Jurassic World Alive Weekly Events (July 15 - 21) - Fast & Pterosaurs

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Featured Creatures: Week July 15-21

Explorers! Ludia has announced the weekly events for the Week of July 15th and it looks like it is a repeat of the fast dinos theme with a couple of changes. While this isn't the most exciting week we have seen, it's hard to say no to free DNA, especially when it is incubator exclusive. If you aren't sure what to go for, don't worry we've got you covered! 

featured creatures July 15-21

What you should dart

The first half of the week you will have a chance to dart the following common dinosaurs: Deinocheirus,Gallimimus, Velociraptor, Phorusrhacos. Deinocheirus is a key compontent of the Tyrant hybrid Diloracheirus and when each fuse costs 2000 DNA, you can never have enough of that. A case can also be made for the newer bird, Phorusrhacos, since it doesn't currently spawn in the wild and you never know what kind of future hybrid it could get.

For the rare Dinos, you have an option of: Charlie, Delta, or Ornithomimus. You could honestly take these days off if you really want to. These creatures can be good in the lower arenas, but don't really make up many end game teams. If you want to get your attempts in though, Ornithomimus would be your best option since it a component of the very strong epic hybid Procerathomimus. Don't forget alliance missions often require rare DNA as well so if anything, you can help out your alliance!

The epic options are: Blue, Darwinopterus, or Procerathomimus. Darwinopterus makes up the unique hybrids of Styidaryx and Pteravexus, but it is also a daily dino that spawns on Saturdays. Procerathomimus is a very strong hybrid on it's but it also a daily spawn on Tuesdays so it is also available in the wild. Blue is the only one of the bunch that doesn't spawn in the wild so that is your best option in our opinion

Strike Event Theme

In addition to the fast theme with the featured creatures, the strike events have a theme of pterosaurs. That means you have the chance to get the following creatures in an incubator when you defeat a strike tower. 

DimorphodonHatzegopteryxAlanqaArambourgianiaDsungaripterusQuetzalcoatlusTupandactylus, ScaphognathusDarwinopterus, and Pteranodon

There is also a very small chance you could get the legendary hybrid Alankylosaurus in an incubator. 

Considering many of the birds are incubator exclusive and have hybrids, this is a very good theme. Unfortunately you are at the mercy of incubator RNG so while all of the creatures listed above are a possibility, they aren't guaranteed. I am hoping to see some Dsungaripterus and Quetzalcoatulus since their hybrids are looking very strong and contenders for a high tier on the list. 

Epic Strike and Treasure Chases

There are 2 epic strike towers this week along with 3 Treasure Chases so get out there and get those coins!

There is a Kentrosaurus themed strike event on Friday. It is a 1 step tower that we have heard will feature a level 30 Miragaia, Toujinagosaurus, and Kentrosaurus.

Friday-Sunday will be a 10 step strike tower with the Pterosaur Theme. We are pretty sure this is a repeat of the past pterosaur event:

    Step 1: Hatzegopteryx (6) + Arambourgiana (7) + Dsungariptus (8)

    Step 2: Dsungariptus (7) + Tupandactylus (8) + Quetzalcoatlus (9)

    Step 3: Hatzegopteryx (8) + Arambourgiana (9) + Dsungariptus (10)

    Step 4: Dsungariptus (9) + Tupandactylus (10) + Quetzalcoatlus (11)

    Step 5: Hatzegopteryx (10) + Arambourgiana (11) + Dsungariptus (12)

    Step 6: Alanqa (11) + Tupandactylus (12) + Quetzalcoatlus (13)

    Step 7:  Hatzegopteryx (12) + Arambourgiana (13) + Pteranodon (14)

    Step 8: Alanqa (13) + Tupandactylus (14) + Quetzalcoatlus (15)

    Step 9: Hatzegopteryx (14) + Arambourgiana (15) + Pteranodon (16)

    Step 10: Alanqa (15) + Tupandactylus (16) + Quetzalcoatlus (17)

 Keep an eye out for our strike guides on both of these events on Friday! And make sure you are completing all the strike towers. You don't want to miss out on any of that DNA! 


Closing Remarks

We have seen better themed weeks, so if you don't go all out this week it would be understandable. But if you can get out and do some hunting, the incubator exclusive DNA is always a good bet! We'll have a lot more content for you this week so keep checking in as we bring you all the latest in JWA. And join our discord for more discussion!

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