Jurassic World Alive Stat Boosts 2.0 - Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Boost Changes

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Explorers! We have BIG NEWS. We’re talking HUGE game-changing news. And it has to do with boosts. Specifically, we are getting a complete rework on boosts (including a RESET!) in something called Stat Boosts 2.0. According to a recent forum post, Ludia has stated that they have listened to our feedback and plan to make some major changes. We’ll do our best to break down the post, so let’s get started:

Hello fellow DPG members, We spent multiple months analyzing, discussing and debating Stat Boost since their inception. From an end-game point of view, we want them to be part of the game as a fun customization element rather than a chore to stay competitive. Based on all the feedback we have aggregated from the community, we are currently looking at revamping the mechanics for Stat Boosts before 2020.

Stat Boost Power Output

  • The maximum amount of Tiers per Stat will increase to 20, with a maximum of +50% HP, +50% Damage and +40 Speed. This means:
    • +2.5% HP per Tier
    • +2.5% Attack per Tier
    • +2 Speed per Tier
  • The Stat Boost “power and cost table” will become linear: each Tier gives the same bonus as the previous Tier for the same price. For example, going from Tier 0 to Tier 1 nets the same amount of extra Health as going from Tier 5 to Tier 6

Tiers are increasing to level 20. But the tiers will become linear. So we are assuming it will cost the same amount of boosts going from tier 0 to 1 as I would to go from 9 to 10. We don’t know exactly how much it will cost for each tier, but the linear progression should help with matchups and imbalances the current system can often cause.

Fixed Stat Boost Distribution

  • The goal is that each end-game player should be able to boost one creature’s stat per week, whether that’s for the 10th Tier or for the first one. Players who want to spend extra time interacting with all facets of the game for extended periods of time will be able to apply more than one boost per week for free.

We aren’t exactly sure what this means, but it seems like there will be more opportunity to get boosts outside of the store. It sounds like the goal is for everyone to be able to boost one stat a week through regular gameplay. Those players that spend extra time in the game (not sure what that means exactly) will get even more boosts and be able to apply more than one boost. "Interacting with all facets of the game" could also mean buying boosts from the store so we'll have to wait and see what happens with that. Hopefully they will have more clarification soon. 

Stat Boost Reset

  • Such a set of changes in Stat Boost Power will require us to implement another global Stat Boost reset. This reset will be done with the old costs; so players who stockpiled boosts will end up with the same amount as players who spent their boosts (assuming they earned the same amount of boosts).

We’re getting a boost reset! Obviously it’s necessary in lieu of all of the changes, but this is a great chance to take back all those boosts we currently have sitting on the bench. And with the ability to reset boosts at any time (more on that later) this is a great way to even the playing field once again. Make sure you calculate the boosts you have now to make sure you get back everything. You can check out more on the reset and how to calculate that in our other article below.


  • Stat Boost purchases are here to stay.

It looks like boosts will still be available to buy. Right now they have had them in the store on Wednesdays and Sundays so we’ll see if they keep up with that schedule. It sounds like there will be plenty of other ways to obtain boosts as well, so it might not be necessary to purchase every time to stay competitive (as many feel it is now).

Stat Boost Limit per Creature Level

  • We also plan on having a Stat Boost limit (or ceiling) based on their creature level. This should encourage players to level up their creatures rather than unlocking them and then spending boosts on them instead of leveling them up.
  • Having a level-based Stat Boost cap means that it would no longer be possible to have a Tier 10-10-10 Thoradolosaur while that creature is at level 21. The user must choose between a balanced approach (such as 7 Damage, 7 HP and 7 Speed) or choose to focus them in one place at the cost of being less powerful in other aspects (such as 7 Damage, 5 Health, 9 Speed).
  • We hope that on the way to the end-game, such a ceiling encourages player creativity and new builds for each creature. Because the number of Tiers increased to 20, “maxing out” a creature’s Speed means that you are necessarily giving up some HP and/or Damage, even if your creature is level 30.

We are especially excited about this portion of the boost re-work. This will hopefully mean players will actually keep an even leveled team for the most part and collecting DNA will still be viable. It also makes you choose what to invest in for each dino. If you want that 150 speed Thor, you will have to give up some HP and Attack to do so. This will allow dinos to fill the niche they were made to fill. If this works the way we think it will, it should allow for an overall better experience to the arena.

Player-Driven Stat Boost Rollback

  • We will implement a system to “refund” Stat Boosts, one Tier at a time so you can reinvest (at a trade cost) your hard-earned boosts. The cost of having a Tier being refunded is that you are awarded half of the cost of the Tier that you just rolled back. For instance, if reaching Tier 10 cost you 100 Stat Boost Points, rolling it back to Tier 9 would award you with 50 Stat Boost Points.

This is something we have been asking for after every patch. Especially when we are forced to bench that dino we invested so hard in because of a nerf or a change in the meta (I’m looking at you Diloracheirus). Honestly, getting half your boosts back and not having to actually pay any HC to do the reset sounds like a great deal to us. Plus it still makes you spend wisely as once you invest you will never get half those boosts back again. 

Feedback welcomed

  • As we prepare for Stat Boosts 2.0, we want to hear from you! Follow the link below and send us your question related to Stat Boosts, and upcoming changes to them. With our team, we will choose up to 10 questions, for which we feel the answers will be most beneficial and address them in a follow-up post. We hope that these changes will provide the best experience to all!

This is a great opportunity to give your feedback before these changes take place so make sure to do this! We have included a link below. We still aren't sure when this will be implemented, but they still have a chance to make changes if they need to and voicing your opinion is the only way they will know what we want. 

Stat Boosts 2.0 Feedback

Parting Words

Y'all this is big. It's something the community has been asking for ever since boosts were implemented and they are listening. We still can't completely wrap our heads around it and how game-changing this will be. But we are so excited about it! We'll make sure to follow up with some articles on how this could potentially affect the arena (because it will) and will keep you up to date as we know more information. Make sure to join our discord to get in on the hype as well! 

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