Battle at Big Rock Coming Soon? Naustoceratops released in Jurassic World Evolution

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Article by Jessica Behringer

Many people were disappointed when Battle at Big Rock didn’t showcase before the Hobbs & Shaw movie as it was originally reported. If you aren’t familiar with Battle at Big Rock here’s the basic scoop on it:

  • Sources in Ireland reported animatronics and filming was occurring in January for something related to Jurassic World's franchise
  • Speculation was that filming was for a short film (Battle at Big Rock) to be aired August 2nd before Hobbs & Shaw
  • Mattel released two new toys (Allosaurus and Nasutoceratops) with branding "As seen in Battle At Big Rock" in May.
  • Two months later, a completely separate licensee (Ludia Inc) released an Allosaurus (Gen 2) and a Nasutoceratops in an update to mobile game Jurassic World Alive -- which were quickly removed from the game (but not from the code)\

(Jurassic Outpost, a website devoted to the Michael Crichton IP, covered the Ireland rumors, speculation, and Mattel toys)

Hobbs & Shaw has now come and gone and the long awaited short did not make an appearance. But all hope it seems, is not lost. After it did not hit the theatres as expected, a fan reached out to Jurassic World and Jurassic World 3 writer/director Colin Trevorrow about the project and this was his response:

Source: Jurassic Outpost Instagram

Now there is even more hype about the film as one of the new dinosaurs, Nasutoceratops, was released in the game Jurassic World Evolution with their Fallen Kingdom Update. Check out the teaser from the official Jurassic World Evolution YouTube Channel

After you log into the game the first time after the update, you are greeted with this:

nasu JWE
Source: @Raven from the JWA Discord Server

Battle at Big Rock is clearly being referenced here as well so we can expect the film is still incoming, but the question is when?! Allosaurus Gen 2 (the other new dino from the film) is not yet in the game, but this is just another branch of the Jurassic World franchise that has a reference to the big battle. Hopefully we will know more soon of when we can expect the short film to make its debut. In the mean time, we will have to settle for the toys and games to keep us satisfied. We will keep you up to date as we know more as well!

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