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First Survey Wrap-Up

Thank you all so much for your interest and feedback on our survey and analysis. Many of you have been talking about speed boosts and I totally agree that further analysis is needed. You see, when I originally created that survey, I wasn't intending to use Multiple Regressions to analyze the results. To be perfectly honest, I was only vaguely aware of them at all. The plan was to create a bunch of trend graphs and try to manually relate them to one another. This is why I only asked general questions. But now that I have a grasp on the powerful regression methods, I can much more confidently ask about more discrete information in the 2nd version of the survey.

But before we get to that, I realized I forgot to share some of the interesting metrics from the first survey's responses:

Average Team Level: 26
Average Boosts: 78
Average Trophy Count: 5388
Highest Trophy Count: 6441
Highest Unboosted Trophy Count: 5730

Here is a link to the first survey results if you are interested:

Survey 2.0, the New Hotness

This time, I'm throwing out all the presuppositions of the first survey. I'm just asking for what your team is, how they are boosted, and how many trophies you have.  That's right, we're going to try to analyze the effects of each individual creature. If that doesn't produce reliable results, I can still use the information to derive any grouping of the data.

So while this new survey seems longer, it's really easier since it's just asking about your individual team members without you needing to do any scary math! I wish Google Forms would have allowed me to put all 4 questions about a single creature on one line instead of wasting so much space, but oh well.  As with the last survey, you'll need a Google Account to complete it so we can ensure each person only gets 1 response. You will still be able to change any of your answers up until the end of the season.

Speaking is which, there are only 5 more days until the season ends! You better get to responding! And please spread the word as much as you can. We got 245 responses in the last survey, but we need all the responses we can possibly get to give us an accurate model with so many variables. Doesn't matter where you are in the arena or if you're unboosted! If you want to see the results broken down by specific creatures like I do, fill out the survey yourself and then pass it on to a friend!

I can't read minds so please use the real names of your creatures or at least nicknames I can interpret. I don't know what a Becky is ;-)

Oh, I guess you'll need a link to pass on. here you go: 

GamePress Arena Performance Survey - Volume 2
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