Weekly Events July 22-28: Featured Creatures and Scents on Sale

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Weekly Events and Specials

Explorers! The weekly featured creatures have been announced and there are some special scents in the store this week as well! We will break down what do dart, what you can expect from the strike events, and is the scent worth it?

Featured Creatures

Similar to last week, the theme this week isn't the most exciting we have seen: Immune. There are still some useful dinos (especially for those still working towards some legendary hybrids) so here is our thoughts on what to dart. 

weekly events

For the Common dinos, you have a chance to dart Dimetrodon Gen 2, Gallimimus, or Ophiacodon. Dime Gen 2 and Ophicodon both have decent hybrids (in fact Ankylocodon was quite good in this last tournament). You can find Dime Gen2 in Local 1 during the day and Ophiocodon as a daily spawn on Wednesdays. We always think going after incubator or arena exclusive dinos is always the best option so in this case, Gallimimus would be your best option. Those of us having it coming out of our ears may not be as inclined to dart anything at the beginning of the week, but it's a great option for newer players. 

For Rare dinos you have the option of Ankylocodon, Dimetrodon, or Ornithomimus. Ankylocodon can be found in the wild as a daily spawn on Wednesdays and Ornithomimus is a global spawn. Both are good options, but we think the clear choice here is Dimetrodon. It is an L3 spawn, but you are going to need a lot of it when you start fusing for the Tyrant Unique Magnapyritator. 

Finally for the Epic dinos you have the choice between Postimetrodon, Procerathomimus, and Secodontosaurus. Postimetrodon is an L2 dweller that is a component of the hybrid Tryostronix. If you run this on your team, darting Posti can save you some fuses (as well as Dime DNA). Secodontosaurus can be found in L3 and got a hybrid last patch so if you haven't This is the 3rd week in a row we have seen Procerathoimimus as an option to dart so this might be a good option if you didn't go for it in previous weeks. This epic hybrid is a great end game option and it doesn't have a hybrid yet so this could be the best option out of the 3 since there is speculation of a future hybrid. 

To see where you can find all of these dinos, make sure to check out our spawn mechanics. 

Strike Event Theme

The theme for the strike events is Debuff. That means you have a chance to get the following creatures in those incubators:

Dilophosaurus Gen2, Diplocaulus, Monolophosaurus Gen 2, Diplocaulus Gen2, Koolasuchuchus Gen2, Proceratosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Monolophosaurus, and Koolasuchus

On Friday, there is a themed one step Procerathomimus epic strike we are assuming will consist of level 30 Procerathomimus, Ornithomimus, and Procerataurus. This will gurantee at least 200 DNA of Procerathomimus along with a regular epic incubator. Sunday will also have a one step epic Debuff themed incubator that will be a level 24 Koolasuchus, level 25 Monolophosaurus, and a level 26 Dilophosaurus. We will have strike guides for both of these events so be sure to check back when those go live! 

Themed Scent

This week also features a themed scent, which we haven't seen in a while. For 200 HC you can get a rare crocodilian scent that has the following dinos:


crocodilian scent

Kapro and Posto are the only guaranteed rares and there is a very slim chance to get an epic Gryposuchus. Talking with others on our discord, it is the general consensus that this scent isn't really worth the cash since there aren't many dinos that people need. The original scent did not include Purussaurus Gen, but it looks like that has been added and that is an incubator exclusive creature. We aren't sure if that is worth the cash,but if you are struggling to find Kaprosuchus, Postosuchus or any of the common dinos, this could be a good option for you. 

In Conclusion

Not a super exciting week, but there are still some good dinos available depending on what level of the game you are in. Some of us will be taking it easy again, but the strike events are always good to attempt since that is free DNA. And I am hoping for a lot of Monolophosaurus to go towards the newly promoted Tyrant Dino Monostegotops. Make sure to join our discord for more discussion and to stay up to date with all of the events! 

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