Jurassic World Alive: Alliance Rewards Change

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New Alliance Mission Rewards

Explorers! It looks like the alliance mission rewards have finally changed! Ever since the implementation of alliance missions, we have seen the same rewards week after week and many have been calling for a change for quite some time. Well it looks like they finally listened, because there is a new set of dinos for both Exploration and Defense Missions

Defense Mission Rewards

Defense mission rewards now feature Allosaurus, Dimetrodon, and Gorgosuchus. These are much  better than the previous rewards in our opinion.

Allosaurus is a key component of the dominating unique hybrid, Thoradolosaur. Those of us living in L3 might not need it, but plenty of others could find it useful.

Dimetrodon id needed for the unique hybrid Magna, which is also a threat in the arena. Also a dino found in L3, you'll need 500 per fuse so you can never have enough!

And, while you don't see many Gorgosuchus in the top arenas, it's a very strong team member in the mid arenas.

Very few alliances really even tried for the top tier in these missions since they felt the DNA wasn't worth it so this might strike some life back in to some of the alliances! 


Exploration Mission Rewards

Exploration Mission rewards don't feature Sino anymore, but now include Irritator Gen2, Baryonyx Gen2, and Baryonyx.

I'll admit I really don't need anymore Irritator Gen2 as it is a global spawn (get out of my scents please!). But anyone who is running a high level Suchotator should be happy about this DNA.

Even more exciting, however, is the Baryonyx Gen2! Being incubator exclusive DNA and a key competent of Erlikospyx many people should be excited about this DNA. We might actually see more Erlikospyx in the arena since it has previously been hard to level for many people.

Finally, there is Baryonyx. It's hybrid, Tryostronix, is still very viable in many arenas (even the higher ones), so this could be useful if you are running it on your team. 


Final Remarks

We are excited to finally see some changes to alliance rewards! According to an official post by Ludia they will change every 2 weeks. Make sure to join our discord to join in on the discussion! 

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