two of the dinosaurs have Immunity, so Slowing won’t do you extremely well, unless the Slowing move in question is Superiority Strike. That also helps to cleanse Distraction. You’ll want to bring at least two heavy hitters, preferably faster than 131 Speed. Dinosaurs like Utasinoraptor, Pyrritator, Magnapyritor and Erlidominus require little boosting effort to be faster, while the powerful Unique chompers like Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex and Trykosaurus need to be at least T6 (!) in Speed to outspeed them. So try and keep it to the speedsters if you don’t have a T6 chomper. 

Furthermore, I’d advise to also bring two tanks. Good ones to bring would be Stegodeus and Tragodistis. Monostegotops and Nodopatotitan could also be brought, but they have their own issues. Monostegotops being weak to Distraction, and Nodopatotitan not really having high damage output. Both have their strong points too, so consider them if you have them appropriately levelled.

Try and hit Procerathomimus as hard as possible when it swaps in. Reducing its Health to the minimum you can is key to success if you’re lower levelled. I cannot stress enough that you need to deal with Procerathomimus as quickly as possible before it gets its Distracting Rampage up! Use Dracorex Gen 2 or Dracoceratops if needed!

So in short: Bring two hard hitting dinosaurs, preferably faster than 131 Speed, and two tanks with high Armor and Health. Superiority Strike is great to have too. Hit Procerathomimus as hard as possible when it swaps in and get rid of it quickly!

Rewards and Parting Words

If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be awarded with a Procerathomimus Epic Incubator. You’ll receive 200 guaranteed Procerathomimus DNA alongside the regular Epic Incubator DNA and coins. Epic Incubator DNA and coins amounts vary on your player level.

This Strike Event is one of the more difficult one to face, but the reward is awesome! Procerathomimus currently doesn’t have a hybrid yet, but it can receive one in the future, so getting DNA for it is always a good thing! Were you successful? Let us know on our Discord Server, which you can join by clicking the button down below! We hope to see you on there!

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