Jurassic World Alive News Update: New Tournament Announced, Ankylosauridae Scent, and is Patch 1.9 coming soon?

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Hello again Explorers! It's a new week and we have a lot of events going on this week! Today we wrapped up the weekend Height of Summer Tournament. Congratulations to all the winners! The increased epic spawns are also still going on, so get out there and catch those dinos! 

Make sure to check out our weekly event guide to see what creatures are being featured this week and what you should dart. We also have 3 epic strike events again! In addition to the regular weekly events, we also have another tournament that was announced, a new scent in the store, and speculation about 1.9 is starting to build! Here's what you need to know. 

New Tournament Announced

We will have another tournament this weekend. Rare All Skills Tournament will take place between Friday, August 23 and Monday, August 26. Here are the details for it:

rare skills tourney requirements


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Regular and hybrids
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to tournament level (Lvl 26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled


Rare Hybrid Tourney rewards

This is a new tournament and since it is skills based, anyone can win so we are excited about it! Since it is limited to rare dinos, that also allows almost any player to participate as long as they have 8 rare dinos unlocked. The entry fee seems steep, but as long as you place in the top 10,000 you will get that fee back, so it could be worth it. 

We will be sharing some simulator results in a future article this week to show how all of the rare dinos match up against each other so stay tuned for that so you can build your perfect team! 

Ankylosauridae Scent

The themed scent this week is an Ankylosauridae Scent and this is what you can expect from it. 

anky scent chances

Since you are guaranteed at least 1 rare creature, you will for sure see a Nodosaurus. This is helpful if you are working on Nodopotosaurus or any of its hybrids, but you are most likely going to see a lot of common dinos. Scolosaurus cannnot be found in the wild or in incubators, but it is in the armor themed week. Some people run its hybrid, Skoolosaurus but most people would just be collecting DNA for a future hybrid. If it does get a unique hybrid it will also most likely get a hybrid pursuit so there is a chance Scolo will be in the wild again. 

So is the scent worth it? It depends on what you need. If you need a lot of the common dinos, it could be worth it for you. If you are hoping to get the epic Ankylosaurus out of it, it isn't worth it. Remember that it only has a 1.51% chance of spawning and you have a 24% chance of getting one if you max out all your spawns (walking for the 18 total) so the likelihood of you getting it at all are slim. Otherwise, you might be better off hunting on Sundays when it can spawn in any zone. 

Is Patch 1.9 coming soon?

As we reported last week, there was an update to the alliance rewards mix up that said the following:

With some major additions quickly approaching, there is simply not enough time to alter this on-going event, given that the issue at hand was caused by a technical error and not an on-going bug. For this, we sincerely apologize, but there are some very exciting things coming!

We think this is a small tease at the next patch. The Anky season will be over in 2 weeks so speculation by most is the patch will happen right after that. Hopefully we will see some teasers coming out in the next couple of weeks and we are also working on some hybrid speculation articles so keep an eye out for those as well! Make sure to join our discord to let us know what you think will get a hybrid! 

Wrap Up

It's going to be another exciting week and we will keep you updated with any changes in information as well as strike guides for the 3 epic strikes. Make sure to join our discord for all the latest information and also make sure to check our our discord emoji contest if you haven't already done so! We want to see all your creative ideas! 

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