Rare and Common Skills Tournament: Top 25 Dinos according to the Sims

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Common and Rare Skills Tournament

Hello again Explorers! For the 3rd weekend in a row, we have another skills tournament slated for this weekend and it is going to feature Common and Rare dinos. Here are the details on it:

Tournament Info

CR Tourney Requirements


  • Creatures
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Regular and hybrids
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled


CR Tourney Rewards

With the entry fee being 15 HC less than the participation prize you might as well enter and play one battle. Even if you only win a couple of games, you will at least make a profit from it. 

Best Rare and Common Dinos

Just like last weekend, there are a LOT of dinos to choose from for this skills tournament. And once again they could be dinos that you haven't played with for a while. And with the lower rarity requirements, this tournament should be available to more players overall.  In total, there are 81 different creatures you can play with. 

So which Dinos are the best?

To answer that we went back to our Battle Simulator tool and did a simulation of all common and rare dinos against each other. 

Before we reveal the results though, our usual disclaimer. This tool is a great way for us to see how creatures do in a 1v1 situation, but keep in mind we play with a 4 dino team. This simulator takes into account swap out move damage, but the dino doesn't actually swap out to another dino. And it only uses swap in moves about 50% of the time. So any creature with a swap in or swap out move may not show favorable and could still be a good option on your team. 

Because we love infographics, we created one to show the top 25 common and rare creatures. To the right of each image you will see the win (green), loss (red), and tie (blue) percentages. A tie occurs when either the match exceeds a certain maximum number of moves or (more often) when a bleed causes both dinos to be dead at the end of a match. 

Huge shout out to our artist OrangeRex for putting together this graphic! So without further ado, here are the top 25 Rare and Epic dinos ranked in order according to the simulator we ran:

top common and rare tournaments

Rounding out the top 50

Just to give a perspective of who made the top 50 cut here is rank 26-50. 

Rare and Epic Dinos Rank 26-50
Rank Name Rarity WinPercent LossPercent TiePercent
26 Allosaurus Common 62.14 37.69 0.17
27 Argentinosaurus Rare 60.47 38.27 1.27
28 Diplotator Rare 59.92 40.08 0.00
29 Gorgosaurus Rare 59.20 39.50 1.30
30 Tarbosaurus Common 58.42 41.52 0.06
31 Tuojiangosaurus Rare 56.91 41.32 1.72
32 Iguanodon Common 54.27 42.60 3.11
33 Utahraptor Rare 55.75 44.25 0.00
34 Baryonyx Gen 2 Rare 52.64 44.52 2.84
35 Nasutoceratops Rare 53.24 45.75 0.55
36 Einiasuchus Rare 53.30 46.48 0.05
37 Charlie Rare 52.11 47.89 0.00
38 Irritator Rare 50.55 46.81 2.64
39 Dilophosaurus Rare 50.25 47.58 2.17
40 Megalosaurus Rare 50.45 48.07 1.47
41 Majundasuchus Rare 51.16 48.84 0.00
42 Quetzalcoatlus Rare 51.06 48.88 0.00
43 Scolosaurus Common 49.98 48.89 1.13
44 Arambourgiania Rare 48.84 50.06 1.04
45 Triceratops Gen 2 Common 48.19 49.61 2.20
46 Stegosaurus Common 47.14 49.02 3.78
47 Echo Rare 48.11 51.89 0.00
48 Triceratops Rare 45.62 52.56 0.57
49 Velociraptor Common 45.19 54.81 0.00
50 Parasaurolophus Common 45.05 54.95 0.00

Dracorex Gen 2

Once again, one of our favorite dinos to hate, Dracorex Gen 2 (or the OG rat), isn't listed anywhere on the top 50 results. Since this dino solely relies on its swap in damage, for the most part, it doesn't do well in the simulator results. However, that doesn't mean it isn't a good option in this tournament. 2400 swap in damage is nothing to scoff at and something to think about when building the rest of your team. 

Building your team

First of all, don't just pick the top 8 and go with those. As we mentioned, the sim is a head to head match up visualization so there are plenty of dinos that work well on a team that may not necessarily be in the top 25. And some of them may just end up being set up fodder for the next dino. There is a LOT of dinos to choose from in this tournament so experiment and see what works best for you. Ideally, you want a diverse group so you need speed, armor, tanks and probably a couple of counter attackers as well.

Suchotator once again shows how versatile it is for a rare creature coming out on top in the sims. It can bleed, nullify and distract with a decent HP pool to boot. It can be a decent starting dino, or you can leave it to the end and force people to make a choice. You'll want to think about running some creatures with immune or cleanse so it doesn't have a chance to bleed or distract you. 

As mentioned above, Dracorex Gen2 (DG2) is probably going to be very prevalent in this tournament. Keep that in mind when selecting your team because anything that has less than 2400 HP (like the Raptors) has a chance to immediately get one shot. Unlike its hybrid Dracoceratops, DG2 is also very unlikely to be able to get in and out of a match easily. So use it wisely if you do decide to put it on your team.

Since we'll have DG2 running around everywhere, you might want to think about running something that can take it out after it comes in. Postosuchus is a guaranteed kill on DG2. Marsupial Lion can take it out in 2 turns with Minor Rend and then Rending Takedown. 

With all the creatures there are to play with, feel free to change your team to suit your needs and playstyle. There will be a lot of variance in the top teams so go with what works for you, not just what other people are using. And make sure to practice! Some of these are newer creatures with moves you might not be familiar with. Grab an alliance mate and do some friendlies so you get familiar with the team you plan to run. 

Concluding Thoughts

For the most part, people have been pretty positive about these weekend tournaments. This is the 3rd skilled tournament in a row so it makes us wonder if the next one will be boosted. Our discord has already been buzzing about their teams and what will be the best dinos to have. While the simulator isn't the end all be all hopefully it helps you get an idea of what dinos might be good to use. Since this is a skills tournament, all the creature levels are set and friendly battles will be a great way to practice. Try a variety of different dinos and see what works best for you. Most importantly, have fun! Make sure to join our discord to get in on the discussion as well! 

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