Thylacotator Strike!

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Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we take a look at Jurassic World Alive’s most difficult Strike Events! This time, we’re going to cover the Thylacotator Strike! This Epic Strike features two DoT Hybrids as well as some Rending action! How do we take down these hybrids? Let’s find out! But first, a disclaimer:

These strikes with 3 level 30's are extremely challenging for low level players. If your highest rarity creature is an epic, you are going to really struggle to beat this strike, particularly because any set of three level 30's is going to mean you need to survive a long time to win and teams of lower level creatures generally can't kick out the damage necessary to do so.

Now we’re going to take a look at the dinosaurs in this Strike Event with another awesome Infographic by our Artist Orange Rex!

Thlyacotator Strike

As you can see, there is a lot of variety here. Rending, Instant Distraction, Bleeding, Nullifying, Slowing: all of these moves AND MORE are in this Strike Event! Therefore, we will need some great variety of our own to deal with this. Let’s go over the dinosaurs themselves and see how they function!

Marsupial Lion

Marsupial Lion is an interesting case of a dinosaur. All of its damaging moves are Rending attacks except its 0.25 counter. The percentages of those Rending attacks allow it to do 94% of the opponent's damage in TWO turns! And that is with it not having landed a single Critical Hit. And it has a 40% chance to land one! There is a very, VERY big chance that Marsupial Lion will take out whatever dinosaur you have in two turns!

To counter Marsupial Lion, you’ll want to Distract the Rending Attacks, otherwise, you’ll get two-shot. Make sure you get those Rending Attacks as low damage as possible! Any Distraction move will do, but Debilitating Distraction or Instant Distraction will do the best at reducing the damage. It also has a big Health pool to drain, so you can use Rending Attacks against it, or DoT! Suchotator, Purutaurus and their Hybrids are good options to do so, as they can Instant Distract that Rending Takedown!


Suchotator is another powerful Rare you need to take down. This versatile dinosaur relies on Nullifying and DoT attacks to hurt you! With its big Health pool, it’s also one of the trickier dinosaurs to take out! 116 Speed is also a relatively decent speed tier. With Lethal Wound, it is one of the more passive damage dealers. However, from what we’ve learned from previous Strike Events, Suchotator will start attacking by using Nullifying Impact. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Using this knowledge, you can bleed Suchotator with your own bleeder. You can swap in a Dimodactylus with over 1952 Health, and then Lethal Wound it. Your Dimodactylus will die, but Suchotator will be very low on Health and it will be prime to a revenge kill by something like Gorgosuchus or Postimetrodon. Immunity is also a very useful thing against Suchotator, as the DoT won’t affect it at all! Indominus G2 will be very useful against it if the Nullifying Impact has been removed!


Thylacotator combines all the good aspects of Marsupial Lion and Suchotator and combines them into one lethal package. Lethal Wound and Rending Takedown should be able to twoshot any dinosaur in the game that doesn’t have Immunity or Cleansing. It can also swap in safely thanks to Swap-In Distraction! With a high Health stat it is just as difficult to take down as the other two, so be very prepared when facing this one!

Thylacotator is manageable when using Immune Distracters. Dinosaurs like Monomimus will take down Thylacotator relatively easy, as the DoT effect is negated and they can Distract the Rending Takedown, reducing its damage to 30 or 0%! If you don’t have those, capitalize on the turn it switches in by using a Cleansing move or Superiority Strike to take a chunk out of its Health, or inflict DoT on it! Suchotator and other DoT users should be able to do this very well.


If you beat this Strike Event you will receive a Thylacotator Epic Incubator! In it you will find 200 guaranteed Thylacotator DNA and the regular Epic Incubator rewards on top of that! This contains a big amount of coins and DNA whose amount varies on your player level.

Parting Words

This Strike Event is a difficult one, but completing it will reward you with some very valuable DNA! Thylacotator is a super-hybrid, so it almost guaranteed won’t get a hybrid in the future. This means you can level it up all the way when you unlock it! How did you do in this Strike Event? Were you successful? Let us know in our Discord and talk with us on everything about JWA! We hope to see you on there!

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