JWA 1.9 Teaser - New Super-Hybrid!

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Article by Jessica Behringer

Explorers! We got another teaser today! This time they sent this image of a new super-hybrid that will be featured in the game:

new hybrid teaser

Along with the image was the tweet:

There’s a new superhybrid coming to #JurassicWorldAlive!

Our discord has been abuzz trying to speculate what this hybrid could be. The image has purple smoke so guesses are it is a legendary creature. Super hybrid means it is a hybrid of a hybrid so one of the components is a hybrid for sure (either a new one or one already in the game).There are a lot of theories so lets go over several of the theories we've seen so far! This is all speculation as nothing has been officially confirmed by Ludia.

Procerathomimus + Allosaurus Gen2

There has been talk of a Procerathomimus hybrid for a while now. Especially since we have had so many events with it and its components featured. Ludia is also notorious for making hybrids out of exclusive DNA so having the formidable Yoshi paired with Allo Gen2 DNA wouldn't be surprising as well. Especially since Allo Gen2 was recently released in the wild for a short time this past weekend. 

Indoraptor Gen2

The creature has a very distinct profile that looks suspiciously like an Indoraptor. Several members of our discord think it could be another Indoraptor hybrid (Indoraptor Gen2?) that is made with the DNA of Blue or one of Owen's other raptors. This theory also ties in with the movies as Fallen Kingdom was centered around getting Blue's DNA to make a better Indoraptor. 

Phorusrhacos + Croc Hybrid

Another exclusive creature that could possibly make up the new creature is Phorusrhacos. The profile of the silhouette is very low to the ground so many people think it could be paired with a crocadilae creature. Creatures like Purrolyth and Purutaurus have similar frames to Indoraptor so crocs could make an appearance as well.


On Thursday, they released another teaser with this image:


Along with the image was the tweet: 

A new breed of Indominus! Prepare for...
Wait, what’s that behind it?! . .
Find out tomorrow!

So it looks like there will be an Indominus Rex2 and we still aren't 100% sure what the shadow is in the back but it must be the creature that has already been teased. What is it? Hopefully they will release notes tomorrow! 

In Conclusion

These are just some of the theories we have seen and that have been discussed. Hopefully we will know more soon as they release more teasers. We are anxiously awaiting those patch notes as well! Make sure to join our discord to discuss what you think the hybrid might be! 

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