Skoonasaurus: Tower of Terror

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Did you really think there was going to be a serious article today? People please look at the calendar. So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about a creature that was buffed in the most recent patch. I was going to do this on Archaeotherium, but that got buffed to the point where it has SOME mediocre use. However, Ludia pulled a funny joke on this creature by giving it 50 extra attack and 50% distraction resistance. That’s right, we’re talking about Iguanodon.


Let’s look at the base stats and abilities. This common boasts 4350 hp, 1150 attack, and 112 speed. These stats aren’t bad for a common, but what is bad is the moveset of Iguanodon, being a priority 1.5x heal and cleansing strike. Ludia were nice enough to give it a resistance, but unfortunately, that resistance is completely useless as both of Iguanodon’s moves cleanse all negative effects. All of this combines to make one of the worst creatures in the game.

In battle

When it comes to pvp, you literally cannot pick a worse creature. Archaeotherium has passed its spot as the worst creature in the arena to Iguanodon with the last patch. In fact, the Archaeotherium buff now allows it to kill Iguanodon about 75% of the time,  giving Iguanodon only 1 winning matchup: Dimorphodon. And why is Dimorphodon not the worst creature in the game? Well if you can swap in and take something like Ardentismaxima or Geminititan down with you, you are definitely NOT the worst of the worst. 

Now what about raids? Well, there is 0 point in using this common. All rare and epic raids have strategies that use no healers at all. And if you think it's going to be useful in any legendary strategies, well you're out of your mind. No matter where you go, there is always something that can do things better.

Using it in battle

The best time to use Iguanodon is to, before the battle, go to your team select and choose literally any other creature you can. This thing should never see the light of day.

Closing Remarks

So that’s Iguanodon. Unfortunately, no matter what game like this you play, there will always be a worst creature in the game, and with the most recent patch, Archaeotherium hopped ahead of poor Iguanodon. In order to see any use, Iguanodon will need a major overhaul in its stats and kit. But yeah I’m sorry for robbing you all of your Skoonasaurus article (that will come some time in the future, so don’t fret). I hope you all have a wonderful April 1st and make sure you take down that boss.

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