JWA Datamine 2.6: New Raids, New Creatures and More!

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Explorers! We have brand-new information for you thanks to multiple dataminers that let us know that there were new things in the code! So our very own dataminer MattE dived into the code and shared some very interesting things with us that might be coming in Update 2.7! Let’s see what we unveiled!

DISCLAIMER: By clicking on this article you are risking yourself to get JWA spoiled for you. The things we will share are possibly future additions to JWA. Just because the things we are going to mention are in the code does not mean that they will all be implemented in a future update. GamePress shares this information based on the fact that we found something news-worthy, but does not guarantee that these findings will be in the next update. Please do not assume this datamine article as a guarantee that the following things will be in a future update, as Ludia has put creature code and other features in the code before without ever releasing them. As such, this article is no proof that anything is coming to JWA guaranteed in the future.

New Creatures

If you are in our Discord server, you might have heard of this one already (we post regular Datamine updates there if you're interested!). However, this datamine has included more information on the matter which we are dying to share with you all. Ludia has brought back to life the following creatures in the code:
- Compsognathus (Epic)
- Compsognathus G2 (Rare)
- Dodo (Epic) - now guaranteed!
- Haast Maximus (Apex?)
- Refrenantem (Apex?)

We're finally getting the Dodo! After being teased with it on this year's April Fools event, it seems like Ludia has plans to put the Dodo into JWA. It also seems like it is receiving a hybrid! We have found the name Dodocevia among the game code, with a description mentioning how it has a hybrid parent of Inostrancevia! Jury's still out on whether this is a pure Dodo and Inostrancevia hybrid, or a Dodo and Edaphocevia hybrid, but this is exciting to see! We're also getting one of Jurassic Park's movie staple creatures: The Compsognathus or Compy! These creatures will finally be entering the game, and it immediately looks like one of them is getting a hybrid called Compsocaulus. We can only assume that this is with either Diplocaulus or Diplocaulus G2, but we're excited to have them in the game!

Refrenantem was already found in the code a while ago, but now we can present more information on it. According to its description that we found in the code, it is snaking through bulrushes. Having done some research, there is no known snake called Refrenantem, meaning that we are likely going to be receiving a Snake Apex rarity creature! As a snake lover myself, I'm excited for this new creature!
The second creature that caught our attention was Haast Maximus. With Haast Eagle and its G2 version already being in the game, and both having hybrids already, it stands to reason that Haast Maximus might be yet another Apex creature, giving us a total of 6 Apex creatures, and as such, more Raids, as you will soon read on about.

New Raids

Both new creatures Refrenantem and Haast Maximus are listed as having a Raid and having a Boss Incubator. This means that these two creatures will also be roaming the map when they're implemented. Seeing as Monday to Thursday already have a minimum of FOUR Raids a day, we are questioning whether or not Ludia will be implementing these Raid Bosses in the Weekend. Ludia has already mentioned once on wanting to keep the Weekends free for Tournament action, but with so many Raid bosses on the map, you have to question yourself whether or not you're not doing too much on the map on the Raid front, especially with the inclusion of Rare Raids in 2.6.

New Abilities

The following Abilities have been added to the code. They have been taken directly from the code but cleaned up a bit for easy reading.

BOSS ALERT TAKEDOWN_HIGH: Target attacker: after receiving and surviving damage, reduce damage 15% for 4 attacks, lasting 2 turns.
IBOSS ALERT TAKEDOWN_LOW: Target attacker: after receiving and surviving damage, reduce damage 20% for 4 attacks, lasting 2 turns.
BOSS AOE STEADY VULNERABILITY STRIKE: Target all opponents: Vulnerable for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Taunt, lasting 1 turn.
G TAUNT SHIELD IMPACT: Self: Taunt lasting 1 turn. Team: 50% Shields for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Target: highest damage: attack ${damage}
PREDATORY PECK: Target lowest HP: attack ${damage}. Self: 75% chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage for 2 attacks, lasting this turn. Increase speed 10%, lasting 2 turns.

It seems like many of these moves will be for the new Bosses. We think Predatory Peck will be a move for the Dodo, simply because it will finally be pecking back at those predators it has! The new Boss Alert Takedown seems like it will function with both a high and low version, maybe one that gets buffed when the creature is below a certain health point? We're exited to see what's coming!

Miscellaneous findings

There is a lot more that we have found in the code. For simplicity's sake, we've listed down everything that we've found as a simple list.


  • Premium Speed Control Creatures Incubator
  • Ankylodicurus Epic Incubator
  • Blossom Festival Premium Incubator
  • Blossom Festival Emote Incubator
  • Dakotanops Incubator
  • Raptor Week Emote Incubator
  • Stat Boosts, Cash and Premium DNA Raid Incubator
  • Utarinex Incubator - This very likely means that Utarinex was the chosen Unique for the Blossom Week Event. RIP Ardentismaxima and Mammolania.
  • Blossom Festival Incubator
  • Refrenantem Boss Incubator
  • Haast Maximus Boss Incubator

The final two are very peculiar and are likely just the Boss incubators that you get when defeating the Raid Boss. However, they are listed as Store Items in the Code. 


  • Raptor Trial
  • Expert Raptor Trial
  • Advanced Raptor Trial
  • Allosaurus G2 Strike
  • Blossom Festival Strike
  • Raptor Week Strike
  • Blossom Trial
  • Expert Blossom Trial
  • Advanced Blossom Trial


  • Bite-Size Brute


  • Compsocaulus: Some DPG members call this flocking hybrid 'the arrowhead,' for obvious reasons. Make sure to keep the Compsocaulus in your 'quiver,' as this tiny cunning creature is especially useful against other flocks!
  • Compsognathus: Although most of Robert Ludlow's expedition on Isla Sorna fell victim to the island's Raptors, some missing team members are also suspected to have been hunted by roving flocks of these "Compies," as they are often called.
  • Compsognathus G2: Compsognathus is a crafty carnivore that loves to work together with other members of its flock. Although they prefer smaller prey, when trained correctly this team of tiny terrors can take down creatures much larger in size!
  • Dodo: Paleontologists working at Jurassic World didn't need fossils to know what the Dodo looked like. This large, flightless bird didn't go extinct until it was exterminated by humans in the 1600s! Keep collecting DNA so we don't let the Dodo down again!
  • Dodocevia: Don't let the lack of feathers fool you! This fearsome Dodo-hybrid is no plucked turkey. Its razor beak is even more adept at breaking through tough exteriors than its hybrid parent Inostrancevia's saber teeth.
  • Haast Maximus: Members of the DPG have taken to calling this InGen engineered Haast Eagle "pouakai" when they see it soaring through the skies. The name comes from a Maori legend of a monstrous bird that sometimes carried off human prey before disappearing into the clouds! 
  • Refrenantem: Refrentantem translates to rush, which holds 2 meanings. The first is a nod to its wetland habitat, where it can be found snaking through bulrushes. The second heeds warning: this creature's attacks are explosive, and in the time it takes its prey to realize danger the battle will already be lost.

Parting Words

And that's all! These are exciting possible new additions to JWA, and we're looking forward to them! My personal favourite possible addition would definitely be Refrenantem, as I absolutely love snakes in real life. What is your favourite thing mentioned in this article? Do let us know in the comments or on our Discord server!

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