JWA Datamine 2.15: Skins, New Missions and Moves and MORE!

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Explorers! We've got another datamine for you, thanks to our expert dataminers jimbohi and ColoMtn! It gives us information on the first Skin, a TON of new moves and daily missions, and our upcoming Daily Creature and Alliance Championship. We hope you're ready.... read on for more!

Important Disclaimer: Nothing listed in this article is guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment. If you share this information, share it responsibly.


We have more information on availability of the first Skin:

"Participate in the Frost Pass to unlock this skin!"

Ok, so it isn't a ton of information, and we're not entirely sure when we'll see it, but it does indicate Skins are coming! Frost Pass looks to be a theme of Jurassic Pass which we talked about in this 2.14 Datamine Article and was announced to be planned as part of Update 2.16. It seems odd with winter so far away, though we must keep in mind that's only for half the world. Our friends South of the equator are entering winter time. We'll have to keep watching for more information on this!

New Moves

We've also found a slew of new moves that could (but might not) be introduced in any given update. Here is what was found:

  • ALERT SHOWDOWN ":unable to Swap 2 turns .Heal 100% of max HP. highest damage: unable to Swap 2 turns. 100% chance to Stun 1 turn. Heal 100% of max HP.
  • BAIT "highest damage: after receiving and surviving damage, reduce damage 10% 1 attack, 1 turn. increase damage 10% 1 attack, 1 turn.
  • CLEANSING DEFENSE SHATTERING IMPACT "all opponents: remove Shields and Taunt. Attack, bypassing Armor. Cleanse.
  • CRITICAL OBSTRUCTION "escapee: unable to Swap 1 turn. Self: increase Critical Hit chance 30% 2 attacks, 2 turns.
  • CRUSHING ALERT SHOWDOWN "unable to Swap 2 turns. Heal 100% of max HP. Increase speed 10% 2 turns. Increase Critical Hit chance 2 attacks, 2 turns. highest damage: Swap prevent 2 turns. 100% chance to Stun 1 turn. Heal 100% of max HP.
  • CUNNING FEROCIOUS STRKE "increase damage 50% 6 attacks, 3 turns. Cleanse DoT.lowest HP: reduce damage 50% and Critical Hit chance 100% 2 attacks, 1 turn. Remove damage and Critical increase. Attack.
  • DELAYED CHALLENGING RAMPAGE HIGH "highest damage: Attack.
  • DELAYED CHALLENGING RAMPAGE LOW "Priority. highest damage: Attack.
  • EVASIVE RESTORE "Cleanse. Rally Heal. 75% chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage 2 attacks, 1 turn. Increase speed 10% 2 attacks, 2 turns.
  • FEROCIOUS RESTORE "increase Critical Hit chance 30% 2 attacks, 4 turns. Cleanse, increase speed 10% 2 turns, Heal
  • FIERCE DEVOURING CLEANSE "lowest HP: remove Shields and Taunt. Attack, bypassing Armor. Self : Cleanse. Devour Heal.
  • OBSTRUCTING FIERCE IMPACT "lowest HP: Swap prevent 2 turns. Remove Shields and Taunt. Attack bypassing Armor. Self : Cleanse Vulnerable.
  • STUNNING IMPACT AND RUN "highest damage: 75% chance to Stun 1 turn. Attack. Self : automatic Swap. Delay.
  • TAUNTING SHIELD RAMPAGE "Target lowest HP: attack. Self : 50% Shields 4 attacks, 1 turn. Taunt.

New Missions

Next, we've found several new personal daily missions. These are what's required to collect our daily DNA reward. Here is a list of additional tasks that we may need to complete with our daily missions:

  • "Receive DNA from Alliance donations."
  • "Use this ability ? times against 2 creatures"
  • "Defeat ? opponents with this creature in 2 battles:"
  • "Defeat 2 creatures with 1 creatures."
  • "Defeat 2 creatures.", (rarity mission)
  • "Win 1 battles with at least 1 creature on your team."
  • "Collect ? or more Darts."
  • "Get ? Direct Hits on ? creatures in Drone mode.", (rarity mission)
  • "Collect ? or more DNA."
  • "Retrieve DNA from ? different creatures with a Drone."
  • "Retrieve DNA from this creature with a Drone:"
  • "Retrieve DNA from ? different creatures in Drone mode."
  • "Send emotes ? times in battles."
  • "Complete ? Missions."
  • "Feed creatures ? times in Sanctuaries."
  • "Interact with creatures ? times in Sanctuaries."
  • "Play with creatures ? times in Sanctuaries."

It will be interesting to see how these will be received by the community. The addition of the campaign requirement has had many groaning. However, we love the idea of adding more variety and working maybe a little harder for what's typically Exclusive DNA!

May Alliance Championship & Seasonal Reward

Lastly, we have what looks to be the May Alliance Championship as well as our seasonal reward. Are you ready?!

We'll be back to actually Exclusive DNA tournament in the form of Albertosaurus for the Albertospinos Championship! And for our seasonal reward, it's the seemingly cute but absolutely ferocious, Ailurarctos! Of course, again, there is no guarantee these will come to fruition. It is important we manage our expectations and spread the word responsibly. We'll have to stay on the lookout for official word from the Jam City/Ludia team!

Parting Words

Many thanks to jimbohi and ColoMtn for sharing this information with us! We look forward to hopefully seeing these things make their way to the game soon. What do you think of this datamine? Let us know in our Discord server or in the comments below! 

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