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Welcome back Explorers! Thanks again to Kelociraptor from our Discord for this article. If you missed her fantastic information about alliance missions, check them out below. Now, she's here to talk about how to recruit for your alliance, or how to find an alliance to join. 

One of the greatest things about alliances is the wide variety available for all player types. How do leaders/proxies find the best recruits to suit their make up? And how do players find a group that caters to their play? We’ll share some advice here on how to best recruit and be recruited to make the most of your alliance experience.

Recruiting well takes time. While there’s no bad time to initiate, Saturday or Sunday may be the best time to start your recruiting or searching as most groups tend to make changes on Monday after weekly mission rewards are received. As a recruiter, be wary of accepting people before the reset. Unfortunately, there are some who will just use you for easy rewards then bounce. As a seeker, understand that a group may not be open to taking you on until Monday. By starting your endeavor a little early, you’ll have plenty of time to make the best decision and be ready to move forward after the reset on Monday.

Recruiting for your Alliance

If you’re thinking of starting fresh, now is probably not the best time to be doing so. The state of the game is still unsettled, and players continue to be leaving at a fairly rapid rate. This leaves previously established alliances scrambling for replacements. Good members are hard to find and even harder to replace. Whether you’re up for the challenge of starting from scratch or already established, here are some tips on making the most of building & maintaining a group.

First, decide what your group is about. Super active, extremely casual, or somewhere in between? International or dedicated to a particular region? Anything in place to help track activity? This is your group, and you can design it how you want! Defining the group allows you to set forth expectations from the start. Summarize what you’re about in your in-game alliance description. Then get on the recruiting trail.

Where can you find players?

There are a variety of places you can go to find players. First, you have inside the app itself. Players can request to join your group, and you can invite in-game friends and recent opponents who are not already tied to an alliance. This can be risky since you will have to establish your expectations in the app chat and hope your new player reads it. I’ve had some great and some not so great luck accepting blind requests over time. 

These next opportunities are all outside of the app and will require you to take some time putting together a blurb to market yourself. The more information you provide in your recruiting post, the more likely you are to draw attention of players who fit your group’s style. Lay out your group dynamic, goals, and expectations. Examples of things to include - is there outside tracking required? Requirement to join a social media outside the app? Minimum player and/or trophy level? Share how you tend to do with alliance missions. If you struggle in any particular missions, specify you prefer players who can help toward them. Be mindful of the tone your words set. Remember, the reaction to written word is in the eye of the beholder. Too direct and dry may turn people away. Once you feel ready, put yourself on the outside and ask yourself if you’d be interested in joining the group as you’ve laid it out. 

Once you’ve put together your recruitment post, place it everywhere allowable. There is an alliances channel in our own Discord server (click the button below to join). The Ludia forum has an Alliances section, and there is a Facebook group dedicated to matching players and alliances. Each place may have their own set of guidelines, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before posting. There may also be other places we are not yet familiar with and will update should we become aware of any others.

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Seeking an Alliance

When looking for an alliance, your sources will be the same as outlined under RECRUITING. You can try to blindly join a group in the app, search the appropriate channel on our Discord server, check out the Alliances section of the Ludia JWA forum, and/or peruse the Facebook group. There will be ads from many alliances seeking out new players, and you can also place an ad to market yourself. Key words - market yourself. The more information you lay out about yourself, the more likely the right opportunities will come knocking. 

Focus on what you makes you a great addition to an alliance. Where will your contributions lie? Are you a generous donor? Do you do your part toward missions? It’s best to avoid dictating what you want out of it, most will be turned off by someone who simply states, “I’m looking for an alliance who shares a lot of DNA”. It doesn’t make you look much like a team player. You will be able to get a feel about what the alliance can offer in return when you chat with the leader or member. It’s just as much your opportunity to vet them as theirs to vet you.

Also, try to avoid expressing ill will toward a previous situation if it ended poorly. The focus shouldn’t be on what happened to you before, it should be about what will be better for you next. Learn from the experience but best to leave the past in the past.

Players looking for alliances are currently in the driver’s seat. Do yourself a favor and don’t jump on the first offer you receive. Take your time to really analyze what each opportunity has to offer and what you will offer in return, and choose the one that best suits you. 


Whether recruiting of seeking, go in with your eyes wide open. If something doesn’t seem or feel right, it probably isn’t. Ask questions. Be open and honest with any asked of you. Once you make your decision, thank your unchosen recruits/suitors for their time, so they know they can move on. Taking care in who you accept or where you land will ultimately be best for all parties involved. 

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