Jurassic World Alive: New Matchmaking Announced

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New Matchmaking announced

Matchmaking has been a huge issue in Jurassic World Alive since the implementation of boosts in 1.7 and it seems like players are constantly battling with the mysterious "matchmaking system" as well as with each other. Today an announcement was made about changes that were being made to matchmaking. Here's the full post from the forum:

Hello fellow DPG members,

We are busy tweaking the matchmaking and trophy awarding systems for you!

We are starting with the implementation of modifications to the matchmaking system, where we will be placing more weight on your trophy score and less on the power of your team.

Previously, matchmaking evaluations took 50% of your trophy score and 50% of the global power of your team.

The recent change alters matchmaking evaluations to instead take 67% of your trophy score and 33% of the global power of your team.

These changes do not affect Leagues. The top 3 Leagues will continue to make evaluations based 100% on your trophy score.

We understand that in the short term this will make it difficult for some players to get an ideal match as they move to a score that reflects their current level of progression. However, that difficulty will be temporary and will result in better overall matchmaking in the long term.

This change is part of an ongoing process to perfect PVP balancing. Each time a change is made we will evaluate the impact and will communicate any new ratios accordingly. We are excited to follow up with more improvements in the future!

What does this mean for players in the arena?

For the first time we now know at least part of the matchmaking "score". While it has been 50% "team strength" and 50% trophy count it will now move to a 33% team/ 67% trophy algorithm. What we still don't know is what exactly "team strength" is or how that is calculated. 

It also seems like the top 3 arenas will NOT be effected by this change. Remember this from the 1.7 Matchmaking notes?

Note : at 5500 trophies and above, creature strength starts to lose influence over the matchmaking algorithm. At 6000 trophies and above, creature strength no longer plays any role in adjusting the matchmaking: you’re in the end-game, buddy!

It seems that idea is still in effect for the updated system they recently implemented so anyone in Lockwood Library, Gyrosphere, or Sorna Beaches shouldn't see any changes. And with any new change, it might take a little while to see a big difference in Aviary and below. So try to be patient as it works itself out. 

Closing Thoughts

It's good they are trying to improve matchmaking for players, but the core of the problem seems to be we still don't know what current trophy count someone has. Since we can only see highest trophy count of an opponent it can often look like you are battling someone 300 trophies above you when they could just be having a really bad day. Showing the current count could probably account for some of the frustration in the arena as well as understanding more about team power. Hopefully they will provide us with that information and help make the arena enjoyable. 

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