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Explorers! We have a little teaser datamine before patch 2.18 goes live! We will probably have more after the update hits, but this was big enough that we thought it warranted an article. Thanks to our expert dataminers jimbohi and ColoMtn! There isn't a whole lot of new info, but we did find descriptions for new creatures that could be coming in-game, as well as possible new raids. So let's get to it! 

Important Disclaimer: Nothing listed in this article is guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment. If you share this information, share it responsibly.

New Creatures

We found descriptions for several possible new creatures we might see in the near future. 

New Dinos


Like modern scorpions, the hyaline layer of the alacranix's exoskeleton reacts to UV light, causing this giant arachnid to glow in the dark!

It looks like Scorpions are coming to the game! This one says it "glows in the dark" and there might be a raid as well so is this a new Apex? 


Alankyloceratops has 17 unique muscles in its neck and wings. As these muscles develop, the superhybrid is better able to support its large head in flight. This fact helps specialists who study the creature: they use the height of the head in flight to determine the age of individuals!

We think Alankylosaurus is finally getting the hybrid it deserves! This creature was actually in the same hybrid poll as Indotaurus so we're hoping they keep the same concept art and creatures.



Unlike the stingers of most scorpions, the tail of Dsungascorpios bears no venom. Instead, the creature's venom is contained in the yellow barbs on its back and tail, which can paralyze at the slightest touch!

This looks like a scorpion hybrid with either Dsungaia or Dsungaripterus. We'll have to see when it's officially announced but it looks interesting. 


This ancient scorpion lives in the carboniferous period. Some fossils suggest it could grow to more than 2 feet in length!

We are assuming this is the creature getting hybridized to make the hybrid above. We found a wikipedia rendering of what they looked like. 


Pyroraptor GEN 2

The feathered Pyroraptor GEN 2 may be more colorful than the Velociraptor, but is just as dangerous. This dinosaur is also an excellent tree-climber.

They indicated we'd be getting more Gen2 creatures and it looks like they are following up on this. Oviraptor 2 and Quetz Gen 2 are coming live in 2.18 and Pyroraptor might be following with a Gen 2 version in the future. 


This bulky pyroraptor hybrid is adapted for hunting in both land and aquatic environments, and can even keep pace with the more slender Pyroraptor on the run!

This looks like it'll be a Pyro Gen 2 hybrid but we can't even begin to guess what it's second ingredient is. There are several creatures with "suchus" in the name so we'll have to see if we get any more information in future datamines. 


One of four lethal Atrociraptors designed to kill, Tiger is a skilled hunter capable of pursuing its prey even across roftops and densely packed urban environments!

We already have Ghost and Red, and it looks like Tiger will be joining the Atrociraptor pack! 



The weight of Tyrannometrodon's dorsal sail and thick skull, both inherited from its Dimetrodon ancestor, make this hybrid significantly slower than other Tyrannosaurs. It specializes in preying on large, slow-moving herbivores.

We assume this is going to be a Dimetrodon hybrid but we aren't sure if it's Gen 1 or Gen 2. We also aren't sure which "Tyrannosaur" it is referring to. Start collecting DNA for all of them just in case! 

New Raid 


We are assuming this is going to be a new Apex raid. Hopefully we'll get more information or teasers soon about it. 

Parting Words

Many thanks to jimbohi and ColoMtn for sharing this information with us! Datamine updates usually come out every Tuesday and we post anything we find in our discord server so make sure to join us in there as not all information goes into an article. What do you think about the new creatures that might be coming? 

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