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Raids! Raids are excitement, ooooh raids! Raids are adventure! The introduction of raids in 2.0 brought about a fun and challenging aspect of the game with some great DNA rewards. Like any other function that requires a team effort, there is a level of etiquette that should be followed but seems lacking at times.


It can be frustrating when the help you are looking for doesn’t arrive right away, but it’s important to exercise patience when seeking raid partners. Players can be busy for a variety of reasons or just not viewing that media in that moment.

Also, be patient with your raid partners. Sometimes things don’t go the right way or someone makes a mistake. It’s just that – a mistake – don’t treat someone poorly over it, no matter how frustrated you may feel. Turn those moments in to teaching or coaching moments. Helping a player understand what went wrong can help prevent similar mistakes from replicating.


Going hand in hand with patience is availability. How many times has someone come around looking for some raid assistance, you volunteer your time, and then they go unresponsive? When you are asking for assistance, please make a conscious effort to check back from time to time, especially if you are tagged. If something came up in the time you were waiting, just drop a note to that effect, even if nobody has responded.

Blind Invitations

Most raids require a level of coordination that can’t be achieved via blind invitations. Don’t take it personally if someone rejects your invitation, and don’t continue to spam that person with invites. They are likely busy in the arena, running a scent, or would prefer to go in under a coordinated effort.


We all have our favorite creatures, and this is an opportunity to showcase them. However, not all creatures fit all raid molds. Be open to flexibility if whatever you want to try just isn’t working. This is not just your time the group is on.

Also, be open to using outside communication methods for coordination. Platforms such as Discord offer multiple channels and even voice chat which are great to assist with communication. GamePress Discord has several channels available for all your raiding needs!

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Most players who are taking time to help teammates and “outsiders” complete raids aren’t doing it to be fawned over in the end. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel better to know someone appreciates your time and effort. Always say thank you, even if the efforts fail.


Raids have offered another fun aspect of the game, and it’s truly amazing to see the community come together. Developing and sharing strategies and carrying players through takes a lot of time. Ultimately, raidiquette is about respecting everyone’s time. Cheers and happy raiding to you!

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