Jurassic World Alive Art Exhibition

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Welcome back, Explorers!Β Today, we are proud to bring you our first ever Jurassic World Alive Art Exhibition!

This event is exciting as it will bring all parts of the GamePress community together in a collaboration that has not been seen before. Our Discord Moderator Copperkiwi87 has set this all up, and in this article we will explain what this Art Exhibition is all about!

The Exhibition Ground Rules

Here's how we are going to do it:

Firstly, I asked β€œThe Talent” in our #Dinosaur-Art channel in our Discord server to submit Themes that they would like to produce art for.

Second, we run a vote down in our #Voting-poll channel, and after a set period of time, during which our entire discord community gets to cast their vote for the theme of their preference, we close the vote, having announced the winning theme to the community and to the artists, themselves.

Next, this is where the magic happens, and the artists put pencil to paper, finger to mouse, or brush to canvas, and produce a piece of art in the given theme. In order to produce their best possible work, this step will take the longest time. For this first go, The artists will have from January 10th 2020, until the end of the month.

Lastly, we will publish their works of art for all the internet to see. At this point, we will also be running another vote, utilizing our Discord server, to crown three champions of the Art Exhibition. The lucrative prize for claiming victory in this competition will be a distinctive, flashy, Discord Name Flair, so as to set yourselves apart on our Discord server!

Theme Options

All that said, here are the Theme options, submitted by the artists, themselves;

-Gen 2 Hybrids

For this category, Artists will create Gen 2 hybrids of existing hybrids, similar to what Ludia hasΒ done with Indominus Rex Gen 2, and Indoraptor Gen 2.


The fluffier, the better. Who wouldn't want to see a snugly Velociraptor?


Something certain people have been clamouring for a while to see, all things marine!

-Fighting Hybrids

Think β€œAction Shots” of a creature, something to showcase how dynamic they can be.

-Hybrid Redesign

Sometimes, how we imagine a hybrid will be, isn't how it comes to us. This should fix that!

-Whole Page Hybrid Showcase

Here we will see the artists populate an entire page, dedicated to one hybrid, showcasing speculation on it interacting with our world, how it moved, what it ate, etc.


Tired of teeth and scales? Then vote here for some non-dinosaur art!

Parting Words

Well, that's it for now. We hope to run one of these every month or so, and we rely on your participation to make it work! So head on over to our Discord server and cast your vote for a theme! If you haven't joined already and would like to enter, you can use the button down below to get into our server! Get those creative juices flowing Explorers, and we hope to see you enter the competition!

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