Why We Need Boost Resets for Individual Dinosaurs

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Why We Need Boost Resets for Individual Dinosaurs

Ludia has been great about releasing new content, averaging a patch every 2-3 months, and every single one has included at least six new dinosaurs or hybrids (if not more).

Over the last 6 patches, we've noticed a few trends. 

  • First, it seems as though a player can create each of the new dinosaurs with each new patch (with above average play). It isn't easy, but usually it's doable.
  • Second, unless you're playing an extreme amount, those newly unlocked creatures likely will not be at team level. In part, this is due to some components being locked behind arena-exclusives. Another reason tends to be that a new hybrid is usually needed for a new unique so DNA is not readily prepared (unless you're obsessively darting everything or hitting DNA caps).

So often, despite the usefulness of a new dinosaur (like Erlikospyx) to handle an issue players have been facing or complaining about (like dodge/cloak), it still takes some time for the arena to catch up. Usually... it takes longer than the life of that patch.

Which means, when a new hybrid is introduced to shake up the meta, it often doesn't have a chance to do that for enough players to... well... shake up the meta.

But boosts have exponentially increased the problem. 

(By the way, if you haven't read our patch notes for 1.8, you should check those out below).

How Boosts Exasperate the Issue

Before boosts, sinking DNA and coins into dinosaurs certainly leaves you pot-committed at some point to using those dinosaurs based on the time spent to catch up. Even if you have a dino at level 18 that gets a change making it meta-relevant, bringing it to team level (when you've got a team of level 25 dinos) is incredibly time consuming and difficult. And it only gets worse as your team level increases.

But with boosts, there's a whole new way to sink a resource into dinosaurs that can't be undone. And because it can't be undone, even if something you are sinking boosts into gets nerfed, you may be forced to keep it on your team rather than swapping it out to shift with the meta.

This is a serious problem.

For one, if the goal is to shake up the arena, this will keep it moving even slower towards the goal. Instead of taking four to six months to get a creature (new or existing with new meta relevance) up to team level, now it will take a heck of a lot longer.

And if we don't get a solution to this issue, we'll end up with a stilted arena. So what do we do about it?

We Need A Creature-Level Boost Reset

We need some kind of creature-level boost reset to get out of the investment spent on one dino.

I mean, we saw in 1.7 how a full boost reset for all dinos didn't break anything that wasn't already frustrating with boosts in general. We watched everyone get all their stat boosts back, and redistribute them among dinosaurs differently. And frankly, that one exercise was great.

Lots of us relished the reset just because we could learn from our mistakes and try something different. And that was fun.

But having an item in game that resets all of an individuals boosts might be a bit too much. Instead, if we had something that could be purchased, or something we could get rarely in treasure chests, or something we could get in strike towers.

The point is, having something that allows players to reset the boosts for a single individual creature would be greatly beneficial to allowing people to get out of some of that sunk cost and actually work towards building up new meta-relevant creatures. That would be amazing.

But don't take my word for it. What do you think? Should some form of creature-level boost reset be available?

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