EXTRA JWA Datamine: Possible new Content found and MORE!

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Explorers, welcome to another Datamine Briefing! Thanks to a tip from an anonymous source, our dataminer OrigamiRobot has dived into the code again and found some very interesting information that might come next Update! We want to put a disclaimer out there that nothing in this article is guaranteed, but there is a very high likelihood that it will one day go into the game! So if you do not want spoilers, here is your chance to click away from this article!

OK, if you are still here, this means that you are fine with getting spoiled on what will come in the game. Let’s get into the datamine!

New Creatures

Let’s start off with the new non-hybrids. We have uncovered eight new creatures in the code. If we know their Rarities we have also highlighted them. They are:

  • Antarctopelta (Epic)
  • Dakotaraptor
  • Gorgonops (Rare)
  • Gorgotrebax (Apex)
  • Megistotherium (Epic)
  • Oviraptor
  • Parasaurolophus Lux (Not to be confused with Hadros Lux)

These seven creatures are the new non-hybrids that we have found in the code. Antarctopelta is an Ankylosaur, meaning that we are finally getting a new Ankylosaur! Gorgonops is a member of the Arctops and Inostrancevia family, Megistotherium is a distant family member of the commonday Hyena, and Dakotaraptor and Oviraptor speak for themselves: they are Raptors! Parasaurolophus Lux seems like an interesting addition, as it seems like it will be something different than a G2 version! Finally we have Gorgotrebax, the new Apex creature. We could not determine what Class these creatures are and what Stats and Moves they have, so that information will have to come when they are released!

Next up are the Hybrids. We have discovered six Hybrids. We will also be seeing if we can deduce the possible components for each hybrid. Let’s see if we can figure them out!

  • Ankylodicurus – Ankylosaurus (G2)? + Doedicurus OR Alankylosaurus + Doedicurus
  • Antarctovenator – Antarctopelta + Diplovenator
  • Dakotanops – Dakotaraptor + Gorgonops
  • Ovilophosaurus – Oviraptor + Dilophosaurus
  • Poukandactylus – Haast Eagle G2 + Tupandactylus OR Poukaidei + Tupandactylus
  • Aquilamimus

All of the creatures listed are of course not guaranteed and the components are all educated guesses based on the names. So do NOT level creatures up based on this article and wait until we get Patch Notes! However we do believe that we got them right. Let’s quickly go over them individually.

Ankylodicurus is 100% a Doedicurus hybrid, but we are unsure of what the second component might be. Both Ankylosauruses already have two hybrids, so unless we’re getting another Nodopatosaurus case this isn’t happening. One other option might be that we will finally be seeing an Alankylosaurus hybrid, but if it was the case we’d expect the name to be Alankylodicurus. Guess we will figure out once it releases.

Antarctovenator we are a bit more certain that we know the components. Antarctopelta is pretty certain based on the name, and we are pretty sure that Diplovenator will be the final component due to it not having a Hybrid yet. It will be interesting in seeing how these two creatures mix up.

For Dakotanops we listed Dakotaraptor and Gorgonops as the two components and we don’t have any reason to not believe this. The name makes it pretty clear that these are the two components for this Hybrid, so that would mean that the two new creatures will form a hybrid together.

Ovilophosaurus will be a mixture between Oviraptor and Dilophosaurus we assume. We listed Dilophosaurus instead of its G2 counterpart because the G2 Dilophosaurus already has two hybrids, whereas the G1 Dilophosaurus does not. It will be interesting to see how the Raptor and Dilophosaurus mix will turn out, as it has been a combination we have not seen yet.

Finally we have Poukandactylus. Tupandactylus is 100% a component in this hybrid, but there are two other options on the second component. From the Pouka part of the name you could expect Poukaidei, however there is another option: Haast Eagle G2. The Haast Eagle is also known as a Poukai in Māori legends. This is also why the Haast Eagle and Deinonychus hybrid is named Poukaidei. So in this sense it could be very feasible for Tupandactylus to fuse with Haast Eagle G2 as well. Either way it will be an interesting combination.

