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Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we cover the most difficult Strike Events! This time, we’re up against a powerful Spinotahraptor and its two hybrid components Spinosaurus and Utahraptor! These Epic and Rare creatures are high levelled, so taking them down isn’t as easy as you might think! Let’s go over them!

Overview of Opponents and Infographic

As always, huge shout out to our graphic artist, OrangeHeart for creating this awesome graphic. 

As you can see, these creatures are all relatively quick: 122 Speed or faster. They also have quite the powerful kits, mostly involving DoT, Critical Attacks and Distracting! Let’s go over all of them and see how they function!


As the star of this Strike Event, Spinotahraptor will probably be the one you’ll have the most issues with. It’s the most versatile of the bunch, with Distracting, DoT and Critical Attacks in its kit! Its 126 Speed isn’t the fastest, but it allows it to outspeed a lot of creatures in the game, unless they’re boosted though. It’s 1702 damage also allows it to hit quite hard, especially with the Distracting Rampage and Critical Impact. Tanks aren’t safe against it either due to its Gashing Wound attack.  So it can deal with a lot of dinosaurs!

What it can’t deal with however, are Immune creatures. Immunity completely ignores the Distraction and DoT effects, which helped Spinotahraptor survive attacks better. 3938 Health, while respectable, isn’t high against a chomper. And seeing how there are plenty of speedboosted chompers running around, depleting that Health shouldn’t be as hard of a thing to do. If you don’t have a speedboosted chomper/heavy hitter, use Slowing moves instead. Decreasing its Speed allows you to attack twice in a row, which will also rack up damage quickly. So in short: Use Immunity to negate Distraction and DoT, use Speedboosted heavy hitters or decrease its Speed!


The ‘bandit of Utah’ is here, ready to dish out some big damage! It has a 2x and 1.5x multiplier at its disposal, with the 1.5 multiplier having a 45% chance of being a 1.875x multiplier. So as you can see, Utahraptor can really dish out some high damage. Its 128 Speed is also quite fast, especially if you haven’t boosted anything. 

However, look at the Health stat and you can be a little relieved. 3058 Health isn’t very high, and almost every good Superiority Strike user can dish out that much damage in a couple of turns. So try and use Superiority Strike users against this one. If you haven’t got good Superiority Strike users, try and use Slowing/Decelerating attacks against it from Sauropods or Ceratopsians. Sauropods have high Health, so they can take some attacks and hit it back quite hard. Ceratopsians can stun Utahraptor to death. And if all else fails, use our loved/hated Dracorex G2 or its hybrid Dracoceratops!


This big bleeder specializes in DoT damage. With two bleeding moves in its arsenal and great Health that allows it to fire them off, Spinosaurus is a big problem for tanks, or anything that doesn’t have Immunity! 122 Speed isn’t bad by any means either, however it does fall onto the slower end of the speed tiers, especially with boosts being around! 

Spinosaurus lacks damage. 1033 Attack is quite low for a level 30, so its main damage output is from the DoT. So if you can negate that, Spinosaurus really can’t do much against you. So using anything with either Immunity or Cleansing will help you out. If you’re having trouble getting through its Health pool, you can always choose to give it a taste of their own medicine by using DoT against it.


As you can see, we’re getting a mixed bag on this Strike. High Health and lower Health. All sorts of move effects coming to us. Mixed Speed tiers. Therefore, it’s not as easy as you might think to take these creatures down. You’ll need a mix of different sorts of creatures. Down below I’ll quickly summarize what you might want to use and why:

  • Immunity – Immunity is a no-brainer here. Not having to worry about the Distraction and DoT effects really helps you out. Most Immune creatures tend to have decent damage too, so use them if you’re able to.

  • Slowing/Superiority Strike – These two types of moves help you out with gaining Speed advantage. Especially useful against Utahraptor and Spinotahraptor.

  • Damage over Time – Useful against both Spinosaurus and Spinotahraptor, this gives them a taste of their own medicine. Suchotator in particular is useful as a DoT user. 

  • Distraction – If you’re having trouble surviving the big attacks, try using Distraction as a method of dealing with the damage. Reducing their damage makes this battle a lot easier!

  • Speedboosted heavy hitters – These creatures are perfect for this job. If you have any heavy hitters above 128 Speed, use them!

  • Dracorex G2/Dracoceratops – These two can be used as a means to finish off a weakened dinosaur you otherwise can’t finish off. Definitely use them if you’re a bit lower levelled!


If you beat this Strike Event you’ll be rewarded with a Spinotahraptor Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find 200 Spinotahraptor DNA on top of the Epic Incubator DNA and coins! 

This Strike Event is challenging but with the right strategy you’ll get the job done. How did you do it? Share it with us in our Discord! You’ll find a link to it in the button down below! We hope to see you on there!

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