Scent Guide: How They Work and How to Use Them

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Explorers! Do you want to make the most out of your scents? Then this guide is for you! Huge thanks to OrigamiRobot from our Discord server for being the contributing author for this article. 

Let’s start off with an overview before we get into the nitty gritty.

  • Scents attract creatures based on the area you’re in (or a predefined pool in the case of Themed Scents)

  • Every 2 minutes, there is a spawn event denoted by a smoke swirl effect around the spawned creature..  If you are moving, there are two spawn events instead.

  • Rare and Epic Scents guarantee the first spawn is of their respective rarity and have an increased chance for those rarities thereafter.

Now for those sweet details!

Where to get Scents

Generally, there are 4 basic types of Scents: Small, Large, Rare, and Epic.  There are also various Themed Scents, but those are distributed in various ways during events and such.  The concrete ways to get the 4 basic Scent types are:

Use Hard Cash to buy from the Store

  • A 5 pack of Small Scents can be purchased for 50HC

  • A Rare Scent can be purchased for 200HC

  • An Epic Scent can be purchased for 1000HC

From Supply Drops

  • Up to 2 Small scents can be collected per day from Supply Drops

Strike Towers

  • Rare Scent Strikes can reward a Small/Large/Rare/Epic Scent at rates of 35%/40%/20%/5%, respectively

  • Epic Scent Strikes can reward a Large/Rare/Epic Scent ay rates of 50%/30%/20%, respectively

How to use Scents

This is pretty simple. You open your inventory and tap on the scent you want to use.  You will immediately be greeted by a single spawn within your small radar circle. In the case of Rare and Epic Scents, this spawn is guaranteed to be of the corresponding rarity as the scent. For any spawn, this creature is also guaranteed to be from whichever Local/Park you happen to be in at the time. After 2 minutes, that spawn will disappear (if not darted) and a new spawn will appear, again within your small radar circle.  If your location is approximately 50 meters away from your previous Scent spawn, 2 creatures will spawn instead. You don’t have to be actually moving at the 2 minute mark, you just have to be 50 meters away by that time. This cycle repeats every 2 minutes until the scent is used up. There are no spawns for 0:00. Small Scents last for 5 minutes while Large, Rare, and Epic last for 20.

Where to use Scents

Well, that all depends on what you are hunting. The 4 basic Scents pull from the Local, Park, Global, and Hybrid Pursuit creature pools. They DO NOT affect Daily creatures or Nests!  While that may be disappointing to some, others will find it good to know this makes Scents the best way to hunt for Local creatures. The breakdown of what each scent can spawn is as follows:

common scent capsule chances
rare scent chances
epic scent chances

Within those rarities, the chances are broken down even further: 

scent pie chart

This breakdown applies to any rarity.  Here, “Any” refers to any Global/Local/Park creature.  No Arena, Daily, or Hybrid Pursuit creatures are in the Any pool.  Local/Park should be self explanatory, as should Global. The striped section represents the Hybrid Pursuit.  It’s striped because for all rarities that don’t currently have a Hybrid Pursuit, this chunk defaults back to Global. 

To use these charts together, simply multiply the rarity you want to know about by the location. So the chances of finding a Global Epic using a Common Scent can be found by multiplying 0.0103 by 0.237: 0.0024411 (0.24411%).  This number is per spawn, so it should be multiplied by the number of spawns you expect to get out of the scent.This will tell you the average number of Global Epics you will get out of the Scent (0.046 Epics per Common Scent at 19 spawns each).

In Conclusion

Phew, that’s a lot of info!  Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how scents work and can maximize your hunting capabilities! Make sure to join our discord for more discussion! 

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