What to expect when faced with the unexpected #1: Einiasuchus

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Before we start the actual article I just want to give a massive shout out to Jimbohi from our Discord Server as the author of this article! This article wouldn’t be there without him!

From Aviary upwards we all know what we’re going to face. It can become so repetitive that we can sometimes even map out the battle before it even happens. So what do we do when we are faced with something different? Most of the time we scramble to work out what to do next? In this series I will try and cover some of the more different but not completely strange encounters a lot of us are facing. We wouldn’t consider them common, but they still pop up here and there. I will be taking boosts into account for this because they play a massive role in the matchups we are seeing.

In this article I will be talking about Einiasuchus! It’s a fan favorite dinosaur in our Discord (especially with our Admin Dr. Reebecca!) and it can definitely pack a punch if you are underestimating it! Let’s go over the basic stats and its moves with the help of our incredible artist Orange Rex! He’s made an awesome profile of this dinosaur!

Einiasuchus is easy to level, as its components Einiosaurus (Local 2 Anytime Common) and Nundasuchus (Global Anytime Common) are really easy to find. Einiasuchus is quite common in lower Arenas, but what should you do when you meet one that’s level 30 and boosted? Down below you’ll see a prime example of what you could face! This is what you might see if you face CincyD99 in the arena!

Einiasuchus can easily leave you stunned (unless it's mine)! It has access to amazing moves and it has good stats which can really put a dent in your team if it is left unchecked! Right now, I’ll be going over the pros and cons of having Einiasuchus in your team in high Arenas. Let’s get into them!

Pros of Einiasuchus on your team

I will start with the pros of having Einiasuchus on your team. As explained above it’s very easy to farm if you’re in Local 2 or spend any time there. Einiosaurus is really easy to find there and Nundasuchus is also really easy to find. You can also ask for their DNA in your alliance or work on them in Sanctuaries! Being a Rare creature allows you to use it in lower Arena’s as well. That way you can keep it on your team all the way to the top. Another positive is that Einiasuchus can be used in a lot of Tournaments. Rare creatures often get allowed in the Weekend Tournaments, so you can keep your trusted Einiasuchus in your team!

You will surprise a lot of people in the Arena when you send your Einiasuchus out. Because it isn’t used often, people will have to check its moves and stats and decide how to counter you! Every now and again you’ll see the timer drop down to 0 because they couldn’t decide what to do! And you’ll need to decide quickly, because Einiasuchus’ damage output is insane. Down below I’ll share some numbers using the screenshot above:

T1: Ferocious Strike for 3.1k damage, T2 Greater Stunning Impact for 4.7k damage and on T3 another 3.1k damage! That’s nearly 11k damage to deal with in three turns! And with the Stun in the middle, it delays your opponent even more. It also gives you the chance to switch out your Einiasuchus or to keep the Speed advantage with Decelerating Strike!

It’s best to use Einiasuchus when cleaning up a dinosaur that’s in Ferocious Strike range. That way the opponent has to take a big Ferocious boosted Greater Stunning Impact! Once you add in Adrenaline Pulse, which allows Einiasuchus to heal 25% and Cleanse with priority, it becomes a really formidable opponent. And let’s not forget the 20% Armor that’ll be useful against those powerful Erlidominus and surprise attacks from Dracoceratops, even when lower on Health!

Cons of having Einiasuchus on your team

Now let’s talk about the cons. While Einiasuchus really shines as a clean-up dinosaur there are plenty of counters to it and there are a number of 1v1’s that you can’t win against a lot of the Tyrant and Apex tier dinosaurs. The fusing is also really time consuming, as it takes a massive amount of time to fuse it for another level. In the Arena, fast Thoradolosaurs or any heavy hitters are going to stop you very quickly. The Armor and Ferocity won’t matter unless you’re faster! The other major roadblock is going to be anything with a good counter and Shield. Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus are prime examples. They will keep your damage low whilst chipping your Health down to zero. Bleeders can be an issue too if you’ve already used your Adrenaline Pulse or if they start to let you guess what the best move is: Cleanse the DoT to keep my Einiasuchus healthy, or kill the bleeder but sacrifice Einiasuchus in the process. No matter what, the biggest advice I can give is to NOT use Einiasuchus as a starter, as more often than not you won’t win the opening 1v1.

Countering Einiasuchus

Your best bet to counter a high levelled or high boosted Einiasuchus is anything that’s faster and has Immunity. The Stun and Decelerating Strike won’t affect you and you should be able to bring it down before it can do any real damage. Think of dinosaurs like Tryostronix and Magnapyritor. Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur are great counters as you cannot pierce their Armor or Shield. They need to time the Shields and Distraction properly though, as otherwise you still hit them very hard! Bleeders like Spinotasuchus and Erlikospyx will also work, but these are risky because of the high damage Einiasuchus has. If you’re prepared for the Adrenaline Pulse you can definitely use them to whittle down Einiasuchus. My top recommendations would be Magnapyritor, Tryostronix, Thoradolosaur if you’re faster, Trykosaurus and Diorajasaur. If you’re in a pinch, even tanks like Tragodistis and Stegodeus can help you out!

Parting Words

We hope this article has helped you out! It’s always fun to see unexpected dinosaurs pop up in the Arena at higher tiers, as it breaks the tradition of just the same dinosaurs always being used! If you did enjoy this article, be sure to keep tuned! We’re planning on releasing more of these sorts of articles in the future! Big thank you to our writer jimbohi for assembling this article! So if you want to keep up with what we’re doing, follow us on our social media platforms and join our Discord server! It’s a great place where you can chat with loads of other JWA enthusiasts! We hope to see you on there!

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