Jurassic World Alive: How to improve VIP

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Almost every game has a certain subscription where you get extra perks if you pay more. Mario Kart Tour has the Gold Pass, where you get extra goodies each Tour, some games get rid of ads if you pay a set amount of money each month. And then we have Jurassic World Alive and the VIP subscription. You have to pay a set amount of money a month for:

  • An Epic Incubator when you buy it
  • 50 meters or 150 feet of extra range where you can dart
  • An increase in time to dart the creature, resulting in more DNA
  • Daily Incubator gets more DNA

These four things are part of the VIP subscription, but you only really have benefit of the three latter options, as the Epic Incubator is a one-time thing. Some people have been calling for an improvement on VIP, and I have to say that I am one of them. VIP as it is now is good, but in my humble opinion just not worth the money every month. Therefore, I will be listing a couple of options which in my opinion would make VIP a lot better.

Monthly Incubator

The first option I will present is to make the one-time Epic Incubator you get while purchasing VIP a monthly Epic Incubator. This way, we will get some more DNA out of the money we spend on the game. This is a thing that I have heard a number of people say, but I think this alone will make VIP a lot better. With that free Epic Incubator you might not get the best DNA you really need, but it will provide you with Coins, and almost every player needs those! Unless you already have everything at its maximum level that is. Still, a monthly Epic Incubator for when you purchase VIP is a good way to make the VIP subscription worth it again.


An Epic Creature has spawned in your range! Be sure to dart it! -  That is the next option I am suggesting. When purchasing VIP and if you have notifications on, you will get a message from the game telling you if an Epic creature has spawned in your range. This will make VIP players never miss out on an Epic creature that is in range, IF they have turned notifications on! This feature can also be used to notify VIP users of special deals, new Tournaments starting and such! So this one can be very useful, but also literally useless if you don’t have notifications on. Maybe a special setting to allow these types of notifications to be pushed, while other notifications will still be turned off?

Special Deals in Store

One of the main things I expected when I bought the VIP subscription is that there were special deals available for VIP users. You know, get that amount of coins for a bit less than non-VIP users would pay, or something unique for VIP players, like being able to buy FIP-items, a special incubator only VIP players can buy, etc. What did we get? We get the option to buy Premium Incubators. That’s fine I guess, but players who don’t have that much money like me and aren’t willing to spend their hard-earned Hard Cash a Premium Incubator that could give them DNA they do not need is not something I was expecting. To make VIP better again, I suggest we introduce special deals in the store for VIP players, maybe even Weekly Deals. These Weekly Deals could consist of Hard Cash being sold for 30% off, or an extra amount of Coins on top of the regular stash of Coins you’d buy. Themed Incubators are also an option here, giving VIP players better options of getting things they need. But best of all would be the ability to buy FIP items. I always seem to be running out of them, and I feel like them being sold is the best solution and a good way to get some more players use those FIP to level the Sanctuaries and get DNA.

Parting Words

And there you have three options that would make VIP a lot better. These are not all my personal thoughts, as some suggestions have already been said on either the Forums or in our Discord, but I wanted to share them regardless! Do you have any ideas to improve VIP? Let us know in the comments or in our Discord! We hope to see you on there!

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