As a final note there was also a mention of a creature called ‘Aquilamimus’. However we have no other information on it, but we did want to mention it.

New Raids

This datamine has also revealed the final two new Raids that will come next update. We have found evidence of an Erlikogamma Raid coming up soon! This, paired with the Gorgotrebax Apex Raid, means that we have all the new Raids ready. If you remember last datamine article where we found the Indominus Rex and Stygidaryx Raid this means that the full list of Raids for the next Update is:

  • Epic: Erlikogamma
  • Legendary: Indominus Rex
  • Unique: Stygidaryx
  • Apex: Gorgotrebax

This lineup definitely looks interesting and we will be curious what all the moves and such will be. Speaking of, this forms a perfect connection to the next tab:

New Abilities

So we have a list of new Abilities that we have discovered. While we do not know the exact function of each ability, Ludia did put some descriptions for some moves. Here you will find the full list:

All new Abilities

- Group Scratching Resilient Strike - 0.17% DoT for 6 turns Resilient*

- Group Scratching Resilient Impact*

- Accelerated Strike - Increase Speed +50% for 3 turns 1x Damage

- Cautious Impact

- Emergency Group Heal

- Scratching Counter - counterattack 0.17% DoT for 2 turns

- Evasive Rampage

- Group Cleansing Lethal Impact - Cleanse; 0.34% DoT for 3 turns to all opponents*

- Group Cleansing Lethal Wound*

- Group Instant Distraction

- Instant Group Scratching Invincibility - 100% Shield for this turn; 0.17% DoT for 6 turns*

- Instant Group Cloak*

- Instant Mutual Fury (boss)*

- Instant Precise Pounce*

- Instant Revenge Cunning Strike*

- SideFlap - Sidestep + Taunt

- Revenge Nullifying Rampage

- Precise Piercing Rampage (boss)*

Some of these moves are borderline busted, such as Group Cleansing Lethal Impact, which Cleanses, does 0.34% DoT to all opponents and hits them with an Impact afterwards. However we suspect that a lot of these moves will be for the Raid Bosses we listed. The moves we suspect for Raids we have personally highlighted with an asterisk (*) for your convenience or Ludia has done it themselves with (boss) written behind it. I am personally very interested in Revenge Nullifying Rampage and Cautious Impact, as those seem to be very good moves. Cautious Impact will mean that we will get more of the Cautious moves, however they are easily countered by any Resilient move so they should be somewhat balanced. Will Quetzorion be getting this amazing Revenge Nullifying Rampage move? And what creature will be getting Cautious Impact? We will find out hopefully in the next Patch Notes.

Profile Updates

Something I personally have always wondered about are my Stats. How much did I battle, how much DNA did I collect? Seems like my wishes will be granted as Ludia seems to plan to introduce Stats into the game! The five Stats we have found are:

  • Start Date
  • Alliance Stats
  • Collection Stats
  • Battle Stats
  • General Stats

It is interesting that we can finally see our stats now! This might be something useful when you present yourself to an Alliance, or just to see how far you’ve gotten! No hints to the fact that Alliance Leaders can look into these, but that will have to be seen when this function releases.

It also appears that there will be new Profile Pictures! You know the icon that is visible on the top of the page when you are battling an opponent? That is their Profile Picture, and it seems like you will be able to collect more of them through various means! The current Profile Pictures will be called Legacy Icons, so those will also still be available.

Finally, there are also mentions of you being able to get Titles in your profile! We do not have much information on it yet, but as soon as we have more we will report about it!

New Championship and Hybrid Pursuits

In the datamine we also found the next Championship. Seems like we won’t have to wait for the new Hybrid as the next Championship will very likely be Antarctovenator! We’re interested to see what this Championship will entail, and if it will be a good Championship with some good Tournaments (please Ludia, give us something other than Epic Tournaments)!

We also found evidence of two new Hybrid Pursuits: Poukaidei and Dracoceratosaurus. Both these Cunning hybrids components will be roaming on your map soon!

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This was a datamine we all didn't expect but oh boy did it turn out to be good! A lot of very juicy information as well as some amazing new features coming up! What is your favourite part of this datamine? Let us know in our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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