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Written by: Antithesis 

Hello Explorers!

With Ludia now building the hype through recent teasers (the cryptic icon promising a ‘new adventure’, and the pre-release this weekend for two new creatures), we can be sure that Update 1.9 is now just around the corner! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our thoughts on potential rebalancing in our 1.9 Buffs and Nerfs article.

Today, we’re taking a look at which dinosaurs we think might be getting a new hybrid in the upcoming patch, so you can start stocking up on potentially valuable component DNA. That said, if we’ve learned anything in the past, it’s that yesterday’s trash can become tomorrow’s treasure, so the safest bet is always to dart everything you see! 

Potential Hybrid Components


alankyloFirst introduced back in 1.4, Alanky has been completely overlooked for a potential unique super-hybrid since. Even though we have had two Unique flyers recently, Alankylosaurus remains our only Armored Pterosaur, and is also the only one released with 1.4 that is yet to get a hybrid.

Allosaurus Gen 2

allo2Only just released this weekend as a hype-up for 1.9, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it gain a hybrid already. Despite her being limited to this weekend’s pre-release and future special events, Ludia have previously shown no qualms in releasing difficult to unlock/painful to level hybrids as projects for those otherwise at/approaching ‘endgame’ on the collection/leveling side of things.


BrontoIt would be very surprising not to see more Cenozoic hybrids this patch, and Bronto is a prime candidate; a Common creature as yet without one. This is especially true given Brontotherium’s limited availability to date. In recent updates Ludia has often chosen such creatures for powerful hybrids over those that players are more likely to have stockpiled.


EddieRecent hybrids with cool kits (that players are likely to already have invested in!) are often prime super-hybrid candidates. Eddie fits this bill perfectly, and I’m personally super excited for a potential Legendary or even Unique built out of this kit.


ElasmoA similar argument as given for Brontotherium applies to Elasmo; although it has been more accessible as a Daily Rare. We could potentially even see Bronto and Elasmotherium combined together into some kind of super-rhino!


MaiaThe only base Epic left in the game without a hybrid (besides Blue, who is a special case, and of course now Allo Gen2), it would be very surprising for Maia not to receive one. If Miaiasaura’s Swap-In Stun and Instant Rampage carry over to a Legendary or Unique, it could be an exceptionally scary hybrid.

Marsupial Lion

Marsupial LionAnother Daily Rare Cenozoic, Marsupial Lion seems to be no more or less likely to receive a hybrid as Elasmo. Rending abilities are currently only really viable as Counter Attacks, but a strong hybrid with access to Rending Takedown could certainly change that!


NasutoAs previously mentioned for Allo Gen2, there have been previous instances, especially recently, of creatures not accessible by any normal means being given very powerful hybrids (think Dsungaia/Geminititan). Even if unobtainable (or at least unusable) for the vast majority of the player base for the foreseeable future, they do give us all something to work towards, and once unlocked, a fun option for friendlies and relevant ‘Skill Tournaments’. Also, since the introduction of Sanctuaries, a steady stream of this otherwise unobtainable DNA can be gathered in most cases (looking at you Dsungaripterus, though post-1.9 Pterosaurs and Cenezoics may well be able to find a home in Sanctuaries too).

***This article was written prior to the teaser and subsequent leak regarding Carbotoceratops; given the reliability of the source we can consider a Nasutoceratops hybrid all but confirmed.***


PhorusrhacosThis annoying little Terror Bird is another prime Cenozoic hybrid component; especially as Arena Exclusives are frequently prioritised. That said, all Cenozoic creatures are limited in availability, so it is a very difficult call to suggest which we are most likely to see. Of course, all four could become components, or even none, though it would be very surprising not to see any new Cenozoic hybrids.


ProcerathomimusThere’s a strong sense of déjà vu here; an oppressive dodgestrich with hybrid potential has us wondering if Yoshi might receive the same harsh treatment as Monomimus - nerfed into irrelevance to make space for her hybrid. Given the recent dodge changes there seems to be a healthy space for Proceratho to remain relevant, if toned down, with a similar hybrid to take Yoshi’s place at endgame.


ScaphThe only base Pterosaur left without a hybrid, as a more recent addition than the others Scaph may well be overlooked again. However, over recent patches Ludia have ensured almost all base creatures do receive at least one hybrid to keep up motivation for grinding as players progress through the game.


You may have noticed I have spread my bets here, highlighting all remaining base creatures for potential hybrids, and only mentioning a couple of potential super-hybrid candidates. It’s not that I’m aware hybrid teasers (or the patch notes themselves!) could come any day now and make me look silly (okay, it’s a little bit that!), but more wanting to be able to actually present some reasoning. This is not something I felt able to do for many super-hybrids, or base creatures already with a hybrid.

Likewise, proposing what those potential hybrids might be is fun, but much better done as a group rather than me dictating my views to you. If you’re interested in having this discussion, you should definitely jump on our Discord server by following the link below to share your views and see what other players are thinking! We hope to see you there!

And thanks again to Antithesis for this article and his views on what hybrids we might be seeing soon! 

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